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  1. I did read through the many threads on this subject but I found it all so very confusing. Especially on what you should or should not do. Everyone's story was different and there was a lot of contradicting advice from just ignoring the letters from the solicitors to replying to the PAP letter... You yourself indicated that you should reply to a PAP letter to prevent a default judgement being made against you. I read that some people who took the advice not to reply have now been issued with county court judgement orders. Not good at all! I know it must be frustrating hav
  2. An update. I ignored the solicitor and wrote to Erudio, who wrote back and told me that I needed to contact Drysdensfairfax as they were now dealing with my account. I replied to the PAP letter. Giving them all the info relating to my permanent disability and my recent PIP award. They wrote back asking for proof I sent them a copy of my award. Now they are asking for copies of prescriptions, medical appointment letters as proof of my current health situation. I am feeling very uneasy about sending them personal/private information which is contained in
  3. Hello. I had students loans for years 1996 - 1999 with the student loan company [sLC] and was deferring every year after graduation because I was not earning enough. Then Erudio took over the loans in 2014 and although they said that it would be the same as with the SLC they wanted more information from me that I was willing to give. I still completed their deferment forms but they were not accepted due to me not signing the actual form and leaving certain details out. I can't remember what it was I left off the form but I know it was something which was not included on the SLC fo
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