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  1. I've worked at an IT company now for 5 years and feel I everyone is collectively trying to get rid of me. I have not been given any official IT training courses since joining the company to improve my skill set, however some of my fellow colleagues have been on courses. There has been also no salary increases in the past 3 years and it is completely disproportionate compared to the fellow colleagues I work with. The receptionist (close friendship with manager) who has worked at the company for over 10 years has been brought into the team. The manager is sending her on various training courses to bring her up to the skill set with their intention to replace me. I first started off as a trainee IT Technician at this company, with a basic pay of 18K and was promoted a year later with the salary of £22000. The manager has removed me from all future projects, assigning these new tasks to my receptionist who has gone straight into the promoted position. She is currently incapable from a technical standpoint to deliver these projects, often asking for help from fellow engineers and including myself on numerous occasions. The reception has been in the new position for over a year now and only just recently noticed the manager not assigning any more work to me since December. I believe it is only a matter of time before I have meeting with HR who will either dismiss me or make me redundant from my position.. I believe the manager is trying to gather evidence to dismiss me by contacting me over email? My last notable project was assigned in November 2019, where I obtained great customer satisfaction scores. The receptionist has since been given all new projects and been assisted by a senior member of my IT team who has basically been doing all of her work, including speaking to clients + technical setups. The receptionist joined our team in December 2018 and the above has been going on since she moved team into our team. I believe the reason they are taking me off projects is to raise her customer satisfaction score so they can justify dismissing me. Just to further complicate this issue - My manager and my fellow engineers make indirect comments about me in my presence and behind my bank which I have really upset me? Is this nepotism and cronyism?
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