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  1. I had my mail redirected for quite a while but thought I'd changed everything so cancelled the redirect Lesson learned I guess and I'll be more careful in future, I'm in the process of getting a mortgage and buying my first home so last thing I need is a ccj on my credit file and risking anything going wrong with that Thanks for the replies and help along the way though
  2. Hello everyone, thought I'd pop back with an update and not a happy one! It seems ignoring this wasn't the best move as I now have a ccj against me for it! I moved house and it seems they've sent several letters, solicitors paperwork and more to my old house (moved in sept 2016) and the judgement was made without me even knowing! I changed the address on my v5 etc but apparently they only use the initial address when it comes to court etc So it's just cost me £242, the judgement was made on 28th Feb so I've paid and have enough time for it to be removed but pretty gutted to sa
  3. It hasn't been a problem with them paying me the extra time since way back in August hence my new thread and asking the question again now Boss came in today in a seemingly bad mood and brought it all up again out of the blue. I asked out of interest and not to get a negative comment back from people so let's not worry anymore and don't waste any more of your time replying to me
  4. Hello I've previously mentioned this in another post but want to ask again as a new thread We have old style paper time sheets at work, fill them in daily and hand in at the end of the month I've attached the section I want to ask about, our standard day is 0800-1700 with an hour off for lunch. Then it has time before 0700 or after 1800 will be considered as lieu or over time Is this allowed? I take it as basically my company expect us to work that time (potentially an hour extra each side of the day) for nothing. This has been in place now for a while but recently a time
  5. I've received one offering a reduced payment to close the matter, I've ignored and heard nothing since! The letters do look scary but people on here were very helpful and put my mind at ease
  6. Thanks for your replies I've read up the other forums and it's just nice to get other opinions too Thanks again, will keep updated if anything else comes of this
  7. Ive attached the letter removing personal information I think for reference
  8. So nothing came of this for a while until today. I've received a letter from DRP saying unless I pay up £149 by 09/05 they will be recommending to the creditor that they start court proceedings Their letter is headed "notice of intended court action - unpaid parking charge £149" It has a lot of talk of what happens if I don't pay, how the creditor can apply more charges at court and go to their site to see all the court judgements they have won Is it time I back down and pay up or can I still continue to contest this?
  9. Thanks for your reply Silverfox, very much appreciated Ive got everything backed up incase it goes further and will keep my eyes out for anything more I called DRP this morning and the guy on the phone was very nice, let me explain everything to him and conversation went back and forth, he agreed and could see the other car next to mine then his reply was "well that's all good and well and I've listened to you, so now are you going to pay or what?" I just said I'll call him back! I assume they just want the money and he was being nice in the hope I'd pay
  10. Morning everyone Back in October Myself and another friend popped into see a friend and drop off/collect some bits and pieces at his flat from a project we working in together. At his estate there are many residents bays for the private owners and housing association residents plus a small area for loading and unloading items as its a fair walk to the flats across the garden if you've got shopping etc As I was just dropping bits off I stopped off in the loading and unloading area which is not at all sign posted, no warnings etc, got on with with seeing my friend
  11. So I was paid around 5.30pm, the md said she had a busy say and hadn't had time to do the transfers! Got an appointment to have a chat about a fixed day later next week
  12. Luckily most of my payments go out into the next month but my loan was set up as last Friday as that was when I'd been getting paid for the last however many years On a previous occasion I was told by the MD that "we are under no obligation to pay you on any specific day or method" this was when we all expected payday and were given cheque, adding a week on to payday. I guess it's one of those frustrating things I've sort of caused myself by setting it then. I'm heading back to the office now and gonna have a chat about it but just posted after a frustrating day waiting and asking fo
  13. Hello and happy almost Easter to all I've got a question about a frustrating issue to do with pay days Little background, I work for a small window fitting company, family run with 4 fitters, 7 office staff and a part time delivery driver. Pay day in my contract is down as the last day of the month. Generally for the last 3 years is been taken as the last Friday of the month but, in the words of the MD (who does payroll, accounts etc) because it's such a large amount of money going out of the bank she spreads the transfers out over the week. So a couple of people get paid a day.
  14. I'm far from the only person who is unhappy with the new hours issues so I'll have a chat and see if others will do the same On both issues what is deemed a reasonable time for accepting the changes?
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