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  1. Hello all, I'm here to update as promised. Im so grateful to you all for the advice and support you gave me at what I consider the lowest point of my life. As I posted last year, I spoke to my Dr who placed me on antidepressants and I'm kicking myself for not getting help sooner. I feel a lot better now and I'm beginning to forgive myself. Went back to work in the financial sector last October. I didn't disclose the diversion as I called the police information line and was told it would not come up in a crb check Needless to say my check came back clean! I
  2. I'm afraid so. I've tried contacting the department of social justice but my case worker is away on holiday. It didn't occur to me to contact DBS. Thanks, would do that. I've made a small donation to the forum. Thanks you al for your help and I'll keep you updated.
  3. I've read up a bit about it and its just so unclear. I don't want to disclose I and put myself at a disadvantage if I don't have to. Guess, I'll jus wait and see what happens.
  4. Thanks peggysue, I'll quote excerpts from my letter. " I am writing to let you know that the PF has now considered your case and is satisfied that no further proceedings are required. This in effect means that your case is finished and will not result in a conviction being recorded against you." It appears we had different outcomes. I'm just unsure if this means there will be no hits on a check.
  5. Thanks Bazooka, I never got a caution. I thought I did, but what the officer meant was the caution statement when the read me my rights.
  6. Hi guys, I'm happy to say the diversion program is over and no further action was taken. The social worker was great. We had a long chat and I was very honest with her. She recommended the case be closed after 1 visit , and asked my health visitor to help with my post natal depression. Things are looking up now and I'm happy. I just have one question. Since the casehas been NFAd, will I still need to declare it on forms and will it come up in criminal checks? I hope to go back to work in a few months and I'm a bit apprehensive about this knowing how competitive the job market is.
  7. Thank you dx and Ford. Yes I saw the link upthread. I'll keep posting whatever RLP gifts me with. I'm sure a few people will find it useful as I've found other posts.
  8. Thanks for your help guys. Sorry I'm just coming back. I haven't heard anything from social work. I've done a lot of research on this and I've also sought advice. Apparently the diversion thing is to keep cases that are not in public interest out of court and aimed at young offenders, females and people who have never had problems with the police. I will be taking up the "assistance from social work" as its a way to get help. Expecting the next letter from RLP ( the least of my worries now). I would like to know if not paying the fees would affect my credit rating
  9. Hi guys, I have just gotten a mail in the post from the procurator fiscal. The summary is that I've been offered a diversion from prosecution. "The circumstances of the offence, however, suggests that instead of being prosecuted you might benefit from some assistance from the Social work department..." Can anyone who is familiar with this please let me know the implications of this and how it works? Does this constitute a criminal record? TIA.
  10. No, I haven't. Does the absence of this mean the police have decided to take no further action? I plan to request a SAR so I can know what exactly is on my record.
  11. Thank you Labrat, I actually thought of that which is why I deleted the initial upload I've been contacted again today. I had been considering replying with mitigating factors based on how the events of the day happened and the security men's contradictions. However, today's letter clearly states they don't have to take it into consideration. How many more of these letters do I have to look forward to. I take it, they will only become more aggressive from now. Thank you all for keeping me sane.
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