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  1. Hello all. Long time lurker here but first time poster. Please see completed form below: 1 The date of infringement? 06/07/2018 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? N have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] No what date is on it N/A Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? N/A 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process?
  2. Hi all, I travelled to London on 12/02, returning on the 13/02. I have TWO parking charge notices on my windscreen, one for each day - for not parking within a bay. When I arrived at the carpark, there were no spaces available and several vehicles were parked in places that were not marked as bays, but in areas that did not cause any obstruction to the carpark in the slightest. If it was one fine I would probably suck it up and pay it, but the attendant could clearly see I paid for two days parking (obviously not returning to the car in the meantime) and has ticketed me on
  3. Prices of some snacks almost triple if you buy them at the station rather than on the high street a Sunday Mirror investigation can reveal. https://www-mirror-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.mirror.co.uk/money/huge-markups-price-snacks-station-14004342.amp?usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D&amp_js_v=0.1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mirror.co.uk%2Fmoney%2Fhuge-markups-price-snacks-station-14004342
  4. Today I received a parking charge notice for the date and location detailed below. I remember paying for my parking ticket and having to type my registration into the machine before paying by card. I have checked my bank statement and the £6.50 charge has come out of my account. I don't have any receipt as my car was cleaned out a couple of days after the event. What is my best course of appeal? Do I send a copy of my bank statement? Any advice appreciated. 1 Date of the infringement - 29th October 2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have bee
  5. Yesterday I parked at Redhill Station, there are two disable spots but one was being used by a large van to load and unload so had to find another spot. I parked in a spot placed my disabled badge and went to work, upon returning there was a "Penalty Notice" and definitely penalty issued by Indigo parking services. Is this a Penalty? should I appeal? Thanks
  6. Hi. Parked at a Southern railway rail station today and used the phone number to pay the daily charge . I had used it before but with a different car and the system recognised my phone number did a fast track to payment confirmation . I didn't spot that the registration number quoted by their system was not that of the car I was using today (lot of background noise in the car park). There was a penalty notice issued by Indigo when I returned. What are the chances of success if I appeal? I can prove that I own both cars and that the one for whom they issued the ticket
  7. I would greatly appreciate some advice on a private parking charge I received in the post today from Euro Car Parks whilst using an Esso service station @Esso_GB . I parked in a car park to the rear of Esso Meads Purfleet, and put a timer of 40 mins on my phone (the parking limit was 45mins). I met with a friend in the station and we collectively bought fuel, costa coffee, food to eat and sat in the seated dinning area. When my phone alarm went off to leave, we had not finished eating. A member of staff advised me to just move my car to the front of the forecourt and park ther
  8. Hi, I am currently dealing with a PCN issued as a result of parking at Hillingdon Station. London. I parked there in the afternoon of 13th Oct, paid cash into a ticketless machine and headed into London for a night out. I received a PCN a week or so later with an ANPR image showing me leaving the car park a few seconds after midnight. I originally assumed that it was because the ticket ran out at midnight, but when I appealed it seems not. NCP asked for evidence of payment which can not give due to it being ticketless. A further appeal was delayed to a lost email
  9. Hi everyone, love the website, long time lurker.. I received a lovely yellow penalty notice stuck to my window today. I have attached the 'ticket' in this post. From what I understand I should not do anything until i'm sent a notice to keeper, is that correct? And then from there I'm a bit unsure, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot PCN.pdf
  10. I managed to avoid getting a ticket {I think} at the above address but many haven't been so fortunate. There have been a few CAGers caught a while ago but no recent ones. Station Approach is a private road leading to Hayes and Harlington station. The owners of the road have appointed those well known crooks PCM to manage the area. Here is the start of the road-
  11. Hi there I'm being pursued by these people for some very unfair tickets. I know there is a lot on here about different approaches etc but I was interested in the 6 month rule, can someone please explain the law around that? Also, the tickets definitely say Penalty Notice not Parking Charge, does this mean it's official? Thanks in advance for all your help
  12. Hi Everyone, As the title says, my car (I wasn't the driver - really!) got an £80 Penalty Notice from CP Plus while parked at Hampton Court Railway station car park. The reason for the penalty was given as code '03' - which is "not displaying a valid pay and display ticket " even though a ticket was purchased and on display! Thanks in advance for any help/advice on this one?
  13. Hello, I was apprehended by security in primark yesterday after I left the shop. I went back into the detention room and he searched my bag. He brought out the items I hadn't paid for and called the police on me. I really do not have an excuse for this and I am greatly ashamed. I panicked and started crying and apologizing, even agreed to pay the £95, now I don't know how that value came by because I did some exchange and paid some money via my card, I was too distraught to challenge it but that is not even the problem. The security man collected my provisional driver's license, wr
  14. Hi guys, you were amazingly helpful in the past, so thought I would try you all again. Been doing lots of reading on the forum, but to be honest, just confusing myself. I parked at Newport train station, rushed for my train and forgot about paying for parking (usually do it via their app). remembered about 2-3pm so though "bugger, probably too late now" so paid it. Came back from London at 7pm with a parking ticket. The irony is that the ticket was timed for about 10 minutes before I paid for it online. I wrote a letter (probably against all your advice now l
  15. Good Morning All, I was up in London from 9/2/15-13/2/15 on a training course. I bought a car parking ticket at Salisbury station for the duration and put it up in the top corner of my windscreen. On the Wednesday I got back in the evening to Penalty Notice attached to my windscreen about 6 inches below the ticket. I wrote to CP Plus Ltd using the address given on their Notice (which helpful states that appeals can be sent in writing to that address). I attached copies of both my actual parking ticket and also the receipt from Salisbury clearing showing the validity purchase
  16. Network Rails has said it will review it’s plans during development of the Thameslink programme at London Bridge after a short closure last night caused “Life Threatening Chaos” for rush hour commuters. Lines were shut down for 45 minutes from 4.20pm because of a person on the tracks at Streatham, the operator said. The knock-on delays saw huge numbers of people stranded on platforms and some forced to jump closed barriers to avoid the crush, while onlookers posted dramatic images online. The London Mayor, Boris Johnson said: “This chaos must end now. The scenes at London Brid
  17. Hi, I have received a PCN from PPS for parking in Didcot station car park, and I am hoping I can get some help from the forum. I have previously used the advice here to avoid penalty fees, but things seem to have changed with the introduction of POPLA and I'm now not sure of the best approach. Here's the situation: I parked, as I often have done, in Didcot station car park on 3rd July and paid using the RingGo app as usual. Or at least, it appeared to have successfully my booking. However, apparently it didn't work on this occasion and I received a PCN on my car. When I saw this, I
  18. Hi All, In short I have been caught using a Freedom Pass ticket of my father. I have a auto top up Oyster card which I kept in the same place as my dad's Freedom pass. The holders of the two cards were the same on the outside and at a certain point in time i must have picked up the freedom pass without realising and went on normally using that in my everyday life. (I never actually open the holder to check cards as mine is auto top up). My dad travels abroad as he has a house in Europe and doesn't regularly use the card therefore was not aware. This was completely m
  19. I need to go to Exeter and Totnes on Friday and will be going by train. So, can I buy a return going to Exeter and going back to Plymouth, get off at Totnes, exist the barrriers and come back again and get on a train to Exeter? I think I read somewhere I could. Can't remember where I read that though!
  20. Does a vehicle have to be insured to drive it to a MOT station on a pre-arranged appointment? I have comprehensive cover on my own vehicle and third party cover if driving another vehicle.
  21. Hi, I received a PCN from Meteor for parking at a station without a ticket. I was in a rush to get to work and did not realise that a ticket was required to park in the station (the station is quite small, and there is no formal car park just car parking spaces scattered around). Reading these forums as I understand it, they cannot force anyone to pay. I have previously had a similar PCN in the North of England, that I successfully ignored with no problems. Any advice? The fine is £90. Thanks
  22. Hi All, Last week in a hurry to catch my train I had to drive to Orpington station, parked, ran and bought a ticket (paid £5.50) and displayed clearly on my dashboard. When I came back to my car I had a lovely little notice from Meteor say I was in breach of their "Terms & Conditions". I was absolutely outraged that they had given me a ticket despite the fact that I had paid and clearly displayed, the problem being I was parked in a permit holder bay rather than a bay for non permit holders. I rarely use this car park and was unaware of this "rule" as I would normally get a bus to th
  23. My daughter has been issued with a parking notice from parking direct at Ealing Broadway station. Having spoken to Popla is appears that any idea of appealing is pointless as they seen to be in favour of this company. To save all the hassle I will be paying the £60 fine but want to know if legally Parking direct have to accept 30 x £2 cheques as full and final payment.
  24. Has anyone experienced blatant overcharging or been subjected to a [problem] at a UK petrol station? I used the Shell garage at Westerhailes in Edinburgh as the needle on my fuel indicator was touching zero. On fuelling, there was no noise coming from the pump and there was no sensation of fuel running through the hose and into my car as there usually is. I stopped refuelling the car, concerned that the cost was increasing but I was receiving no fuel. This was also evidenced by the fact that the indicator needle had not moved at all when I turned the ignition on. The staff advised I still had
  25. So i was rushing to the DLR and didn't have time to top up as the train was about to depart. I got to the station and realized that i didn't have enough money to leave so i asked the man standing in the barrier that i had lost my card so that he could let me through. He took me to another gentleman wearing casual clothing and he told me where i came from and how did i pay for the fare, i panicked and said i borrowed fathers travel card in which he told me that travel cards were non transferable. He said he would let me go but wanted to take down my details just to put on the record a
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