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Found 17 results

  1. My partner has a CCJ against her which we found out about when applying for a mortgage recently. The CCJ was created by Vehicle Control Services Ltd. PCN at St Andrews Retail Park because she alledgedly parked incorrectly or for too long. We still don't know which. She changed address a month after the parking occurred in November 2014. She didn't receive a ticket at the time (in fact we think she was in her shop at the time of the 'incident' and not even in the St Andrews retail Car Park), she hasn't had any communication about being taken to court and she hasn't had
  2. An investigation has come to light into missing correspondence about patient care. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/feb/26/nhs-accused-of-covering-up-huge-data-loss-that-put-thousands-at-risk?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+main+NEW+H+categories&utm_term=215114&subid=7192694&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2 HB
  3. Hello everyone, thank you in advance for any help and guidance you can give, it is very much appreciated. Following receipt of a Letter before claim from Gladstones Solicitors I have responded to them disputing the claim, following a quick back and forth, I have received another letter from them stating that "they are not instructed to enter into any further correpondence...if payment is not made within 14 days - a claim will be issued without further notice" The initial parking charge notice was issued to me by post, although i have no recollection of receiving this as the alleged
  4. My partner too has now received two letters from Lowell, the first from "Lowell Portfolio 1" and the second from "Lowell Financial". They are citing a debt they have purchased from JD Williams, the original account having been opened in 2002. My partner has never heard of JD Williams, let alone purchased anything from them. They said that they had used a credit reference agency to find her address (we have lived at our current address for over 20 years), but having paid for a £2 Experian report (a company they advertise on their letters), there is no reference to a searc
  5. Hi! As there was some confusion in a recent Oyster Card thread as to whether a prosecution notice came from TfL or a Court, it's useful to be aware that TfL have a fixed "House Style" for all letters and correspondence, and anything *Directly* from TfL themselves will be written in a distinctive typeface called New Johnston - the same style of lettering you see used on all signage, posters, leaflets and publicity material. Compare the lettering of anything received with something like a map or leaflet from a Tube Station, etc., if the lettering is identical then it *IS* T
  6. Morning All, Not totally sure if have posted in the correct place so apologies if not. Thought I'd share with you an extract from correspondence received direct from the FCA today: General information on the Consumer Credit Act Copy of credit agreement Under section 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act, a lender is required, at the request of a borrower, to provide a copy of the executed credit agreement and information in relation to outstanding amounts within the 12 working days of receiving the request. If the lender fails to comply with this reque
  7. On 2nd May this year I received a letter from Rossendales, dated 30th April 2015, at my parent's address. The letter was concerning council tax owing Liverpool City Council from July 2014 for an address I moved out of. I'm guessing the council tax is covering the short period between that last month's council tax I paid and the date I moved out of the residence. I thought I notified the council of my forwarding address (my parent's) but can't find evidence of this and they told me this past month that I never. This correspondence was the first of any kind I have received via phone,
  8. Hello. I have a long ongoing battle with EE which I have issued a small claims action for. To cut a long story short, I only got a response from them after calls, Emails, letters sent recorded, Email to CEO and finally an LBA. That worked and I got two letters from the correspondence department. The trouble was when I spoke to their head office switchboard the lady I spoke to was quite embarressed as she went through to the department with the two names that were on the letters, but came back and told me that no one of those names worked in that department! I have been search
  9. Hi there, I have a Lloyds TSB Credit Card debt. Until 3 months ago, they were happy to recieve payments via my DMP Payplan. Despite that, they havent actually written to me for 2 years. No sign of being passed to a DCA. Now my PayPlan account is closed as I have decided to deal with all my creditors myself. Not sure if I should just wait to hear from them or take some other course of action? The outstanding balance is confusing because of PayPlans shoddiness, and my over-reliance on them. For example, I have another bank a/c debt with Lloyds. Payplan said the outstanding wa
  10. Hi All, I from time to time check my credit report on Noddle (just in case) and a few days ago I noticed that my file has been marked by Arrow Global for an ancient debt that was thought resolved. About 3 years ago I cancelled an Orange broadband dongle which was always paid on time. Orange continued to charge for about 3 months despite the cancellation. After spending a long time on the phone to Orange, they admitted this was a mistake and would be cancelled. After this I received a letter from a collector and they marked my file. I wrote to the collector explaining what had happene
  11. Hello All - Ist time post. In seeking further disclosures from the Respondent prior to ET, is the correspondence to and from them able to be discussed at the ET hearing?
  12. Hi I've been having a clear out and came across an old Capital One statement. The statement is from 2000 and I closed the account years ago. Is it possible to claim back mis sold PPI on an account this old? I've probably got no end of charges on this too. I think the account closed in 2006/2007 not 100% Thanks
  13. Can anyone throw some light on whether or not email correspondences can be used as evidence in court. The emails clearly show the sender and recipient thanks
  14. When checking my bank statement this payday, I noticed that the regular monthly payment that I have been making against my outstanding Self-Assessment debt had not been taken this month, and, in fact, they had refunded the £25 payment made last month. Having had a serious nightmare in a similar vein with the CSA some time ago, I rang DF immediately to find out what was going on, as I don't want a) a nasty surprise later in the year or b) the debt to increase more than it does already with the interest added to the account. I was told by the agent for DF that HMRC had "taken back" the account o
  15. Hi All I have 12 serious outstanding debts to various major credit companies and banks which have now been sold on to various DCA's and some have been sold on again. After getting advice from the CAB and National Debtline, I wrote to them all offering a token payment of £1.00 per month, all of which were accepted. But, I now need to send a budget statement review and renew the offer of £1.00 per month as my circumstances have deteriorated. My problem is, I have since moved out of my house and onto a boat, but the mooring I have does not provide an address or mailbox facilities.
  16. Are these separate in the eyes of the Local Authority ? In requesting a response from the local authority over a PCN, I am up against a time limit where they could shortly go for a charge certificate, and my suspicion is then issue an execution of warrant immediately afterwards. I have requested detail over the original PCN twice without a response that covers the actual circumstances, the LA have simply replied that I have contravened something on their long list of regulations and must pay. Obviously I would like to hold out until they do provide an answer that relates to a l
  17. I have received quite alot of pages from Studio!!! These include listings of orders, returns, charges, payments, telephone calls - no agreement! The long and the short of it being - I now have to reclaim these charges - do I reclaim using Statutory or Restitution interest! Am I missing anything else that I should be doing? Thanks in advance
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