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  1. This forum is run by debt collectors so I would expect these replies.
  2. Its not a secured debt, is from TSB bank, a credit card The mortgage was the one where if spouse died, it goes to the other spouse, I cant remember whats that called we haven't got solicitor involved yet, but probbaly will. No-one has told anyone, anything! I dont want to put my foot in it, if I dont have too. Theres ONE charging order against the house from PRA The other debt is just a debt that had nothing to do with the house. I am asking if there is any way around this, so that her husband, (who has dementia) and doesnt have a clue what is going on, doesnt have to p
  3. She died intestate and the house now goes to her husband. Its not his debt. 4,000 debt to a bank. There is no value to 'her' estate, as she doesnt have one. It went to her husband. His estate is worth over 150 000 Incidentally, I sent her death cert to another debt company for MORE and they are not pursuing, so why are there anomolies here? Oh and the debt is from 1996
  4. Hi there , before i call the Pra group and tell them that my mum has now died and what happens with her debt , i need advice. They have also put a charge against the property under her name. Its jointly owned by her and husband but debt is in her name, so does mean that debt is now dead and it needs to be removed from the deeds now thats shes not alive ? Im also thinking if that i should remove her name off the deed first ? And then contact them after ? Thanks Nat
  5. Guys, Thanks. I have the letter here. It just says, that they are letting me that an order has been confirming that Arrow Global Accounts Managment Limited are now the owners. I rang the solicitor its for an old order that they had over the house in 2010. Its not in Court, the old order has just been signed over Arrow as they have bought the debt. Can you please advise on the next course of action? Thanks
  6. I have no idea, it looks like they are trying to trick me to be honest! Dont you think the stamp looks fake?
  7. I stopped paying years ago. I can't remember precisely. When I get the SAR what will I do with it. Also what do i do with arrow in the meantime. Ge money haven't responded yet to my SAR
  8. 1) I didn't know I had a court claim against me. 2) I didn't request a payment arrangement. They called me and I said you need to respond to my letter in regard to the change over from GE money. Then they sent these letters ( as one pack) as a response. 3) I haven't been responding to any letters in regards to the loan as I've not been in the property, due to caring for someone at their house. 4) The court letter looks like it's letting me know that they have changed from GE to Arrow Global. It doesn't say anything about my home being repossessed. I haven't been to c
  9. So no contact ? What if they threaten court action? I know they are dealing with Eversheds..? What rights have I got? Thanks From 2007, nearly 2000 interest has been added to the loan.
  10. Yes that's right. They want 3 months bank statements. I just wanted to know my rights. Yes I sent a SAR and they haven't responded yet. I've only received my original application form and a letter saying the debt had been transferred to Arrow
  11. I can please request advice I have an old secured debt with GE money. They sold it to Arrow Global. I asked for the neccesary paperwork using a letter I foud on here and I (they ?) sent me my original application form for the loan (signed) plus other letters concering transfering of the debt. Plus another two letters involving Eversheds Solicitors - A letter Entitied: Notice of change of legal representative and the other one 'Global Substitution Order' - stamped by the High Court of Jutice (I dont understand it, it looks dodgy too) Arrow G are now askin
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