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  1. Thank you so much, this is what I was wondering about. That's very helpful. Thanks, Claire
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question about applying for Universal Credit. This is the first time I've ever applied for benefits and have a bit of an unusual living arrangement. I current rent the home I live in, but I also own a house (with equity) in my home town that my 71 year old mother lives in. She is over state pension credit age, which I've read in many places qualifies the property as "disregarded" or "ignored". I was just looking for some advice on the UC application form - there's nowhere that asks for details on this. You either s
  3. Hi there, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but it seemed most appropriate. In October I went on holiday to India. Before I went I took out "gold" cover travel insurance with Cover For You. While I was on holiday my mobile phone was stolen from my bag. I reported it to the police, got a police report, immediately had it blocked by my phone company and did all the right things. However, on contacting the people administering the insurance, it turns out that mobile phones are not included in the insurance and that it is required to take out additional gadget insurance to cover
  4. No, not the Star Wars convention. This event hasn't happened yet. The T&Cs do not state anything about the event being subject to change in that way. Yes, there is a clause about guest cancellations and subject to work commitments, which is totally standard practice. Nothing about the event times/length/etc changing. Travel and accommodation was booked based on 4 days. Fine, the argument might be that they can fit everything into 3 days that was going to be on 4, but I don't see how that is possible. This event is always jam packed with wall to wall guests and events, every year.
  5. I'm not entirely sure this is the correct sub-forum so apologies if this needs to be moved. Quite a simple question, but one I couldn't find an answer for. I bought a ticket for a convention this month. When I purchased the ticket in November 2015 the dates of the event were Thursday - Sunday - 4 full days. The cost of tickets had increased by 43% over last year, but because they were advertising an additional 1.5 days for the event (last year it started at 1pm on Friday), this seemed a reasonable increase. SEVEN months after ticket purchase and just two months before the event, the organ
  6. Hi, last year my neighbours constructed a monstrosity of a lean to down the side of their house with a centimetre between it and my house wall. At the time, my mother was in and spoke to them (she lives with me) and they assured her it was all fine and they'd checked permissions, etc. As we have a good relationship with them, we didn't see any reason to raise objections at that time. The lean to very narrowly (like I said, barely a centimetre) doesn't touch our property. However, if we wanted to get the wall repointed, there is zero access to it. Recently, the bad weather and excessive ra
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help regarding whistleblowing and subsequent victimisation? I am asking on behalf of someone else. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, I need to be a little vague, I apologise. The person complained at work about a situation that is definitely unethical and probably fraudulent. It involves vulnerable people and a high profile national organisation's name. The person was as a result bullied quite badly and the CEO made barely veiled threats about their job. About 2 weeks after the complaint, a whistleblowing policy retroactively appeared saying w
  8. Hi all, I'm pretty sure that I don't have any rights in this situation, but I wanted to get your view. I rent a one bedroom flat and have been here over 4 years. I have an AST that we restarted for 12 months this February when the rent was increased. I discovered last week that my landlord has applied to redevelop the building - the planning permission was sought to basically demolish the building and rebuild brand new flats. Yesterday the public notice went up outside our building for local residents to send comments, etc. Obviously I object to this planning application as I will be
  9. Their T&Cs generally don't relate to their behaviour at all. Nothing is stated about the cancellation of tickets on whim, banning people, etc, they just do that. (I looked when I had my order cancelled for sending a query.) Although they do have: Rogue Events reserves the right to refuse admission. We do not have to give evidence or a reason. You will be fully refunded for the price of your ticket within 30 days. Normal conventions will have a clause that say they will remove people that cause disturbance or refuse to comply with reasonable requests - that makes sense. But in thi
  10. Hi there, This is a bit of an odd one, but it makes me so crazy and I don't see how it's legal for anyone to run a business like this. There is a successful convention company that organises several events a year. A typical convention will host up to 2000 people over the weekend spending a minimum of £110 each. On average, however, I'd say most people spend around £400 just on tickets and extras to the conventions. It's not cheap and people are parting with a lot of money, with some spending up to £2k on their attendance. (Again not including stuff like travel or acco
  11. I took out loans in 1998, 1999 & 2000 when I did my undergraduate degree. I have since been paying student loan repayments of various amounts over the years. Due to the fact that I took maximum loan amounts, I just continued paying without monitoring as I felt that this would take me a long time to pay off at the rate I was when I was first employed. (I think some of my early payments were as low as £15 p/m.) More recently I've been increasing in salary to the point of which I now pay about £200-300 p/m. So I started thinking about how long I might have left to pay this loan that takes a f
  12. Hi, it's been a while, but I thought I'd update about the outcome of this. The adjudicator decided that myself and my flatmate WERE liable for some cost of this. They said that the delay in advising the LL of the mould may have caused the problem to get worse. They felt her claim was excessive and awarded her £300. They said it was unfair for her to claim the whole amount from me, and so this is split with my flatmate, so in total they awarded her £150 of my deposit. It's not too bad, but I'm still annoyed. Bear in mind I presented evidence of a precedent that the LL set for monitoring pr
  13. Thanks, that's what I thought too. As you can probably see from my previous posts, there's very little 'evidence'. I believe her evidence consists of a few photos taken after I moved out, and a statement from her builder to explain the problems that occurred. She does have an insurance document that I believe she got done after I moved out that states that the property is in good decorative order and used this as an example of calling me a liar because I said that the bathroom had problems with the tiling before I moved in. This can not be used as evidence of the state of repair of the ba
  14. Hi everyone, I received the evidence form today and the landlady's statement. I won't go into detail about my ineffective dealings with the DPS as that's a longer rant, but she submitted a statement that is 5 pages long. Rather than setting out anything very concrete, it starts with a personal history about why she's renting her home, there's a few fabricated facts along the way (a quote from my housemate that is untrue, for example), statements that mislead ('she changed her story' when in fact no story had yet been given), followed by completely untrue assertions about my nature ('she g
  15. Unfortunately, due to a change in my personal circumstances, I had to cancel court plans. I had personal health problems, a job change, 4 week recouperation away from home, etc, so I just ended up submitting it to the ADR process. I just spoke to them and she has submitted her 'evidence', but because of Xmas & NY the DPS are behind on processing they haven't done anything with it yet. They don't even bother changing the status on the account! Useless. Just thought I'd update though as I appreciated the advice and will use it for presenting my part in the dispute resolution. Thanks,
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