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  1. Thank you for your reply, it is very odd indeed. We have googled all weekend and cannot link him to anyone she even knows. The letter is from the courts, it mentions about bail being granted following him being sectioned under the mental health act. States that he has a court appearance on 4th July and a warrant will be issued if he does not attend. More letters have arrived over the weekend.
  2. I am wondering if anyone can help me or direct me to a template letter. My daughter received a court letter, she opened it not even checking who it was addressed to. It was addressed to a male who she has never heard of and was a letter detailing sexual offences and giving a date for a court appearance! She was horrified that someone was using her address and rang the police who told her to ring the court. The police said that they may visit her to check that he doesn't live there, even though she told them that she lives with her son and has done for 10 years. We have googled the offenders name and have no clue who he is or why he has chosen my daughters address. What we do kno3w is that he is a serial offender. My daughter is going to write to the court but she's very worried. Clearly the man will not be at court as he hasn't got the letters! a warrant will be issued and she is worried that she will come home from work to find her door kicked in. My grandson is only 10 and obviously she's concerned for him too. Any advice would be appreciated
  3. altcr

    NHS referal nightmare

    I know the nurse was there not in an advisory capacity but to filter the referrals. Update is he's been given another appointment.. in 6 weeks, and then it could get cancelled. It's exasperating! the sore skin bleeds and he has had a couple of secondary infections as he scratches all the time.
  4. altcr

    NHS referal nightmare

    I meant no disrespect to the nurse. I am a former nurse! but her role was only to take a history that had been provided to the GP and take photographs, he was in and out in 5 minutes. There have been 2 appointments to see a specialist in the last 2 weeks and they cancelled both at short notice.
  5. altcr

    NHS referal nightmare

    I am a former nurse myself and meant no disrespect, my point was that she took photographs and a medical history, that he had already given to the GP. and that was that. My son needs to see a doctor, he has had 2 appointments to see a dermatologist in the past 2 weeks and they cancelled both at short notice. My son has had this condition that is getting worse, he is covered from scalp to toe since May.
  6. altcr

    NHS referal nightmare

    I'm hoping that someone can give me some advice. Long story cut short, my 20 year old son is covered from head to toe in a severe rash, probably psoriasis. Its even in his scalp. it's affecting him both physically and mentally. , This started in May last year, various creams were prescribed to no avail. GP referred him to Dermatology in about June. A letter arrived with an appointment at a health care centre for July, we arrived to be met by a nurse who took the family history-He had already given that to the GP, she took some photographs and said she'd email the Dermatologist. A letter arrived a couple of weeks later saying that the photos weren't clear and diagnosis unclear but he would be referred to Dermatology clinic. Another letter has arrived, the appointment is at the same health centre to see a lady and the name is given. Her name is not on the GMC site so I doubt she is a doctor. The name is unusual and I have googled her name and she appears to be some sort of health care practitioner. I have no problem with health care practitioners but my son needs to see a doctor, a specialist as a matter of urgency. My son rang the health centre and asked if she was a doctor and the person on the phone said that she was. I doubt she is. I don't know where to go from here, should I make a complaint?
  7. Don't know how I managed that, now I can't find my original post!
  8. Please can anyone give me any advice? Long story cut short, I had numerous problems with Scottish Power. I have recently changed over to another provider. I have a pre payment meter. Prior to changing over I kept checking my account online and the debt was finally down to £57.00. and reducing each week so would be less on the changeover day. I rang Scottish Power and they told me to ring to pay the balance of less than £50 on the changeover day. Overnight on 1st November, the debt went up to £240.00 I rang Scottish Power to query this and the person in the call centre didn't know and said they would raise a query. I had a phone call yesterday claiming the money was owed from 2012 when I went from a credit meter to a pre payment meter. I told them that I could check online as far back as 2017 and the debt was gradually reducing until November 1st when it jumped to £240. I asked why they hadn't chased me for this before and asked for a breakdown I have had a letter stating that I owe the money from 2013-not 2012. can I challenge this? thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the payment on the day of fitting was cash, I think the initial deposit may have been by card. I'm waiting for her to get back to me. They have tried ringing her, I told her to message them and tell them that all communication must be in writing. What would be the legal route? The small claims court?
  10. Thank you for your reply. I wrote a letter for her, I have told her to only contact them in in writing.
  11. Thank you, I'll draft up a letter for her.
  12. Please can I have some advice please? My daughter, unfortunately has had some laminate flooring fitted yesterday by Pay weekly carpets. The carpets was supposed to be identical to the laminate upstairs. My daughter was at work and I went to the house to let them in. That morning they had tried to cancel saying the wrong laminate had been delivered and would she have another colour, she refused and they suddenly had the 'right' laminate. The laminate is nothing like the quality that she ordered and is 7mm instead of 8 mm. She has paid part of the cost so far. The company are insisting that the laminate they fitted is of the same quality as she ordered, even though the packaging that they left says different. She is paying for a poorer quality laminate to the one that she ordered. What are her rights if any?
  13. Thanks for your reply. I can't figure it out, it went up overnight 2-Nov-2018/ 1st November shows debit of £57.06 and November 2nd shows a debit of £243.65 Bill states: Month Number of top-ups Paid monthly Jul 18 3 £35.00 Aug 18 8 £80.00 Sep 18 8 £75.00 Oct 18 6 £55.00 25 Total paid £245 Summary Total electricity costs £177.70 VAT 5.00% on £177.70 £8.89 Total other credits and debits £0.00 Total costs for this period (debit) £186.59 Your balance carried forward (debit) £322.06 Total paid in top-ups £245.00 Total paid in top-ups £245.00 Your new account balance is (in debit) £263.65 There is summary :
  14. I wonder if anyone could give me any advice. I have a long standing problem with Scottish Power some has been escalated to OFGEM. I am on a prepayment meter for electric and credit meter for gas. Scottish Power had 3 failed appointents to come to change the elctric meter to a credit meter, my complaint escalated to the CEO and long story cut short- part of the agreement to solve my dispute was to allow me to change to another energy supplier even though I owed more than £500 on the gas. The electric debt was under £50. ( I could confirm the amounts owing by logging into my account) Scottish Power phoned me to discuss this and it was agreed I would pay the gas debt off by instaments on direct debit and I would clear the £50 or so in electric in one go. I have had an email this moring to say my account has been updated and was shocked to see that instead of owing less than £50, I now owe £247. I am shocked and this was never mentioned in the phone call. I have been on prepayment for years and thought the debt showing for electric online was correct. I have serached online and found that many others have had this problem but can't see where anyone has successfully challenged it. Can anyone advise me? its really upsetting, I thought that there was light at the end of the tunnel with the electric debt and now they have moved the goalpost.
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