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  1. Good morning, I received a letter yesterday from my local authorities stating that a complaint has been made about me regarding non payment of council tax for this year and I am due to go to magistrates court on 26th of November. I really have been struggling with money as my hours have been cut and furlough due to COVID-19 and I have not paid any council tax this year. What is this complaint? Is it to obtain a court order to go to bailiffs or will I go to jail? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank You
  2. A few weeks ago we re negotiated a new package deal with virgin media. When we went through to the retentions department we explained to the sales person what we wanted and that was broadband and access to on demand and virgin media box office. We were told by the sale staff we would still be able to access this service with the package. On the 12th of March our new package took over our old one and lone behold we had lost all our access to on demand and also box office. Saturday just gone I called them to complain and to again renegotiate as the service I then had was not what I asked for, nor was it what the sales person stated it was. After being passed from pillar to post the new sales person had said he had upgraded our package at a £15 discount for 3 months, although I did say that this is more than what we want to pay as their competitors are offering this package at half the price. So he told me to call back today to be still within my 14 day cooling off period. Now... because of COVID-19. Virgin media arenow impossible to contact to exercise this. Can I give a notice any other way than over the phone? I really don’t want to be stuck in a contract I don’t want for 12 months.
  3. Good luck! It’s not as scary as it first seems. Well done for taking the first step.
  4. Mine was backdated from September 2018. I got a letter 4 days after my claim ended to state my claim was now closed. I spoke to the tax credits office two weeks later to ask when I would get my accurate over payment and they stated at the end of the tax year.
  5. Instead of tormenting yourself. I would jump into action and get on the phone to tax credits. The longer you leave it the worse you are going to feel about it. In the meantime while you are waiting to be spoken to I would submit your change of circumstances online. It will ask you for the correct date that your OH moved into the property. Submit this to the best of your knowledge. I would then recite your reasons and circumstances to the people at the tax credit helpline. It is worth noting. These people are very nice to speak to ( in my experience) and you have nothing to fear.
  6. Joanne. Please stop reading horror stories. They will only make you feel worse and From what I found when I did similar was that those that resulted in court (never prison) had some other sort of benefit involved with the fraud, mostly from the DWP. Do you have access to your Government Gateway account where you can manage your tax credits online?
  7. Hi, Just seen this and noticed to commented on my thread. In answer to your question, No I didn't receive any further action. I even rang the compliance team a few weeks ago to see if I would get a penalty to which the officer simply replied " If you were to get a penalty, you would of known by now". By my own experience honesty is the best policy, Just call them and tell them the truth. As hard and as scary as that is. You will feel so much better when its over and done with.
  8. Hi London 1971. Thanks for your reply. However I have thoroughly thought it through and although we would be entitled to joint claim the amount that we would be entitled too is just not worth the scrutiny that you are put under. I just don’t understand the system and therefore I don’t want to be subject to it at all. Being asked for private information at the drop of a hat for me is absolutely terrifying and the consequences can be detrimental. All I want to do is pay the money back I owe and get on with my life.
  9. Hello again, I have received a letter stating my claim has now ended and thank you for providing the information required. How long will it take for HMRC to tell me how much I’ve over paid so I can come to an arrangement to pay it back?
  10. I wont lie and say it was easy, but it was 100 percent worth it. I now won't be claiming any sort of benefit, I think we may well be entitled to a joint claim from the weeks worth of extensive research I have done into the system but id rather shovel poo in the snow than ever have to feel like that ever again. I am too much of a liability to trust myself with these things. I really appreciate everyones input yesterday. Many thanks!
  11. **UPDATE** I Thought id come on here and provide people with an update and closure on the situation, as I found myself yesterday CURSING the people that had been through a similar situation and not given an outcome for those that are looking for one. so... firstly Thank you to everyone that gave me advice yesterday and to the people desperately looking for an outcome or reassurance here goes. I have been on the phone to HMRC compliance team today. Absolutely terrified and crapping it and it is probably one of the bravest things I have ever done in my life. I suffer with anxiety and due to this I tend to bury my head in the sand and pretend it isn't happening. hence all the accumulated debt above. Firstly I want to say, it isn't as scary as it seems, I know I tortured myself for a week now thinking about being prosecuted for something that was a genuine error/misunderstanding. The woman I spoke at HMRC was an absolute GOD SEND!!! She was so nice and listened to me with out judgement or any questions that were invading. I gave her every single piece of information I could give her and I was told. I should in fact be on a joint claim, however she can understand how my circumstances could of led me to believe I should be claiming as a single person. My claim is now cancelled and I OBVIOUSLY have to pay back the money I owe. Thankfully I estimate it to be not very much at all. LESSON THOROUGHLY LEARNT!!! If anyone does find themselves in a similar situation, Please don't leave it, just put on your big girl/boy pants and explain the situation as thoroughly and as openly as you can be. I can now finally have a good nights sleep and wait for my appetite to return.
  12. While I 100 percent appreciate your input. I do not believe I have acted in a fraudulent manner Raven. I may be nieve and reckless and stupid but I never intended to make an error of such magnitude. It didn't even cross my mind that I may have got this wrong until this week.
  13. Hi, This does look useful, Thank You very much. However, I wonder if me filing this request will possibly look like I am trying to hide something? in which I am not?
  14. Hi Raven, thank you for your prompt response, can you possibly clarify for me what you mean by " living together from the point of view of a benefits claim" Also I have no idea what magistrates court is and what it means. I am incredibly piss poor at this.
  15. Hi everyone, I really appreciate any views you can give me on this. I received a text message from HMRC on the 2nd of October informing me they are sending me a letter regarding my tax credit claim and could I please respond when I receive it. I phoned HMRC that day to see what the letter was regarding. Long story short I received a letter a few weeks ago from DWP telling me I had be registered for a self assessment tax return however I've never been self employed and I was concerned that it may have affected my tax credit. The lady on the phone told me it was regarding A POSSIBLE PARTNER. I got the letter and they are asking for my rental agreement bank statements bills act from the months of april 2019- July 2019. now heres where the story gets complicated. I DO have a boyfriend, and a daughter who is 7. My boyfriend is not her father. I began seeing MR X in July 2018 he is my best friends brother and I have known him since I was 13. We explored a romantic relationship together and he started staying at my house maybe 3-4 times per week. Then would go home to his mums house stay there for a few days. He was never paying any bills or food or anything. As our relationship progressed we decided to set up a joint bank account in august 2018 as I was struggling financially and we wanted to move into a house together. September 2018 I moved Into a new house due to mounting debt on my old property, i.e. gas and electricity council tax which I had been behind on payments and bailiffs ect. we spend Christmas together continuing as usual he was over 4 days a week while working as it was convenient then he would go back to see his mum. I again, messed up by avoiding council tax and gas and electric and it was all mounting up and getting on top of me, I was also hiding all this from my boyfriend for various reasons. The main one was me being a train wreck and I didn't want him to run for the hills. I plucked up the courage to tell my boyfriend about the mess I got myself into and ring the council and set up a direct debit for my council tax and to pay small amounts back on top. I set this up using the joint account as my boyfriend wanted proof I was paying it. He also set the Gas and Electricity up in his name Because they wanted to fit pre payment meters in my house because of my debt from my previous property. I obviously couldn't have this done because my house is rented accommodation. And again this was paid out of our joint account as he wanted to make sure it was paid. I HONESTLY didn't think we would be regarded as living together as he was with his mother for half the time . I Now realise I maybe should of been making a joint claim and we will be regarded as a couple living together. At least from September 2018 when we opened a joint account. Can someone offer any explanation on what to do regarding this. I am absolutely terrified that I am going to prison and my face will be all over the papers. I know I will have to pay the money back and accept a fine but the thought of a sentence away from my daughter is absolutely killing me, I would also get fired from my job. To make matters worse I know my claim will now be stopped but my boyfriend won't move in with me until I am financially stable so I really don't know what to do. Please any advice or to put my mind at ease would be great. Thank you.
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