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  1. So does the order last forever ? I can't figure out why they claim a payment made when its no benefit to them , unless they want to clear it for him lol . The ccj was got on dodgy ground but it was too late to fight as he was given no prior warning to the case and to late telling me about it , I think he could of won the case as it was a dual agreement where he had signed on the PPI bit stating he didn't wish to buy any , and hadn't signed the loan agreement section , they knew this and didn't try collect repayments for first 3 months until he phoned them to ask why . At that stage he acknowledged he owed them money
  2. No payments made at all they have an order on his property
  3. Sorry just a bit more info there is a ccj which was obtained July 2009
  4. Hi guys , been a while since I have posted . My son got into a spot of bother with welcome near 6 years ago , with the debt about to become statute barred in the next few months . He received a statement from them today alleging a payment to them which he did not make . I know they are trying to stop the debt falling of his file . How does he go about tackling this ?
  5. Hi anyone else recieve a letter from virgin about changing billing dates? below is the text from the letter . they now want me to pay in advance for my services and according to their website it doesnt give me the right to opt out of the contract without paying fees . Anyone with any thoughts ? I cant really get my head around it , and they say they are doing it because some of their customers are confused, I think lots are going to get confused. We wanted to let you know about some important changes were making to the way your billed .Please take a few moments to read this letter so you know what to expect Were always looking to improve our service, so in October we are making some tweaks to our billing system that simlify the way it works Some of our customers tell us they find it confusing that their billing date isnt the same day they get their monthly allowance of minutes texts and data. With our new system were able to bring these two dates closer together , and hopefully make things more straight forward. First things first you wont pay any more for your package than normal but you will have a new billing date . This means your bill will arrive earlier than your used to, and will continue to arrive on ( or no earlier than ) this new date in the future. So you can see exactly how the change affects your bill in the next three months have a look at this table Allowance date 30 sep 2014 31 oct 2014 30 nov2014 Earliest bill date 10 oct 14 2 nov 14 2 dec 14 direct debit 24 oct 14 14 nov 14 16 dec 14 I wasnt confused before this but now I am This is their FAQS on the subject BILLING All you need to know about Billing Bill Change FAQs 1. I still don’t understand why my bill dates are changing, what does it mean to me? Billing isn’t very exciting, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. In making the change to our billing systems, we are going to improve the way it works which means you will find it easier to know when you're allowances are added and when you’re billed for them. It’s a one-off change that we think will make things a bit simpler. 2. What is an allowance? Your allowance is how many inclusive minutes, texts or data that are included in your tariff. It’s easy to keep track of what you’ve got or how much you’re using. 3. Why are you making this change now? You’ve been telling us that billing isn’t as straightforward as it could be and some of you find it confusing as things happen at different times. So we wanted to take the opportunity to make the change as soon as possible. 4. What if I don’t want my dates changed? Can I undo it later? Unfortunately not, but if you need to discuss this with us, one of our agents will be happy to discuss it further and see if we can do anything as an exception. 5. What happens if I change my tariff or upgrade? If you change tariff or upgrade to one of our SIM Only packages after we’ve changed your bill date, the date your allowance gets added will change again. Don’t worry though, we’ll tidy this up by the end of this year without moving your bill date again.If you upgrade to anything else like another contract, it won’t. 6. Why am I being billed twice in a month? Currently your bill date and refresh date have a significant gap between them. As we bring them closer together, this means that your bills will be produced in quicker succession so you may therefore get two bills and two direct debits in the same month. Don’t worry though we’ll only do this once 7. Are you allowed to do this, do I have the right to cancel my contract without penalty if I’m unhappy with the proposal? From time to time we need to make changes to improve the experience all our customers get. If you were unhappy and wanted to leave without early termination fees that wouldn’t be possible. We’ve tried our best to give you the maximum warning to reduce any impact from this change and in some cases can discuss alternative solutions if there are no other options. 8. Is there any chance of a delay to when you make the changes, how will you let me know in advance? Any delay is unlikely, but we would take steps to tell you by SMS if anything changes 9. Do I need to contact my bank if you’re moving my Direct Debit? No, you won’t have to do anything, we’ll take care of all the details. 10. Since you’ve made the change I have two direct debits taking in the same month which I can’t afford, what happens? If you find yourself in that scenario we’ll do our best to help by giving you longer to pay. 11. What is a refresh date? Will this change too? Every mobile customer has a monthly date where your allowances are refreshed. This helps you track how long you have to use your voice, texts or data. Nothing changes, we’ll just be bringing the bill date closer so its all aligned around a closer period. 12. Will the change affect any promos or discounts I have? No. These will remain on your account as normal. 13. If I receive two bills in a month will I pay more than I normally do? No. You will receive two bills in a shorter space of time. Both will have a charge for your monthly allowance and any charges outside of this e.g. charges for using your phone abroad. 14. Will I get pro-ration on my bill? No, you will not receive any pro-ration on your bill. 15. Why am I getting two bundle charges on one bill? Some customers will experience this because you're bill date is being moved later so you will be billed as we apply your next bundle i.e. you will be paying for it in advance rather than in arrears. Therefore, for one month only, you’ll pay for two (the one from the previous month and the one for the following month).
  6. Thanks dx I dont intend paying them , its not in my nature to pay DCAs, if it needs paying I go straight to the ringmaster bypassing the clowns. . I dont even believe I owe it , my boss and I had an arrangement ( wink wink) but we got rumbled , he told me to register for self assesment in a fairly rapid manner ,About 2 weeks later he was told that I couldnt be classed as self employed and that he as the employer was responsible for deducting tax from wages. However they still want tax returns for that year even though the amount due was calculated by them and paid by cheque . Is the Distraint officer a lot of twaddle?
  7. I have recieved a letter from the above regarding a late filing charge for 2009 which was originally £100 and has since doubled . The amount they are asking is actually less than the last statement I had from HMRC not by much but the figures are not the same. They list the usual threats advising legal proceedings , with the threat of a Distraint officer ? thrown in . I do enjoy a battle with a DCA but Im not sure I have enough ammo to go into battle. I live in N. Ireland so sometimes the laws/ rules vary . The letter says that this is a crown debt and therefore a serious matter or words to that effect. Is this all huff and puff ? surely HMRC could of sent their officer ( if there is such a thing) Im not afraid of a home visit I just like to know my rights. I have sent the letter back , its addressed to MR shuffler , a title they feel they have the right to thrust upon me and which I have never claimed .
  8. Funds now back in account . Now to negoiate a repayment plan . I raised a complaint with their complaints department , however their reply failed to address any of the questions I raised. I asked them how relevant to the customer charter their actions were, in respect of fairness , reasonable and a responsible mannner . Obviously they dont want to answer that one
  9. Thanks dx , I have put him on to that . Am I right in assuming that he can place an account in dispute because of unfair terms?
  10. Dx the bank insist that there was no CPA set up and the money was debited from his card , which has now been cancelled . Anyone else think its strange that they offered him a lolipop in the shape of £40 . Hardly the actions of a company who believe they are right.
  11. Cheers have sent them an email , just to get into some sort of negotiations , funny thing was my son phoned them after they took £150 and they offered him 40 quid back which he declined , the next day they ttook another 100 and if they had of given him the 40 they prob would of took that too.
  12. Anywhere i can read up on the unfair term bit? Below is the part of the contract Im talking about 1. Once we have signed the agreement we will pay the amount of credit into a bank account nominated by you. This agreement will come into force as soon as it has been signed by the borrower and signed on our behalf. 2. You agree to repay the amount of credit together with the interest and any charges by the repayment shown by no later than 8.00 pm on the date shown. 3. You grant us permission to debit all sums due under this agreement using either a continuous payment authority charged to the debit card to which the authority relates, by direct debit or by a standing order set up by you at our option. You must ensure that sufficient funds are available to make full repayment on the day the repayment falls due. You authorise us to attempt to collect full repayment as set out below. 4. On the day the repayment falls due we may make up to 7 attempts to collect the full repayment, as follows: 4.1 we will make an initial attempt to collect the interest due. If that attempt is successful, we will make 2 further attempts, the first to collect 40% of the capital due, rounded up to the nearest multiple of £10, and the second to collect 60% of the capital outstanding, rounded down the nearest multiple of £10; 4.2 if our initial attempt to collect the interest is unsuccessful, to allow time for your salary to be paid into your account, we will make up to 4 further attempts to collect the interest due; 4.3 if any of these attempts to collect the interest due is successful, we will then make 2 further attempts, the first to collect 40% of the capital due, rounded up to the nearest multiple of £10, and the second to collect 60% of the capital outstanding, rounded down the nearest multiple of £10; and 4.4 once we have successfully collected the interest due, but have failed to collect any capital in the two attempts made, we will not make any further attempts on that day
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