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  1. Not the first company to be working from home. My payroll department now send out payslips electronically. Mind you I would give them what they ask for, at the moment it is unenforceable
  2. Sorry I can’t read it all properly but If it was unenforceable then, why would you send another cca? Of course if it was enforceable then yes send another. Do you have a Default Notice? I had a vanquis card from those days and Lowell closed the account although the agreement looked good( but the DN was bad).
  3. I couldn't agree more- I was just trying to offer an explanation as to why they thought there were extra costs
  4. I think they said they were going after costs because of the non existent defence but of course they would say that wouldn't they. I suppose they will have to do something about the 'typo' on the DN
  5. Have things changed that much? I thought Lowell were based in Leeds and not Jersey Also it seems they are only actually claiming arrears and my understanding is that if that is the case they do not need a DN (Woodchester v Swain). That bit comes from a consumer credit blog so I can't say for sure.
  6. I have just read the last few posts so forgive me if I have it wrong When Lowell took me to court they could not provide any evidence a S87 DN was sent and tried to get away with a proforma DN with gaps for my name , amount etc. The SAR from the creditor also showed while a notice of default was sent, no details of a DN so the judge was having nothing to do with it. With regards to your mobile phone contract, I haven't read back who it was with but some split the contract so you have a regulated agreement to buy the handset and the non regulated agreement for airtime.
  7. I hope your solicitor visit went well. I am sure you could say a lot to my reply; maybe if you reread what I said I was trying to offer a pragmatic solution. I also noticed your reply appeared within 5 minutes of my post. Clearly that wouldn't be the solution you wanted but it provided an avenue to escape and find alternative accommodation. The landlord would need a court order to get you evicted - if you need to get LA accommodation you have to be seen not to have made yourself intentionally homeless i.e. Not moving out until the bailiffs turn up- it is the crazy world we live in
  8. I will probably get shot down here but here goes You received the S21, I am assuming the end date is is sometime mod July . After that the landlord would need to seek possession and that can take weeks especially at the moment. During that time you 'should' be paying rent Why not start looking now for somewhere to live from the date you need to move out, you will have had 6 months of not finding monthly rental payments so hopefully you will have some savings towards rent. If when you move out you owe rent, well they can take action to recover it but you cou
  9. A SAR should or at least can cover a request for all personal data held by the company . It can, if you ask them include logs of phone calls and notes on what letters were sent when. When I SARd Capital One a couple of years ago it showed the debt had been sold but not who to, the date did not match up with the Notice of assignment leaving a gap. Then the notes about the DN just said a notice of default had been sent , nothing else . We won in court because I knew no DN had been sent. I also kept all my paperwork. Never admit to anything unless you have to. But to ag
  10. Remember there is always more to it than meets the eye. Did they send a good Default Notice and Termination notice. It also puzzles me why details of when the repayments were due was not on the agreement for example when the 1st repayment was due and when further payments fell due.
  11. I like to blame Maggie for just about anything but I don't think it is all her fault- yes I know she sold off BT but still. If you look there are still quite a few developed countries with worse internet access Fallenjo I do think you have been rather rude to Dx100uk- they are here all day everyday and provide pages of sound advice- they may fall of their seat hearing me say that but hey ho Maybe you can ask the mods to change the title as it clearly is your fault- you spent the money albeit under the influence but if they can not enforce it why pay . It is
  12. Personally and for many reasons I would not yet send the SB letter. I say this based on the fact many people seem to find they have sent some sort of payment or acknowledgement after the default date thus resetting the limitations clock. I would wait and see if you get more letters and then react if you do. I have to say, not one of my debts has come back to haunt me after they became SB and there were rather a lot
  13. My mistake , I do think the OP needs some legal advice because leaseholds can be funny things with forfeiture clauses. Are you managing to pay the service charges now? How much does this include for the maintenance fund? Is there any chance of the leaseholders forcing a sale of the freehold, that way any money in the maintenance fund would have to come with it. I appreciate not all freeholders can be forced to sell but many can.
  14. £170,000 that is one hell of a fund and you would never pay it off at 1000 a year. How did it get do high?
  15. I had been told you lived in France . My skeletons have been dealt with I think . You will always be able to find ‘respected’ academics with what I would consider rather strange ideas and misinterpretations as my link showed,
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