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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm not sure whether this is the correct sub-forum, but here goes. Are there any regulations concerning the height of front garden boundary walls/fences? Does it vary from area to area? One of my neighbours has just doubled the height of the boundary wall/fence between our 2 properties without any consultation whatsoever.
  2. Please can you help confirm something for me regarding a back garden boundary with my neighbour of 35 years. The boundaries were old stlye and marked out by hedges, not long after we moved in we asked the neighbours if we could cut them and put a fence in instead. They understandably wanted to keep the hedge. So we put the fence up on our side. Now my beautiful neighbour is moving. I have started getting anxious over the boundary because my deeds are not ckear on that side and show nothing. I do not want the hedge row cutting down because it offers a countryside feel, height, privacy. We have been maintaining the hedge on our side throughout the 35 yrs. If I recall correctly from the party wall act, puttung that fence up does not mean losing the shared boundary? Is this correct? I am only interested in truth, not trying to claim anyting that is not mine or be awkard, only peaceful. If this is correct was wondering what folk do. Ask their neighbour for a letter stating these facts? Ask them to make it clear to new owner? It is important that I minimise stress due to health and I am not bothered about a foot of boundary but the privacy the hedge currently privides if cut will make it difficult to enjoy my garden anymore. Peace Clear33 thanks in advance
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know what a dashed line between 2 properties means? On the title plan (land registry) of a property we're looking at, there is a solid black line around the boundary apart from the front drive, where this line is dashed!!! Many thanks EOS-5D
  4. I am disabled and I live in a ground floor flat which is one of four flats, converted from two adjacent council houses. My neighbour, in the ground floor flat, next door, is also disabled. I have lived in my flat since 1991. About twelve years ago, my then neighbour moved out and that flat was renovated and the overgrown garden was cleared. A temporary beech and wire fence was erected, by the contractors but, despite several approaches to the council, no permanent fence was erected. At that time, the Council used the services of NACRO to assist in keeping the gardens tidy but this service was, eventually, discontinued. Because of our disabilities, neither my neighbour nor I were able to tend our gardens and the temporary fence was forced out of alignment. Eventually, I was able to obtain grants (from various Military and RAF sources because of my Forces service in WWII) and my garden was cleared. My problem is that Council contractors will not erect a proper fence because of the existing growth which has distorted the temporary (!) fence. The Council has informed my neighbour that he will be charged £3,000.00 if he is unable to clear the area where the unmarked boundary between the properties is overgrown. How can this be resolved? My argument is that I cannot cross the temporary fence into my neighbour's garden to clear the portion of growth which may be on my side of the original dividing line. My neighbour's argument is that he is not responsible for clearing any area which is not on his side of the true demarcation line between the properties. We both agree that the Council should have ensured that the boundary, between the two properties, was clearly delineated and that a propeer and permanent fence should have been erected when the next-door property was renovated. Has anybody had a similar experience or does anyone know of an existing legal ruling on a similar case where both properties are owned by the same landlord and the problem was created by uncompleted work by the landlord?
  5. Really need some advice about a letter i have received from local council regarding the recent extension of my boundary fence. The problem has stemmed from me having a nosey neighbour who has issues with everything and everyone, so much so that i stopped talking to him a few years ago. He built his shed on a platform which enabled him to stand in the doorway of it and look directly into our house. He has used the chance to do this constantly. I have had no privacy and had become increasely distressed by this. He makes unlimited pointless trips to the shed whenever i am outside to watch whatever i am doing. I then had to take on my daughters dog as she moved into a flat and couldn't take him, i already had 2 dogs of my own. It has take a while for the new dog to settle, made worse by my neighbours constant messing in his shed for no reason. I then decided to put a little extension in height of fence just at the height of where his door is visible into my garden. He came out on the night and i heard his wife ask what he thought to which e replied he had no problem. Today i have received a letter saying the fence is now 2.3 metres and needs to come down to 2 metres. I have emailed them back with my concerns over his shed, also he has a tree against my fence that is at least another foot above my new higher fence. Do i have valid claim against his shed height and privacy as it is on a platform? I said in email i have no problem with lowering fence but have issues with the shed. Hope i have put this in the right place Thanks in advance
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