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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all. Apologies for yet another UKCPM parking charge question. But I would like specific help if you are able to. I would be very grateful. I went to a place called the vista centre and it took me about 30 mins to pay for parking. I arrived at Vista Point at approximately 14:30 for a 14:45 appointment. The site had a ridiculous payment system (via installing an app or calling an automated number - where the computer didn’t recognise my voice) and caused me to almost miss a Drug and Alcohol test for a new job. Not easy for any user to pay for parking. No cash option was displayed. I called and downloaded the app, but both systems were not able to process my payment after several attempts. Eventually, I found the only parking machine and paid using cash (for 1hour). It was the only 1 on site, which was not displayed or obvious. I have email evidence and complaints to the drug and alcohol test company for not informing me of the difficulty. I undertook my Drug & Alcohol test, which overran due to my being late to pay for parking. (Also, you are not allowed to leave the room until the test in finished). Not being able to use the app or leave the room during my test, I could not extend my parking duration. I therefore returned to my car approximately 10-11 minutes after my ticket expired - finding a £60 charge. Without knowing about private parking charges, I wrote to UKCPM to appeal they said I need to appeal to IAS. Which I did - I also wrote back to UKCPM to tell them I wanted to appeal (this was done within 7 days). I also registered with IAS and for some reason they said (im not sure if I did or not) confirm my email address, therefore the appeal can no longer go ahead. 1) Should I pay the charge? 2) I write to them showing my address (and email). Is it too late? 3) If they write back, can I just write "Return to Sender, the Recipient no longer lives here" and forget about the claim? Many thanks, matt
  2. Morning everyone Back in October Myself and another friend popped into see a friend and drop off/collect some bits and pieces at his flat from a project we working in together. At his estate there are many residents bays for the private owners and housing association residents plus a small area for loading and unloading items as its a fair walk to the flats across the garden if you've got shopping etc As I was just dropping bits off I stopped off in the loading and unloading area which is not at all sign posted, no warnings etc, got on with with seeing my friend whilst chatting on the way out the door a very well known resident who is also very unliked but virtually everyone who lives at the estate burst out the door saying he had photographed my car and was reporting it for not being parked correctly. Minutes later he was messaging my other friend, who was parked next to me for the same amount of time doing the same thing as me (and clearly visible in the photograph as his car is bright yellow!) saying that he won't report his car as he'll give him a bit of leeway but he's reported mine as he doesn't like me (pathetic I know!) esidents at this estate can have an app on their phones for reporting parking issues on behalf of ukcpm There was many a heated conversation about this subject, many people involved and even the management committee for the estate (he's on the residents directors committee) I received a letter from cpm with the photo attached clearly showing both cars etc But this letter said on it a notice had been attached to my car, the appeal date had passed and I had no responded, it's now escalated and cost has increased!! I appealed this anyway outlining the whole story to which ukcpm just sent a standard rejection letter back. I was advised by many other residents to just ignore it, they're not enforceable "fines" and don't worry 6 months on I've had a letter from Debt recovery plus. I've done a fair bit of research and most threads here say ignore and don't pay them but nothing too recent. In the letter they say a landmark court case was won in November 2015 at the Supreme Court which was found in favour of the car park operator after my long story my question is should I be worried? I've got messages, phone calls and a video of the reporting resident having a rant about why he did it etc nd shows clearly in the notice another car next to me that was not reported Just after some advice and opinions really, thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, Back in early Dec 2013, I received a PCN from UKCPM Ltd. I was parked in an private office car park, in a space that had been allocated to me by the space holder for the day. I was working in their offices in the multi tenant building. The space is their's under their lease agreement and they told me to park there for the day - I can prove this as I have 2 emails from the office manager advising me to do this. I left my business card on my dashboard, clearly displayed, in case anyone wanted to query it etc. Several hours later I glanced out the window and saw a guy get out of a branded Smart car and put something on my car, I went out and asked what he was doing; he said (in broken english with a strong east european accent) - I was parked without a permit, therefore I had to pay a fine. I advised I had permission and could prove it, he wasn't interested and continued to put the PCN on my car and take pictures etc. I ignored the PCN, thought I'd just wait and see what happened. End of Jan, I receive a Notice to Keeper Formal Demand from UKCPM Ltd, advising that as the registered keeper of the vehicle I had to either advise the driver's name & address or pay £100 charge for "Not displaying a valid permit" - Discount payment period has expired. Several weeks later I decided to write a letter to UKCPM - I was happy to ignore, but the wife is a panicker!!! I wrote as the registered keeper of the vehicle, did not admit to being the driver or anything else. I stated the car was parked with consent of the space holder, and that their operative was advised of this at the time. I also stated that as far as I was concerned the matter was therefore closed and no further correspondence would be entered into. Also if they (or their agents etc etc) did contact me again, I would levy a £500 harassment charge per letter against UKCPM Ltd & its named Directors via the courts. Mid March I received a letter from DRP, Demand for Payment of an unpaid parking charge £149, deadline to pay 27th March. Today (2nd April) I received from DRP a notice of intended court action - unpaid parking charge £149.00, deadline to pay 14th April 2014 or will be passed to creditors solicitor with recommendation to commence court action. My intention is to continue to ignore this, and see what happens.... The sign in the car park (picture attached) reads: Private property Unauthorised parking or parking a vehicle in a area or space that has not been designated to you may result in your vehicle receiving parking charge notice. Enforcement in operation 24 hrs Permits must be clearly displayed in windscreen at all times Terms of parking without permission blah blah blah. MY ARGUMENT: I had permission from the space holder, I have advised UK CPM of this twice. Their sign states that only parking without authorisation or in an undesignated space will result in a PCN - I had authority and was in the space designated to me by the space leasee. Their sign does not state that failure to display a permit will result in a PCN - the PCN has been issued as Contravention - Not Displaying a Vaild permit AM I RIGHT TO CONTINUE THIS ARGUMENT, SIT BACK AND WAIT ETC.....?? Any advice gratefully received
  4. Just been looking at the last set of accounts posted by UKCPM; ytd Sept 2013. Debts of £73k, all owed to the Directors. Directors loaned the firm an additional £64k in the financial year to keep it afloat, but the end of the accounting period (Sept 2013) they only had £35k of it left. And made a £17k loss in the financial year. Think I'll buy them a paddle, as they are well and truly up s**t creek.....!!
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