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  1. Dear All, My neighbour plans to do a side extension which is only 90cm away from my side wall. I wrote to them in Nov. 2018, however they did not reply to me. Today I noticed they had started to take down some solid fences to prepare for the building work. What should I do now for their ignorance? Should I start to take formal process and take them to court? The are not easily approachable (this is why I write to them instead of speaking to them in person). (the letter is attached) Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you. ----------- Dear xxx We hope you are well. The County Council has informed us that you have planning permission granted to extend your property. I have been advised to check if The Party Wall Act is applicable to your building work. I have no objection of your building work whatsoever, of course. However, I believe that we may need to have a party wall agreement in place according to The Party Wall Act 1996 Section 6 (3 / 6m). Please bear with me if this is already under your consideration. It’d be great if you could let me know the following at your earliest convenience: When would you like to start your building work The depth of the foundation of your extension When you could provide a party wall notice We are happy to discuss appointing an independent party wall surveyor to make sure everything is fine. Surveyor Mr xxx has been recommended to us: .... .... For your information, I have enclosed a copy of the relevant section of the Act. I look forward to hearing from you soon. With best wishes
  2. Good evening everyone! Here I wanna share my experience with you and may be get some useful advice. Here is the text I sent to the Council via their internet site form: I'd like to report you a regular and continuous shouting of my neighbour at night time. Every night after around 10 pm or 11 pm a very loud shouting of a woman comes through the wall from my neighbour's (the address is xx xxxx Road xx xxxx). Sometimes she shouts for no obvious reason, sometimes she shouts at her husband, sometimes she shouts while talking to someone over the phone, and sometimes she shouts at her little son, beating him up occasionally(I may provide you with an audio where you can clearly hear sounds of hitting, her shouting and his screaming). The woman is either mentally handicapped or she abuses alcohol. Whatever the reason, but her behaviour is obviously antisocial. She is a rowdy and inconsiderate neighbour. She just prevents me from sleeping. It is an absolute nuisance. I want you to make her stop or restrict the nuisance. Please inform her that she must not and have no right to shout or even speak in a raised voice at night when people try to have some rest after a working day. The woman is most likely unemployed and has no clue that people need to sleep at night. Now the shouting happens every single day after 10 pm or 11 pm and may last for hours. I can't bear it any more. This must be stopped. In around a week's time I got the following response from them: see the attached picture What would you do next, if you were me? In my opinion it was a sheer runaround, a reply without substance. They just don't want to do their job, and I pay more than a hundred pounds of council tax every month. The only thing I asked of them is to let the neighbours know that it is not good to be loud at night. As the noise is not of intermittent nature, but a regular one. What is the best thing to do next? Reply them and try to explain to them that it is not a normal noise, or move to another step and file a complaint about the Council?
  3. We've lived next door to them for over 18 years, they have been here since the 70's. They are an elderly couply, they are not the problem. Their 40 year old son is. He sells drugs at all hours, his Dad has to answer the door to them. The son plays loud music, games and shouts. One time, this was a few weeks ago. My mum was in the bathroom and he said to his friends 'yeah, their grandson lives sleeps in the bath'. He keeps spying on us in the bathrrom. When we reported this to the council all they said was 'He's got mental problems, he can't help it'. His mental problems are due to drugs, my nephew has learnign difficulities which he was born with. He has called my 18 year old nephew(same one mentioned above) a pervert, peado. Because he plays with his brothers and sisters. He has now got a camera which we reported today, it's pointing towards the public grass/pathway. We were told we were not allowed to record beyond our garden, not even allowed to record him if he contronts us. His dad has been to see the council, nothing. Police have been round and had a word with them, again, nothing. My brother refuses to leave the house now, he's too scared. My mum wants to move but it's hard because I have been bidding since I was 18, I'm now 31 and have gotten no where as I am on low band. My ESA (or council rent) won't cover the rent until I'm about 35. I tried to move out in 2012 but couldn't due to the council refusing me rent. I know it's a lot to take in but can anyone help us?
  4. I purchased a detached bungalow (first time buyer) with a garage with the aim of significant renovation work, including a garage conversion, creating a kitchen behind this and 2 further rooms at the back of the house. Although it is a detached house, it is very close to the neighbour - in fact the garage wall (my own wall) is attached to the neighbour’s wall. Due to the style of the build, their roof overhangs (over the garage) significantly which made identifying the boundary a bit difficult (not clear in deeds either). Long story short, they were not happy with my plan and objected to every stage. Despite this I was successfully able to get planning permission and building regs approval to start work. One of the concerns the neighbours had was the proximity of the build and the effect this may have on their foundations. They invoked their rights under the party wall act (which I honestly knew nothing about). I therefore paid over £700 to get the party wall act, which I am obligated to do but also wanted to show I was willing to cooperate. I had to compromise on 250mm of space, which does not seem like much but for my plans is significant (it is a conversion to create a disabled-friendly room for my mum). One of the conditions of the party wall, or request, was that we allow the neighbour to replace their fascias. I therefore halted work to allow this to happen. For some reason they did not put a downpipe at the back at that time and stated they were happy for me to proceed with the work. The structure has now been almost complete. Due to the proximity of the houses, my building inspector (who is hired by the local council) advised a shared gulley to driain both roofs. I suggested this (as my roof is higher than theirs) but they had a second opinion and said for ease of selling in the future, they wanted this (drainage of each roof) separate. So we put our own fascias above theirs. So the drainage for my roof is sorted. But the manhole is in my garden (it is a public sewer which we relocated eith severn trent permission). I asked when the neighbour would put the downpipe on so we can connect it all up and she wants to put it on my wall (as the space is tight and not easily possible in hers). Note if she had done this before my build went up she would have easily been able to attach to her wall. I explained I was not happy to do this as if maintenance was needed then she would need access. I was also not going to accept responsibility for this downpipe as it is is solely draining her roof now. The other option is to relocate in to her garden and create a gulley but I think she is not keen to do this due to cost. She has therefore hired a surveyor and told me a solicitor will be writing to me. Originally the downpipe had been at the back of my garage and had drained both my garage roof and her roof into the gulley which connected in to the public sewer. The deeds also state that she has the right to drain rainwater via my land because of the way the pipes are laid presumably. I do not want to have to fork out a lot of money. Nor do I want the responsibility for her downpipe. She is arguing that as I have been the one wanting to build and forced the move of the pipe, I should replace it. However I would have done this had it still been a shared downpipe. It is now just her pipe though. Do I have a valid argument? If yes what else do I need to do? I have had multiple issues with this lady unfortunately so need to be sure everything I have done is legal and cannot be challenged wrt the build
  5. My missus text me today at work to say that she's just realised that the neighbour's gutter along the back of the house is emptying onto our roof. I got home and sure enough it is. We think that they've just had it done over the past few days as we've heard drilling/noise coming from their side recently, but are not 100% sure. We are mid-terrace, as is our neighbour. We live slightly downhill, so their roof is a good 2 or 3 foot above ours. Looking at the back of the houses tonight i can see that the neighbour has no downpipe. All houses on our terraced row have downpipes apart from their's. Again, i *think* they had one up until the recent changes. Instead of a downpipe, their gutter now juts out by about half a foot at the end with no termination and so overhangs my roof and therefore the rain will drain directly from their gutter onto my roof and into my gutter. I haven't spoken to them yet, but wanted to check my options and if this is worth me making an issue of. Have i cause for concern for having the neighbour's back gutter emptying onto my roof? Should they have asked permission before doing this? What if this was not a recent thing but happened a while ago, but i have only just noticed it? (we're are a bit sure it was only recently done, but haven't really been out back of our house lately as not the weather!). I'm on friendly terms with my neighbour and so have no problems in having a neighbourly chat, but obviously would like to know what's right and wrong in this scenario.
  6. Hi I have been asked by a neighbour ( has no internet ) for advise re a fixed penalty notice that they got today. It is dated 25/5/2018 and the offence was 13/5/2018! They were caught doing 57 in a 50 stretch on the M1 , They wanted to know why it has taken over a year for this to arrive! The said neighbour drives for a living and was in their works van. I am going ask for more information as know they only recently got the van they are using TIA Sandy
  7. Good evening Caggers, I am asking for some advice on behalf of my father, who has been dealing with a nuisance neighbour for a while but issues have been esculating in the last couple of weeks or so. My retired father has owned his end-of-terrace house since the mid 00s, though it is an ex-council property. However the neighbouring property (mid-terrace) is council-owned, although it is looked after by a local HA appointed by the council to look after all their homes. These particular tenants (a couple with a child) have been living next door to my dad for about a year. There have been issues with noise throughout - loud banging of doors and shouting at all hours (yes, we are often talking 2-3-4am, but can be any time of the day so goodness knows when they sleep!). The bloke can often be heard playing loud music in his car at midnight or 6am. All very annoying but now things have stepped up a notch. A couple of weeks ago, my dad was woken up by the neighbours burning rubbish in their back garden at midnight. It was only in the morning when my dad noticed that a old metal bin he kept in his back garden had gone missing. There is a gate between his back garden and the neighbours' - though there's no trace of the bin, it would be very difficult for anyone else to have known of its existence. On Weds this week, my dad had had his brown 'garden waste' bin stolen from the front of the house. We can't prove it is the dodgy neighbours, but they do now have a brown bin at the front of their house and one round the back. Now today, my dad has noticed some large items appear in his back garden, including a fridge unit and a buggy. They are now using my dad's garden as a dumping ground for their large waste! There is access to the back garden from the front of the property so in theory it could be anyone, but the property is a little bit off the road, with some large grass areas between the road and the houses - it would have taken some effort to identify my dad's back garden as a good place to dump their large waste, let alone take it down there! My father was only telling me yesterday that he is looking to go to the council's HA on Monday to discuss the neighbours' behaviours, this being before the discovery of the fridge and buggy in his garden. He hates confrontation and hates the idea that the neighbours will work out that it would be him who's reported them, so I know that looking to take steps on this is a big deal for him. He won't admit it out loud, but I know he is getting quite upset by all this and I hate seeing him like that. I am going to see him tomorrow with a notebook and help him write up a proper log of events for him to use and refer to when he sees HA. I do already have Monday booked off work for other reasons, so I will try and be at the HA with him if I can. Please can I have some advice about whether this is a good starting approach or whether we should be doing things differently? Also, how best to get rid of the waste if HA won't co-operate there? Many thanks in advance, GS.
  8. My wife of Romany descent, and a neighbour ex NF and BNP sympathiser. Too much evidence both photographic and written to place here. We are seeking a restraining order. Would some kind soul review our evidence, and help prepare a draft order for the court. We are pensioners and do not know where to turn. Many thanks.
  9. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I purchased a house 5 years ago which as part of the deeds includes a single parking space in an open carpark (of approx 14 spaces). Of these 14, 5 are visitors Spaces and the rest are allocated to the houses in the street. My neighbour is constantly abusing my space. I rerturn home and often find her with her possessions (from gardening, house clearance, charity shop runs, decorating in her house etc) stacked up in my space. I often have to sit and wait while she moves it all so I can park in my designated space. This has been going on for several months, and is compounded by the fact that I come home and find her visitors parking in my space (as it is conveniently opposite her house & next to her car). Today they only got out to move the car when I went to leave my car blocking them in. We have no parking enforcement, management company etc, as all the houses are privately owned (as ar the parking Spaces). I'm just wondering what legal rights do I have to stop her using my space? Can I actually "threaten" her with anything from a legal standpoint. Apparently the fact I have a number on my parking Space isn't enough to deter her from using it as she feels like it! The irony is the space on the OTHER side of her car is a visitors space and NEVER used by anyone as it's on the opposite side of the carpark to the other 4 so no one realises! Yet she knows this, and just keeps using mine... Asking her nicely has failed, today I just scowled and told her to hurry up when her guest moved the car () I've given up with being polite and asking nicely - it seems like every other day when I come home I have to wait for her so I can park up. I'm actually at the point where I'm going to just start parking in the the visitors spaces, but at the end of the day, it's my land??? What legal rights do I have?
  10. Complicated story. My neighbour confided in me she just found out she is being evicted at 9am on the 11th Jan 17. She is 69, has long term mental health conditions and her affairs were previously handled by the court of protection for some 20 years. She is a leaseholder (66years remaining) of a flat within a house conversation, it appears from the paperwork I have seen the landlord has been successful in gaining possession and she is now being evicted by way of forfeiture. The original claim for forfeiture in 2014(?), which was withdrawn states for reasons such as no access, not washing windows, putting flowers on the window ledge. There has been ongoing disputes between her and the landlord, ever since as she claims they illegally required the freehold (Some 20 years ago) and she refused to pay a premium of 100k for a new lease, which cost them (the other two leaseholders) £2.5k to get the freehold. Her property in size equates to 40% of the building. This lead to them harassing her, failing to carry out their repairs and reporting that they thought she was dead and the police breaking in. She was sectioned under the mental health act ( a few years back), when she disclosed past incidents. For the past 18 months she hasn't opened mail due to her health and conditions. The mortgage company wasn't initially apart of the claim, but they have adjoined and appear have been granted some relief at some point. She has only realised, a friend insisted she opened up the mail and that when she found last weekend she is being evicted next Wednesday. I know she needs to complete an N244 but what should be included?, I have taken a copy of the guidance. She is not entitled to legal aid, because of the equity in the property and solicitors want up front fees, and/or short notice. Any help would be much appreciated. I have only had 2 hours sleep myself and have to wake up to 4 kids (one who is broken his leg), work, a meeting with my brothers mental health team who have failed him drastically and assist my neighbour, along with my own health issues. So I need to get some sleep, but will check in the morning for any advice on completing the N244 or anything else. I have quite a few of the court papers but need to scan them, which I hope to do tomorrow at some point. Many thanks for reading and I hope we can help her.
  11. Please can you help confirm something for me regarding a back garden boundary with my neighbour of 35 years. The boundaries were old stlye and marked out by hedges, not long after we moved in we asked the neighbours if we could cut them and put a fence in instead. They understandably wanted to keep the hedge. So we put the fence up on our side. Now my beautiful neighbour is moving. I have started getting anxious over the boundary because my deeds are not ckear on that side and show nothing. I do not want the hedge row cutting down because it offers a countryside feel, height, privacy. We have been maintaining the hedge on our side throughout the 35 yrs. If I recall correctly from the party wall act, puttung that fence up does not mean losing the shared boundary? Is this correct? I am only interested in truth, not trying to claim anyting that is not mine or be awkard, only peaceful. If this is correct was wondering what folk do. Ask their neighbour for a letter stating these facts? Ask them to make it clear to new owner? It is important that I minimise stress due to health and I am not bothered about a foot of boundary but the privacy the hedge currently privides if cut will make it difficult to enjoy my garden anymore. Peace Clear33 thanks in advance
  12. Hello Every one I am Not sure what to do and i am looking for your advice on what i should do here is the story In July 2014 I borrowed a neighbour a tool set for the day and i asked him many times to return it but he said he hasn't finished with it that was a few months after he borrowed it. Then he stopped speaking to me now the other day my partner asked him to return it and he said he did not have it or not sure where it is, or some one he let in house stole it ( I do not think heis telling the truth and think he wants to keep my tools ) I was going to leave it at that and not bother with him. but the tools hold sentimental value as my late farther bought them for me and i borrowed them to him in good faith. I know this person has stolen tools from work colleagues before as he told me he did when he worked in a garage. i was thinking on just going to the shop where tools were bought and sending him a bill for a new set and if he did not pay after bill take him to small claims court. but i do not know if this would be good option. I think its theft but not sure what do you people think Thanks for any advice
  13. Hi, last year my neighbours constructed a monstrosity of a lean to down the side of their house with a centimetre between it and my house wall. At the time, my mother was in and spoke to them (she lives with me) and they assured her it was all fine and they'd checked permissions, etc. As we have a good relationship with them, we didn't see any reason to raise objections at that time. The lean to very narrowly (like I said, barely a centimetre) doesn't touch our property. However, if we wanted to get the wall repointed, there is zero access to it. Recently, the bad weather and excessive rain has caused significant damp down that side of the wall where we've never had it before. And when examining during a rain storm, the lean to is directing a flow of water towards that wall. I got a builder in to examine and he climbed over to have a look - his assessment was that the lean to was causing excessive water to hit that wall and cause the damp. Can you advise me of the best way to go about dealing with this? Having spoken to the neighbours, it's clear they are not interested in helping - they have just stood firm that they have a right to put it there and that's that. I called the council and they weren't very helpful, so I think the next port of call is my insurance company, but I would be interested if anyone has any knowledge of the legalities of lean tos and how the boundaries work. Thanks, Claire
  14. Hello I might share a water supply pipe that enters my house, with a neighbour. I live in Wales. I say might as there is no branch pipe to their house in my cellar, so the branch off would have to be under my dining room. their house unlike most in the street, has no external stopvalve in the pavement, and there is no water supply pipe in their cellar [ a tenant of the house and i investigated] my deeds do not show that we have a shared water supply pipe. i have asked the landlord and the water company to determine if they have their own supply pipe, and if they do not to make arrangement. the landlord has not replied. i first alerted them to the shared-pipe possibility in late spring 2015. i intend to replace my water pipes, and for it to feed only my house [if we are indeed on a shared pipe]. the water company is trying to avoid giving the neighbour a new supply, and is giving me laughable guff that the neighbours water supply is my responsibility lololol [ive never heard such nonsense] --- my question/s: 1. i have read that, if the shared supply is not mentioned on my deeds, that i have no legal duty to supply the neighbour with water thru my pipes. i need to quote the statute, or regulation number. what is this please? 2. when i replace my pipe and feed only my house. can the water company get a court order to force me to reattach the old water supply pipe? 3. more generally, how should i proceed thanks Jon
  15. My neighbor has a habit of parking too close to my vehicles This coincides with the fact that my car has been picking up mysterious dents and scratches for some time now.. This morning I noticed that my neighbors car was parked nose to nose with mine... Shortly after, he got into his car and backed straight into my rear bumper.. I witnessed the entire incident.. However before I could get outside, he'd sped off I just wanted some advise on how you would deal with this situation I am furious, but want to make sure that I do not overreact. The fact that I have always been very cordial with my neighbor makes the incident the more baffling, because if I had not witnessed the incident, my neighbor would pretend that nothing had happened.. and he would smile and ask how my day/evening was like he usually does..
  16. just need a bit of advice please , i have a neighbour that has a jeep which he covers in mud then leaves outside our house for weeks on end , when the mud starts to wear of he goes out in the middle of the night to cover it in mud again then puts it back outside my house , obviously i do not get on with this neighbour just wondered if there was anything i could do about this without getting myself in trouble as obviously i am quite wound up about it
  17. Hi All, I am hoping for some help. We have a neighbour who is really agressive and insists we have rats in the garden. They get the rat guy out and they say its not them. We get the rat guy out and they say its not us. The rat guy thinks the rats live nder there decking and then runs along the fence of our side and back into their garden. One guy said it was because the drains under the desking are not sealed and the rats are going there. However they are getting really agressive with us. Does anyone know our rights in this situation.
  18. as the above says. I'm posting this on behalf of my neighbour who has just got back from tameside magistrates regarding her housing benefit, in 2014 I helped her fill out the form HBCT1 and that was sent off, nothing was heard for several months, then after those months passed, still nothing, so I contacted them on her behalf, needless to say she had to fill out another HBCT1 form and was awarded housing benefit. New Charter had said that she owes them a total of £3000 she was taken to court today and ordered to pay £70 every monday, Bearing in mind that she gets £62 carers allowance and her income support. so out of her benefits she has to pay £270 every month. Because she had already applied but there was no acknowledgement from the revenues sector, is there any way to claim a backdate for that period that they say she owes them... Any help and advice would sincerely be appreciated.
  19. I have some ongoing issues with a neighbor over things being thrown into my garden but not to muddy the waters that is in a separate thread. The same neighbor also has 4 trees in their garden which 'had' branches overhanging their boundary fence. I pruned the overhanging branches and returned the clippings. An allegation has been made to say that I have pruned parts of the trees that are beyond the boundary fence. I was invited by the police to come in for a chat and so I did that today. The short story is that I was presented with a picture taken in the month when I pruned the trees (August). It was pointed out to me in particular a couple of branches that are no longer present. The allegation is that I must of cut them. I confirmed I pruned the trees to the extent I stated above, but state I did not prune them as alleged. There are no witnesses to state they saw me pruning the trees at all, only my admission of what I have stated. There are a couple of statements from people associated to the property to say that they did not do it. All fingers are pointing at me. To add some more colour, I recently wrote about the property to local authorities in regards to observations of poor care and supervision within the property (it houses vulnerabel adults with learning difficulties) with a copy of the letter also sent to the property. In a possible coincidence, this was a 2nd of x2 allegations made about me within a couple of weeks of them receiving the letter. I'm now awaiting the outcome to see if there will be 'no further action' or the matter would go to court. I must admit the whole experience was horrid and basically the officer who spoke to me kept saying "it was you wasn't it?" - he wasn't so much as questioning but telling me. I'd appreciate any insight to the possible outcome given the information I have provided above. I must admit I am worried as my confidence in the justice system is not high but aside form anything else, as far as I can see any evidence is circumstantial? Regards MrP
  20. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2881419/Man-appears-court-charged-murder-neighbour-stabbed-death-way-work.html
  21. Hi all First time for me on this forum. I have seen several posts regarding nuisance neighbours and was wondering if anyone had experienced mediation, which I attended with my next door neighbour today and also wondered what my options are from now on. My neighbour moved in about 1 1/2 years ago. I have endured screaming from her kid on a daily basis since, made worse by the nice weather when all the windows in her property are opened, she shouts at her daughter all the time and it goes on for hours and starts about 7am even on weekends. Apparently her daughter has mental health issues although she has not yet seen any professional about it. I attended mediation today where the mother stormed off twice, accused me of things that weren't true, attacked me verbally and interrupted me, (this was allowed to happen by the mediator) I wasn't given the opportunity to reply to these attacks. Eventually because she is 'suffering from depression' (again unconfirmed) the family are in no position to keep the noise down, apparently because of the mental health issues, her daughter is not able to be kept quiet, she is unable to stop shouting, the dog needs the back door open to run in and out of the house, when tackled about this they agreed the dog could be let back into the house, but said the windows need opening as they both smoke. It was suggested they go outside which the male agreed to but the female is unable to apparently due to a newly formed agoraphobia (unconfirmed). Despite this she left the meeting to go outside the venue for a fag. A vague agreement was made but it was very wishywashy as she was at the time threatening to drive off in her husband's car, and she can't drive. Therefore I don't see a proper outcome to the meeting. They are risking my career which I have worked hard for, my daughter's and my own health is suffering greatly both physically and mentally and apparently there is nothing that can be done. The mediator fell for the sob story completely and said that nothing could happen anyway as the housing association will not remove a family when there are mental health issues. Is this true?!!!? My neighbour told me it's the way it is and it's going to get worse as her kids get older! Surely there is something I can do about this bully? Everyone seems to fall for her stories and feel sorry for her, but I hear her laughing all the time and talking about similar bullying behaviour towards the mothers at the school her daughter attends too. I hope someone knows how I can take this forward as I really liked my home, but I hate living here now. I've invested a lot of time and money into getting it nice as it was a disaster when I first moved in and am very reluctant to move. I hope someone can help, it's making me feel completely miserable Karlew
  22. Im in need of some advice. My neighbour upstairs must have got a contract, i think sim only, but i could be wrong. They got it, using my flat number, not hers. I asked her twice, each month a bill came, to change her details with o2, then ive heard nothing since end of August so i assumed she had done. Today I got a reminder in her name, to my address claiming she owes £104 and they blocked her from making calls and texts. Ive been in touch with o2, who claim they have emailed her to update her details but im not confident she will do so. What can I do? O2 assure me me or my address wont be affected, but if she runs up debt in my address then surely it will be linked to me on my credit file somewhere and im want to buy a house middle of 2015.
  23. Neighbour threatening to disconnect my water I live in a semi-rural area and my property, and 8 others, obtain our water supply via a pipe that runs under a field owned by a person that simply owns the land, no dwelling. A dispute has arisen (people objected to a planning application he made) and now he is threatening to disconnect the water supply to the 8 properties. So, my question is, can he legally do this? Where do I go to deal with this, Severn Trent Water are not helpful so far. Just getting to speak to someone about anything other than my bill or a leak is proving impossible. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Marcus
  24. Hi, My neighbour employed builders to do some work on his house. He had scaffolding erected on his property which was also used to store building materials. During a storm the scaffolding gave way and came crashing through my conservatory roof breaking 2 bits of glass. I was away on holiday at the time and when it rained it caused damage to my antique table and chairs. He is saying it's all the builders fault and he's not culpable. He's been given a fair estimate of the cost of repair which he is refusing to pay. What should my next step be to recover the cost of the damage? I want to go to small claims court but I'm unsure if he's right about it not being his fault
  25. I have just had the postman knock at my door asking if i will take a packet in on behalf of my neighbour. Talking to him he has stated that it is now compulsory for him to knock on neighbours to try and get rid of the packet and if he returns to the office with packets then he has to explain why he was unable to leave them with a neighbour. Looking into this Royal Mail brought in this system and the decision was left with the postman as to if he will leave the item with a neighbour unless the household had opted out of such an arrangement. Now that Royal Mail have now made delivery to a neighbour compulsory and taken away the discretion of the postman if the addresse is not in Can Royal Mail just "Opt in" peoples implied consent that they agree to this delivery to a neighbour without their express prior consent I thought legislation was brought in stopping companies just to "Opt you in" to business terms without prior consent. After all the sender makes a contractual agreement with Royal Mail to deliver the item to the addressee, not a neighbour, anything else can be breach of contract??
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