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  1. Team - I have the final outcome for you all! I mentioned I was going to contact SWT Customer Relations to complain about their parking morons. I have now had a reply: South West Trains Customer Service Centre Overline House, Blechynden Terrace Southampton. SO15 1GW Email: deleted Phone: 0345 6000 650 08 Jul 2015 Our Reference: Dear Mr. Thank you for your email dated the 23 April 2015 and from the outset I apologise for the delay in responding to you. I am sorry that you are unhappy about the Car parking Penalty Charge Notice issued to
  2. The plot thickens even more Team! I have just received a letter today from the DRP mob. In order to avoid Court Action they are now offering me a reduction in their illegal charges to £96 if I pay by 6 July. You would have thought that they could have worked out they were wasting their time, but apparently not. Perhaps if I just keep ignoring them they will shortly offer me money not to go to Court? It is thoroughly hilarious!
  3. Just keeping everyone in the loop. Another letter arrived today from DRP extending their "last" deadline to 19 June to give me a chance to cower and pay them money. It is entitled "Notice to Intended Court Action" but when you read it, it is a whinge that you haven't paid up but they are giving you extra time! If I don't pay by the new deadline then they plan on sending paperwork off to the "creditor's solicitor". It is full of veiled threats like my credit will be affected and that I will have to pay costs and interest etc. Can't help but wonder what my good name is worth and how much I
  4. I have put it with the other paper sent by these guys. That they can ignore a letter sent to them, on the day after, to their listed address; write demanding payment from a totally different office, not previously notified, 61 days after I wrote to them; declare themselves to be the only valid authority on whether they are able to claim money off me and finally get their tame lap-dogs to come sniffing around is really getting my goat!
  5. Hello Everyone, I have just received a letter from a company called Debt Recovery Plus Ltd demanding payment on behalf of those clowns CP Plus. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks Eric. I will file the paperwork and save the email they sent me and then forget about it and see if they try their luck.
  7. They never issued a POPLA code, in fact the email that I had from them never mentions POPLA at all. The lady in question (no names, no pack drill) who is an employee of PC Plus basically ignores everything I have sent them and everything I have written and states "I find you guilty, pay up!" - paraphrased of course. She did recommend that I contact SW Trains customer services. I have dropped them a line to express my dissatisfaction.
  8. I didn't send the letter to be signed for as asking such against a PO Box address seemed a very far reach. I note that the address in Ashton Under Lynne is also a PO Box!
  9. Good Morning All, I was up in London from 9/2/15-13/2/15 on a training course. I bought a car parking ticket at Salisbury station for the duration and put it up in the top corner of my windscreen. On the Wednesday I got back in the evening to Penalty Notice attached to my windscreen about 6 inches below the ticket. I wrote to CP Plus Ltd using the address given on their Notice (which helpful states that appeals can be sent in writing to that address). I attached copies of both my actual parking ticket and also the receipt from Salisbury clearing showing the validity purchase
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