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  1. Thanks, FTMDave. Do you think i should wrte to let them know how the error occured? At the moment they don't know that we paid with the incorrect registration number, so it is reasonable for them to assume we did not pay. dx100uk, Thanks for your rapid reply. Does that mean that advice re Byelaw 14 has not changed since 2016? As mentioned in my OP, I was familiar with it a few years ago but had been told that case law had recently changed it. Also, is there any reason why we should not let Indigo know that we had actually paid the parking fee and identify the erroneous registration number so they can link it up themselves?
  2. Hi. I had a problem with a PCN from Indigo a few years ago and received excellent advice from here to "sit tight". Was successful. Thanks. However, we now have another similar case and someone told me that recent case law has changed things, so I wanted to check that sitting tight is still the right course of action. My wife parked at a Southern Railway station car park recently and used the automated phone response service to pay for a day's parking. Unfortunately, the regstration number used on the automated system was incorrect - one letter was accidently missed off. There was no windscreen ticket, so I assume control was by CCTV. We have now received a PCN from the PCN Admin Centre (29 days after the event) acting on behalf of Indigo requesting payment of £100. It's a "penalty notice by post notice to owner" quoting byelaw 14. In the time between the incident and receiving the notice she has parked there twice more, so I assume we will receive more notices in respect of these dates. So, should we just sit tight? Would it be better to write to Indigo explaining what the mistake was? They could check their records and see that they did receive payment each time. Also, I don't think the registration number used actually exists. Thanks for your help.
  3. I continued to ignore it and they went away. Thanks all for the advice.
  4. Thanks dx100uk. I will continue to ignore them. Is there a point when I can write to ask them to stop harrassing me?
  5. Now received this from ZZPS. Have to admire their sense of humour with the name of the law firm! Do I continue to sit tight and not reply. Is there a point at which I do need to reply? XPS213.pdf
  6. Hi. Thanks again for getting back to me. I had read post 11 before my last posting, but it said... So, I was assuming the NTK was important and needed to be responded to.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The client was Indigo Park Solutions UK Ltd. I had thought that it was important to reply to NTK letters.
  8. I have now received a "Notice to Owner" from the PCN admin centre acting on behalf of Indigo. I attach a scan of the text of the notice I assume I will need to reply to this and would appreciate guidance. Thanks XPS200.pdf
  9. Thanks for that. I'm afraid my earlier post hadn't been clear - I'd seen what Byelaw 14 says but it's just that from reading a number of threads on here I'd gained the impression that Byelaw 14 wasn't anything to be worried about. I just wanted to understand the rationale for that.
  10. the ticket is headed "Penalty Notice" and then goes on to refer to Rail Byelaw 14
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