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  1. Well if you go that far, the only way to have a true democracy is to have direct rule i.e every question is put to the electorate (as in rule of the mob - a rough transition of democracy). As for PR , yes there are many countries that have systems of PR and some do form stable governments although I think Italy is a case where it really doesn't work. Also and I say this with some misgivings, having pure 100% PR does let some voices be heard that many would think shouldn't - how do you think Hitler became chancellor ? It also lets corrupt people become leaders (and I mean really corrupt mentioning no names Berlusconi). A system like Germany where each state or area elects 50% of the parliamentary members and the rest are elected via PR does seem to allow regional voices to be heard and provides stables governments. Of course the UK rejected a form of PR in 2011 although I don't think AV works. Any form of PR does mean coalitions are the order of the day but then look how disproportionally NI influence the Torys at the moment- equally with PR the SNP would become much smaller while the LibDems and god help us UKIP would become stronger
  2. The Lords can only block a bill for a limited amount of time. If there is the political will the legislation can be forced through. The Blair government did it I think. Just how democratic our system is opens a whole new dabate. While pure PR may sound appealing, for a legislative body it is not very good as it just gives weak governments.Personally I like the system used in Scotland and Germany
  3. I think to some extent that has always been the case. Young people can make decisions without the life experiences to fully work their reasoning through. That said I do not want to demonise or vilify young people as a group just as I don't want to do the same to older people; that sort of scapegoating and blaming is just as much inappropriate as any other kind.
  4. I am not sure it is as age relevant as you may think. It was not just older people who voted leave, many people from all walks of life did. It is quite alarming to hear young people saying how they hate the EU
  5. That is of course why the parliament Acts were brought in- to stop the Lords continually blocking legislation but it was not the level of representativeness I was talking about it was the style of democracy. It is a representative and not a direct democracy As for just how democratic it is, is a whole new debate
  6. Buckthorn You really do not understand our democratic system do you. We live, like all all other democratic states I can think of, in a representative democracy. That is we elect representatives to work for us-BUT we do not expect them to vote for exactly what we want, we think they will vote for what is BEST for us. Even our method of electing representatives is flawed, FPTP is just wrong. Do you have a problem with there being no death penalty in the UK. If it were down to 'the mob' we would have it but the representatives think it is better we don't. If you want to live in a direct democracy get in a TARDIS and go back to ancient Athens, mind you even there you had to be a citizen (male , over a certain age and not a slave or immigrant) to vote. As Honeybee said, much has changed since the original vote and I can guarantee if we had a well thought out vote with a well thought out questions the result would be different. If this stupid women had not put her red lines down we would by now have a deal that maybe we could have all lived with My view is , we should remain but I would compromise on something akin to Norway or membership of the EEA If we leave without a deal- within a generation Scotland and NI will be gone and possibly Wales as well
  7. While I am not sure I should be giving this rant oxygen , maybe it is important to answer some of the legitimacy questions raised above. So yes firstly there are signatories from Afghanistan (21), Zimbabwe (67) and Russia (131) these are tiny numbers compared to the total of almost 5million (4977216) . Who is to say these are not UK nationals or residents living there that are concerned. The vast majority of these signatures seem to come from the EU where I suspect the majority of non resident UN nationals might live. I see nothing sinister in it at all. Additionally the need to have a unique email address for each counted signature has made it unlikely that 'bots' will be adding. If Buckthorn is suggesting a democratic vote should remain in force for perpetuity can I ask two questions 1) Why did we have the referendum when we voted in 1975 to join? 2) Why have we had a single general Election since elections were introduced - surely the first one would have been binding Since I have been writing this post the total has increased to 4980775 so I suspect it will be over 5 million before long
  8. That may be so in the short term but there would be nothing stopping future governments repealing them- particularly the ones that protect us. I find it shocking that a million people marched yesterday but most of the Front pages have ignored it. The petition is almost at 5 million. I despair - what are our politicians doing- well actually its less the politicians but more the executive who are ignoring what Parliament says.
  9. Buckthorn Can you provide any evidence at all about your claims? Who is to say people signing from overseas are not uk nationals Yes in theory you can sign as often as you have a unique email address but today I met many people who had not received their confirmation email so the vote wasn’t counting. A million or more people marching today was a sight to behold and although there were different ideas as to the end result no one was rude or abusive. I was just sorry I had a train to catch or I might have still been there
  10. I've just looked back at the thread and it seems (although I could be wrong) some form of DN might have been issued in 2016. IF it was a S87(1) DN the SB argument would need some further consideration. I am told the judge agreed with PRA's view (at the first appeal) that if there was an undue delay in issuing the DN, an unfair relationship could be argued but that is way above my pay grade I wasn't aware of the Scottish ruling but there again I do not tend to get involved at all with Scottish law
  11. Do they have to issue a Default Notice ? I am not up to date on the old student loans but if a DN is needed there was that crazy court of appeal ruling which says limitations starts the remedy date on a DN
  12. Thanks for the reply. This was my point and although I was not asking for the full travelling time from home , but asked instead for the ‘shortest’ travel time from the office I felt my position was untenable as the trust had gone. I have not even had an acknowledgment to my resignation. All rather sad and could so easily have been avoided.
  13. It is a disgrace the Corbyn did not come out in support of remain at the beginning. It was quite possibly his lack lustre performance that caused this disaster
  14. I really can not stress enough just how important CCA requests are. I CCA'd all my creditors back in 2012 , some came back saying they couldn't find the agreement, thank you your account in unenforceable. Others came back with agreements which were unenforceable and 4 I think came back with agreements that initially looked good. I stopped paying all of my debts - no moral judgement on my part at the time, purely an economic one although I did become rather evangelical about using the CCA requests - at that time opinions were very divided on how useful they were. Anyway, out of the 4 that came back with agreements, three are now statute barred and the other, well they took me to court but not only did I successfully defend the case but also had costs awarded. They could provide no evidence a default notice was sent - and I mean non, not even an entry in a log. So CCA requests can and do work, I am living proof
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