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  1. Thanks all. Will certainly think twice before buying another pair of GTX shoes/boots. Have had several and they've all gone this way, but never this quickly, I have an e-receipt which the store sent me at the time of purchase in store. I don't suppose anyone has an email address I can try my luck with? I've been trawling the internet and all the contact details seem to be for online sales. I'm loathed to go down the pen and paper route as I'm currently in Central America and I don't fancy the chances if it actually arriving,
  2. Hi, I bought a pair of north face gore tex hiking trainers from their store in regent street, London in June. They have been fine up until now, I noticed on a hike recently that they are leaking. Presumably the gore tex membrane has failed. I waited till they had dried and tested it again in the sink. They come with a one year guarantee, the problem is I'm travelling overseas (the reason for the purchase!) don't plan to return to the uk any time soon, I've checked TNF website and it says in store purchases need to be returned in store. What are my o
  3. Hi all, I purhased a Canon DSLR in April 2012 ago on credit card (which I no longer hold) from Jessops. It has just developed a fault whereby the mode dial does not select the correct shooting mode. Am I covered under the sale of goods act/consumer rights act as it now is? To complicate things, I think Jessops went into administration in 2015, then started trading again? More importantly, I am currently travelling in Central America and Australia for the next 18 months, so need to get this fixed locally (currently Panama City). I have checked my travel insurance pol
  4. Hi, Unfortunately, the problem has returned. After a recent holiday, what I assume are a few grains of sand have got into the camera onto the lens. One may argue this is my fault, but it seems that the construction of the model is very susceptible to allowing debris into the body. I have taken the camera back to a local store, however they don't want to know as the camera is now out of warranty (by 2 weeks) and have told me to contact Panasonic directly. I'm not sure exactly sure of my rights here, but if I have any would very much appreciate some advice on how to proceed. Many
  5. Thanks for the replies. Yes, it's an 18-55 kit lens. So, it sounds like it may just be a feature of the product rather than a fault? I guess if it has been tested by Canon without finding a fault, it's going to be difficult to persuade the retailer it's not fit for purpose.
  6. Hi, I bought a Digital SLR earlier in the year which included a kit lens. After a couple of months I noticed some slight problems with the lens: There was some slight play in the lens, and when adjusting the zoom, it made a slight "grinding" noise and the field of view appeared to move slightly. Although I didn't notices this straight away, the lens was not dropped or mis-treated in any way. When I took it back to the store from where it was purchased, the assistant agreed with me and sent it back to Canon for testing. Canon have now returned it and said that they cannot find any fault
  7. Hi, I took the camera into a local store as advised and it has now been repaired for free. I think the repair may have been carried out under the manufacturers warranty rather than SOGA, however I am of course pleased with the outcome. Thanks all.
  8. Hi all - thanks very much for your input. Apologies for taking so long to come back. So, I think I will try in the first instance to go into a local store. Presumably something along the lines of "I'm requesting a repair free of charge under the SOGA" should suffice?
  9. Yes, it was purchased from a store in Southend-on-Sea. Unfortunately, I am now living in the North East...
  10. Ok, that's good to know. Thanks very much for your reply. When returning the item, can I go to any branch, or does it have to be the sameone from which the camera was purchased? Many thanks.
  11. Hi, I bought a compact camera from Currys about 8 months ago. Recently, I noticed that a fibre or dust particle has somehow got inside the lens, and appears in every shot I take. It seems a trivial thing and technically I suppose the camera is not damaged, but since I can't remove it, it's spoiling all of my photographs. I'd appreciate it anyone is able to advise wheter I have a right to request a free repair/cleaning or replacement? The camera was purchased about 8 months ago on credit card. Many thanks, in advance.
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