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  1. Hi guys. Ok so I'm going to try my best to explain it all date by date below. I had some debt issues awhile ago and was put on an IVA with Payplan. November 2008, I started the IVA with PayPlan November 2013, I completed the IVA and was given the completion certificate which I have here with me 10th September 2015, I was informed by AI scheme limited (by letter) that I may have a PPI claim 21st September 2015, I received letter from Barclaycard saying my claim was sucessful and that they has sent a cheque for £3601.61 to Payplan 25th September, I called Barclayca
  2. To me. The plan had been to use it towards the bill from AM but since they took so long it ended up going on bills. Thanks for the links I'll write to them and see what they have to say for themselves.
  3. Ok this is a lengthy issue but I'm going to add this step by step rather than just rambling on. 1. Purchased a contract phone via affordable mobiles. FREE Samsung Galaxy S5 on a £35 a month contract with EE/T-Mobile. 2. Very soon realized the signal was terrible and hardly anything worked, calls, texts, 4G etc ... 3. Contacted T-Mobile to cancel ... They said I would have to pay up the contract in full since they only promise "A Service" not a "Perfect Service". After an hour of talking they agreed to cancel the contract without a termination fee ..... IF I could get affordable
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