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Found 6 results

  1. Afternoon, I wonder if you can please help me with this ticket. Back in November 2016 I unknowingly made a mistake and took a wrong turn to the road where no right turn was allowed between XX and XX hours. I think about 2 weeks later I moved and was never aware of the offence until February 2017 I was actually nearby my old flat and met postman who I knew and who then handed me a mail which had that ticket with a penalty and from Northampton court etc. I then phoned Court, spoke with them and was advised to immediately submit 2 forms (out of time and something else) I Immediately processed them both and also provided them with my new address and that I understand I made a mistake and am happy to pay the original penalty charge. After about 4-6 weeks I received refusal letter from Northampton County court that they have refused my appeal despite me providing them evidence of my new address and that genuinely I never received any previous notices. I then phoned them again and asked what will happen next and was told to wait to hear from the council. I have since not heard anything from the council and have been told by new tenants in the previous property that they received a letter from some target collection company which I imagine would be for the same. The council and collection company still writing me to my old address? what should I do? write to council asking them to waive the fee and that I am prepared to pay the original amount or contact the agency etc . Please help!!!
  2. Hi there, (Contravention 52JM Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle) I have have fallen a victim of this incident 4times in a single week and they sent me 4 penalties. Is there a way out of this? Suddenly £520 or say even in discounted price £260 is a huge blow. And they are doing this to perhaps tens of vehicles just in that one hour restriction. (8-9am) What I notice in these videos is, the video is taken from the other side of the signs where signs are not visible in videos at all. Only the Cars turning into that road can be seen. The reason is, there is no enough room at that T-Junction for a mobile camera to wait and capture videos with signs displaying. The positions at which they had placed the sign is not visible to drivers on the road from which they approach this turn. But its only visible when you are right in front of these signs at this turning. Would this make a point?? Also that, the sign is not in a position where a driver can see well before to make himself aware that he is crossing the restrictions. Please Help!! [ATTACH]43476[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]43474[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]43475[/ATTACH]
  3. My daughter has been issued with a parking notice from parking direct at Ealing Broadway station. Having spoken to Popla is appears that any idea of appealing is pointless as they seen to be in favour of this company. To save all the hassle I will be paying the £60 fine but want to know if legally Parking direct have to accept 30 x £2 cheques as full and final payment.
  4. Hi, Looking for some general advice. I was issued a PCN for Parking in a Loading Bay at 20:00 on a Saturday Night in April. A PCN was issued which I susbsequently appealed on the basis of Procedural Improprietary on teh part of the LA. The PCN was issued on 3/5/13 and the appeal was lodged on 15/5/13. My wife recieved a letter back from the LA on 11/6/13 requesting confirmation that I had authority to make the representation on her behalf as she was the registered keeper of the vehicle. Confirmation was sent on 19/6/13 confirming the authority. The LA have finally written back on 18/7/13 rejecting the representation. My query here is whether or not the LA have effectively timebarred themselves on this one given that the original representation was sent through 9 weeks and two days after the original representation was made (65 days) but 4 weeks and 2 days (30 days) after the confirmation of authority letter was sent. Appreciate any views as this will inform whether or not I refer th ematter to PATAS Thanks
  5. Hi guys. Slipped up today and parked in a CPZ on a Saturday which is only controlled Mon-Fri, but didn't notice I had parked in a bay which is 30 minute maximum stay Mon-Sat. Doubt I can get out of it but thought I'd run it by you. It was Chapel Road W13, there are 4 bays on the left when entering from the Uxbridge Road with restricted parking times. If anyone with more knowledge of required road markings could have a look would be appreciated. Quick decision needed on this as it's a hire car andI'd rather pay up before they (and my company) know about it, unless there is something that gives me a pretty solid cause for appeal. Thanks
  6. Good morning, I received a parking contravention today from Ealing borough of London. I don't remember what I bought that day but I usually buy groceries from the shop near the bay on my way home (which can be seen in the picture). I have been parked there on several occasions and this is the only ticket they sent, and a good clue is that I was only there for a short period of time. I have now read their rules on their website and it seems it is a 24 hour loading bay (which I didn't realise). I only go to the shop at night. Here is the link for the PSN image http://s10.postimage.org/ywkga3ap5/PCN.jpg I really don't know what to lay as an arguement. I would be grateful if you could advise me. I feel so robbed. A seperate point is that I got a ticket earlier this year from the opposite end of the road. Again I was parked for 5 minutes. I tried to argue that the goods I came for were not available hence my short stay and they denied the appeal. I parked at 6pm, so I thought my mistake was that I parked during the designated hours of 9-6:30pm. Since I have been shopping there for months with no issues, I honestly thought that the mistake was because it was inside the 6:30 time slot. I have however parked for a short period of time yet again and this time gotten a ticket. I appreciate your time and help. I thank you in advance. Safiyyah
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