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  1. Ps. Thank you for the SAR link I will send this over first thing tomorrow to them.
  2. He definitely used the words baliffs, that I can recall. Unfortunately they only dealt with customers over the phone but yes now being older I wouldn't consider such dealings over the phone again...once burnt. I have raised this today with Barclays and a complaint raised, all calls are recorded so hopefully they still have these on record and transcripts too....I too look forward to the reading material. Sales person needed to hit their target and signed me up again on a new loan eliminating the old one. I'm thinking maybe this is what happened hmmmm as it's all a bit dodgy.
  3. Trust me the guy on the phone did, this I was told could happen if I didn't sign the new form. He was calling me daily to sign the new forms and I reluctantly did.
  4. Can anyone advise as to why the following as I'm baffled �� Took out a secured loan back in 2005 with Barclays plc (firstplus) unbeknown to me it was secured on my house (I was young an niave at the time) only found out it was a second mortgage when I sold my house and solicitors advised of the 2nd mortgage �� What I'm querying is why I signed an agreement in 2005 with Barclays plc on the loan agreement then in 2008 I was forced to sign another agreement for the same loan but this time the headed document was with Barclaycard? The interest rate was higher. First agreement for a
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