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  1. Surely leaving a tenant with no means of washing for 4 days is a breach of the landlords contractual requirements. And my nearest leisure centre is a mile away, that was an unacceptable request.
  2. Hi, apologies for not knowing which forum to post this in, and apologies for the length. Am I within my rights to withhold a percentage of this month's rent in regards to the following issue. In November 2018 a new couple moved into the flat below us and complained about a leak coming from our bathroom. We were asked not to use the shower until they could solve the issue. 10 months later, after a number of visits from various contractors and still unable to shower, we were informed they would be putting in a new bath. I took the day off work to wait for them and nobody showed up so I lost a days wages. They were re booked for Monday 1st October and I arranged for the letting agent to supply them with keys to let themselves in. I received a call later to say they were done for the day, have removed the entire bathroom bar the toilet and have left me a bucket to flush the toilet with as the cistern was removed. When I asked how I was supposed to wash I was told to go to a local gym/leisure centre! Tuesday-the same. Wednesday-the same. Thursday, finally a bath had arrived and new toilet connected. During this week they had used my shower curtain as a sheet to walk on, left two stains on the carpet. Left a thick layer of plaster dust all over the contents of the hall way, unplugged the freezer and not plugged it back in resulting in loss of all contents. Failed to re pressurize the hot water/heating system, and left the new leaking towel rail dripping constantly. It's still leaking today. Where do I stand regarding a discount on the rent? Thank you.
  3. Hi, so another query for you. Bit long winded, apologies. Having not had a ticket, I received an NTK from the council a while back. I checked the details online and an officer had ticketed me whilst loading into my flat on double yellows - completely legal under the local borough's website guidelines for parking. I sent them a letter of appeal stating that I was in a state of continuous loading and not causing any obstructions in accordance with their laws. A month later I received a letter for Recovery of unpaid debt from CPS? I appealed the CPS and had it overturned as I hadn't had a rejection notice from the council. The council have now sent a letter saying I can pay the original £70? (£25 surely?) or await the independent adjudicator decision from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Soooo, what are my chances here as it's my word against the councils but I refuse to pay when no offence has taken place. Anyone had any experience with this process? Cheers
  4. Well that got out of hand quickly, was just a question so no need to rant at each other. Yes there is a filter junction just ahead of the GATSO which is clearly marked well in advance I don't travel at Warp 9 or Slam My Brakes on at every camera. I simply ease off the throttle as I pass through the speed change sign. The law technically states that you must be at the new speed as you pass the sign so that's my fault, no problem with that. The mobile camera - pointing backwards toward oncoming traffic passing the threshold - was put in place on the day purely to make money from this. Everyone is travelling at 60 well before the junction and the GATSO. Makes zero difference to road safety.
  5. Hi. I'm just wondering what the law is regarding having Mobile Speed Camera Vans stationed next to GATSO's. I received a ticket, my fault I was over the limit but was already slowing as I go past the GATSO every day. It's a 70mph dual carriageway which drops to 60 about 500 yards before the camera, then returns to 70 again. There have been no recent incidents here, any reason the Police would do this? Just seems like a way to make money from those passing the '60' signs still just over the limit as they slow down.
  6. Just to add, in case this thread has helped anyone out, I have now heard nothing for 5 months and have been forwarding your details to all users of the car park whom I have seen issued tickets. Cheers:-)
  7. The reduced settlement offer came this morning, a whopping £32 reduction. Lol. I'm looking forward to see who they now pass this onto and what my next reduced offer may be. I have a funny feeling with my luck this year that they'll end up taking this one the full distance.
  8. Just to update in case others find this thread useful, your detailed schedule from earlier in this thread is still bang on target. DR+ letter this morning titled - NOTICE OF INTENDED COURT ACTION I shall continue to ignore.
  9. And lo, the DR+ letter for £160 has arrived.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll just continue with the cold shoulder then.
  11. Just an update They've been in touch again, with a similar letter. '28 days to pay' and all the usual. My only issue is their sentence on passing it on to a debt recovery service if unpaid as I am in the middle of a mortgage application and don't need anything on my credit report. Can they even do that considering there is no legal debt?
  12. They have been in touch again. I did send a letter (couldn't help myself, sorry) stating a few points about the area, and that they had left it too long to contact me and any further communication would be deemed as harassment. They have said they issued correctly and are unable to cancel. £100 to be paid by 26/5/15, extra recovery costs to be added if late. Should I make a POPLA appeal now or just ignore it? This should all be irrelevant right? Thanks Dom
  13. There's no mention of that specific schedule or POFA 2012?
  14. Hi again So the Notice To Driver arrived yesterday. The date on the letter is 23/3/15 - exactly 56 days from issue The post mark on the envelope is 24/3/15 - 57 days from issue And the letter arrived yesterday 26/3/15 - 59 days from issue Do I need to respond as surely they have missed the deadline? Cheers Dom
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