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  1. Oh dear. Well I did read somewhere and I'm sorry it doesn't pass your rigorous referencing requirements. They've probably made a lot more money by now. Luckily the article was from 2017 http://www.barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk/news/3-600-motorists-caught-out-in-barking-pedestrian-zone-1-4892354
  2. Well it’s heavy handed because £65 is lot of money to me. I’m not against pedestrian zones, I’m against so called honey traps which this has been described in some forums. Some other people feel the same http://www.barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk/news/3-600-motorists-caught-out-in-barking-pedestrian-zone-1-4892354 The figure came from this http://www.pepipoo.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t66422.html
  3. I just think their (the councils) approach is heavy handed, and others I have talked to are as disgusted as me. Other opinions always taken on board for consideration, though £800000 off the one area means I’m not the only one who has accidently driven there.
  4. That's the one. I've only been driving a few years so I'm not familiar with it. If it's in the Highway code I still think it's a poor sign at signifying that the area is for pedestrians.
  5. Hi CAG. I recently got a ticket for driving in a pedestrian zone at Barking It's a disgustingly confusing section of road that the council seem to be making a lot of money from. I am tempted just to pay the discounted rate but lately have been floored by PCN's. On discussing it with collegues and other law abiding decent motorist I learned I'm not alone. How on Earth did it come to this where the councils are acting so despicable..? I want to appeal this one so I can help others fight back against this robbery. I turned right at the corner in the image Barking1, there is no sign not to turn right but by the time you have they've got you. the second set of signs further in (Barking3) is confused by the arrows on top telling us we have priority over oncoming traffic. I also find the pedestiran zone sign a confusing one by itself! A circle with a car and motorbike in it. If it had a red line through it it would comunicate its meaning in a second. But they don's want that do they Any help greatly appreciated. R BarkingPCN.pdf
  6. Thanks Jamberson. I'll get onto appealing them. Appreciate the advice.
  7. I've got two parking tickets in two days. I work in the railway and we have started working around the Wimbledon area. The first ticket was an honest mistake. Issued on Elsenham Street. We usually move our cars at 13:30 but I forgot and they pounced. The second was today from Merton Council. I had a good look around as I parked but for the life of me couldn't see any sign. I came back and there was the ticket. I then had an even better look for the sign and saw that it was a long way away, in the photo it's about four car lengths and was blocked by a lovely pink tree from my view on the kerb. Wondering where to go from here? The Silver car is for Wandsworth (Elsenham Street). The Van (mine) and sign is for Merton (Home Park Road) Wandsworth.pdf Merton.pdf
  8. Ok very interesting. Thanks so much for the help and wise counsel. It’s going to be a bit difficult to receive red nasty letters and not do anything about it, but I guess I’ll just have to think how satisfying it would be to pull the knowledge gathered out of a hat at court. I’d love to let them know now, but I’ll see it through if that is your advice.
  9. Just got off the phone to the council. No planning consent for the camera. No advertising consent. No applications regarding parking, although he said that might have occurred with the original services application.
  10. Ok cheers DragonFly Mondays conversation with the planning department will be with the planning department regarding Planning consent for ANPR cameras. Advertising consent for all of the parking signs. Planning consent and any variations of time limits for parking. at TS5 9NB. Will keep you posted. Many many Thanks.
  11. Nothing they needed approved there, so looks like it's a call on Monday. Planning.pdf
  12. Thank you very much DragonFly. Will do my homework this afternoon At least my faith in humanity is being restored. Thanks again
  13. Thanks DragonFly. I don't go past it often at all. I might be able to make a deliberate trip out there to view signage but I think I have the added problem of arriving in the dark and leaving in the morning light. A lot of people saying to me just ignore and they will send thier red nasty letters. A colleague at work lived in his car for six months and said he picked up dozens. But I thought the Beavis case had a big effect on this? Mr Beavis said in an interview that it "turned out to be the wrong advice to ignore". Thanks again.
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