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  1. This is what they say on their website 14 Consumer's right to cancel: Consumers have the right to cancel the contract for the provision of goods or services, by notice in writing, at any time before 14 days have passed from the day after the contract was made. If, however, we have started to perform our side of the contract before you exercise your right to cancel, then the right to cancel is lost.
  2. I would imagine they can charge you something for administration, how much did you pay and for how far in advance? This isn't my area of expertise but I would think they will need more specific information to advise. Was there a contract and if so what does it say about cancellation?
  3. Can you remove the highlighting, it's impossible to read like that - I've tried and gave up...
  4. For some reason this has reminded me of an experience I had years ago when I rented a room in a shared house. Someone had moved out owing rent, leaving behind only a wrecked sofa. I remember the landlord standing there and telling me with complete sincerity that he would not allow to them collect the wrecked sofa until the outstanding rent was paid, and me standing there trying to keep a neutral expression on my face whilst thinking 'if they wanted the wrecked sofa I am sure they would have taken it with them when they went.' And in any case if it came to it I doubt he could have stopped them removing it... Anyway good luck sorting this out, it must be heart breaking having to deal with something like this.
  5. Wouldn't he be faced with court action to claim back decades of over paid housing benefit which was claimed as a single occupier by his mother? If he managed to get back into the property that is - or maybe even if he didn't having drawn attention to what is in fact benefit fraud on a grand scale.
  6. Personally I would just draw a line underneath it and move on, lesson learned, that would be the intelligent thing to do now.
  7. We are all equal under the law. The courts are not just a hit squad for the claimant. 'He' may well believe you are threatening him.
  8. TBH I would CCA request each and every one of them and cease all payments until they comply. Take control of the conversation.
  9. Ask him whether he would prefer to leave under his own steam or with a policeman either side of him. Then advise him you are calling the police and close the door in his face. I seem to remember doing just this many years ago and the man literally ran away.
  10. Also a rather personal question admittedly but I don't think it has been asked. Do you have any money at all, savings, etc, I don't want figures just a better idea of your position.
  11. I answered your question. I am trying to help you.
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