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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm new on here and could do with some help, please. 12 weeks ago my friend ordered some parts for a roof extension he was making. He was verbally promised that the parts would be with him within the week. He paid a 20% deposit at this point. 9 weeks later the parts arrived and he was happy with them. 2 weeks ago my friend received a voice message from the company threatening court action if he didn't pay up. He then wrote to them (recorded delivery) to request an invoice as he planned to pay. This weekend they eventually sent the invoice for the amount plus £185 C
  2. hanc

    Withdrawing Euros

    Hello, Just wondering if any of you know whether this is possible. I have a card that allows me to hold balances in different currencies and transfer / exchange between them at the inter bank rate with no fees. If this card is holding a value of Euros, does anyone know if it possible to withdraw these anywhere ? Would a bureau De change allow such a transaction ? Is there anywhere that can and will facilitate the withdrawal of Euros or allow the purchase of them with payment in Euros ? Would like to have some cash in hand before traveling abroad and would like to tak
  3. Hello all, this is my first time posting on here. I have been sick with worry regarding working tax credits and the new rules. I am self-employed and have been claiming WTC since July 2014. It was very helpful towards costs and I am not disputing that BUT the new sanctions were causing me anxiety. I renewed my WTC last Fri but telephoned today to withdraw the claim. The guy was very helpful and I explained that I am going back to college in Sept and will be doing a lot of unpaid placements, and, as such, my working hours and income will fall. He withdrew my new claim but said I will have to pa
  4. I wanted to know what the new rules are with regards to withdrawing consent for the WP to share your info/contact people on your behalf/claim their fat payment for my hard work when I get a job .. as I am sure I read it had changed since last year, also coincidentally each time I attend a review meeting I get loads of spammy job/credit emails in the weeks after which seems a little timely!! Am getting increasingly fed up with the WP provider, by and large I have had a year of having to attend weekly job clubs with slow computers and the like but since I hit the year mark it seems to have
  5. I have 2 court claims i am involved in at the moment. One of them the claimant has supplied the information required and i accept i can continue no more I sent a letter to the solicitor with an income and expenditure form as i am on ESA requesting that they contact their clients to discuss a Tomlin Order. Any judgement received will be subject to a redetermination and probably pay it back at £1.00 a week I requested a Tomlin order instead of a judgement as it would be beneficial on both sides. The solicitor has just written back to me requesting i contact the
  6. Hi All I really hope someone can advise me! I entered into a rent to buy agreement in August 2011, paid an 'option fee' of £15,000, and have religiously paid my rent/deposit for my house each month. The contract expired in last year, and a new contract was offered to me in July. For various reasons (illness) I was unable to respond for 2 weeks, so my LL rings me and asks if all was well?? I explained not really, I was very ill and had taken time of work etc etc. He offers my a short term tenancy (just an email) for 4 months (where I pay £600 less), with the option to go b
  7. Hi there, I'm a 21 year old driver, and I've unfortunately had 2 incidents in the past year of someone reversing into my car whilst parked. The 1st one caused major damage, and needed me to claim on the insurance. The 2nd, and most recent, incident involved someone reversing into my car, but causing minimal/no damage (once I had been able to inspect the car the following day in the light). Due to my age, my insurance will increase by at least £400 over the next 5 years because of this additional non-fault claim. The third-party is not returning calls to their insurer, so liability ha
  8. Hi there I resonantly agreed to use a letting agent to manage my property. I received an email from the agent 4 days later after new tenants moved in that a contractor has already completed maintenance in respect of cleaning for removal of rubble and received an invoice of £220 which will be deducted from the next rental collection. When I instructed the agent to handle the rental of the above property I was not given any details or phone call of other charges. As per the ingoing inspection & photographs...the property was left in a terrible condition by the outgoing tenants (u
  9. Hello, I wou1d just like your opinon about withdrawing and re-submitting ET1s. (I did post something similar in my original thread, but no one replied) On or about 14/05/12 an act of discrimnation happened which lead me to raise a grievance. (I did not realize that act of discrimination happened on that date until after I got the grievance investigation results.) On 25/05/12 I raised a grievance. On 12/06/12 I had a grievance meeting On 26/06/12 I filed an ET1 On 12/07/12 I received the results of the grievance investigation. New info came to light. On 22/07/12 I appealed
  10. Hi All, I took out a Loan with Payday Express on the 1st September in order to pay an urgent tax bill that i received last week. I have now been given the money from elsewhere and called to ask if I could cancel my loan for £735. I was told yesterday (and just now) that as this is not my first Loan with the company I am not allowed to cancel the agreement and must pay the full interest on top of the loan amount. This is stated in their terms and conditions also. However, I am sure that I have a legal right to be able to cancel this agreement (obviously paying the interest for the days in
  11. Good Morning Out of curiosity is there a way you can stop this happening without needing to change bank accounts? I know the obvious answer is 'just pay off what you owe!' Looking for anyone who has managed to stop this happening? Thanks very much
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