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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I am currently representing my daughter on the McKenzie friend basis in her claim for unfair dismissal on the grounds of discrimination ( pregancy ) We have followed all the procedures through ACAS and we are currently taking her employer through the Employment Tribunal, which has taking about seven months to get to a Trial which has been listed for next week 4/5th February 2016, this was after a previous hearing. Today i receive a letter from the Tribunal stating that the trial might be postponed on the grounds that despite knowing for a number of months that in any event, the
  2. Well now you know why your Local Library or Swimming pool is closing down ! No money for social care - because staff are being paid to prevent whistleblowing or criticism of bosses. Local Authorities are apparently requiring staff who are taking early retirement/redundancy or leaving after a dispute, to sign a gagging order (compromise agreement). It would appear that the person leaving receives more money if they do this.
  3. Hi all First time for me on this forum. I have seen several posts regarding nuisance neighbours and was wondering if anyone had experienced mediation, which I attended with my next door neighbour today and also wondered what my options are from now on. My neighbour moved in about 1 1/2 years ago. I have endured screaming from her kid on a daily basis since, made worse by the nice weather when all the windows in her property are opened, she shouts at her daughter all the time and it goes on for hours and starts about 7am even on weekends. Apparently her daughter has mental health i
  4. ongoing et case- if I am looking for an agreed reason for leaving (rather than dismissal for alleged GM) alongside a favourable reference (comp. policy is to give std one with role and dates) is this usually possible alongside any payment? Have had much trouble securing new role due to the way last role was left and even asked for previous role back on et1. Any ideas appreciated...
  5. Hi, I have looked through the posts and cannot find anything similar to this. Any advice or help would be very welcome. My wife has worked for a company for 2 1/2 years and 2 weeks ago she made an official complaint to her immediate director about another director in the company. This other director has upset a lot of people in the company and has made it clear that she does not like my wife and has made things very difficult for her. This has also been the case of the business owner whom took on this director about 10 months ago when these issues started to happen. Before this dire
  6. Hi first time posting on here however have been a member for a long time I due to be made redundant at the end of may a number of agreements, which were made which were to stay in place till mid may have now been broken. These were agreed in meetings. They are now pushing to get the compromise agreement signed asap. what is the legal point of view if I refuse to sign it. They have stated that all terminal pay and benefits will be held till it is signed. is this legal ????
  7. I will try to be brief! I had a car accident 5 years ago and have been left with residual issues both physical and emotional. I have been in my current job for 4 years - my manager knew all about my accident issues - inc PTSD when I was hired. For 2 years everything at work was ok and I was offered a promotion in March 2011 - which I took. Since then - things have slowly gone down hill. The additional work responsibilities, hours and increased driving have culminated in my ill health. . . . . Last spring I was off work with stress, anxiety and depression for 7 weeks. Phased return
  8. Hi all, Hope you can help. I have been offered a CA by my employer after originally being dismissed for GM. I took this to appeal and was subsequently offered the CA after an off the record chat. Later this morning I'm visiting JCP and wondered what I should disclose? My ex employer and I had agreed that it would be seen that I was made redundant from my post, not dismissed. What is it that I tell JCP?
  9. Hi there, First time forum user so apologies if this is in the wrong place. My employer has given me reason to believe that the outcome of a forthcoming discliplinary will be dismissal. It has been mentioned that they would prefer to go down the compromise agreement route. I have no idea what this would include but understand that it would mean signing away my employment rights of any potential claims. I should say that my employer have not exactly been very helpful and have refused to provide me with requested information to defend myself in any formal hearing. I have
  10. I am about to enter into negotiations with my employers for my employment to end through a compromise agreement. I am just enquiring whether anyone can advise what I can expect to receive. I have worked for my employers for 10.5 years and I know that they will have to pay 10 weeks notice plus holidays accrued. I am just wondering what I can expect for compensation. The reason this has come about is that I have been off sick since August 2012 and am now in the process of claiming ESA and I dont know when I will be ready to return to work so the best thing is if we came to some agreement.
  11. I am posting for some advice. I have been off sick since 9th August 2012 and I have requested to my employer whether they agree or not for me to work from home for 2.5 days a week instead of working full-time. I am worked for my employer now for just over 10 years. My sickness is due to depression but I also suffer from crohns disease and diabetes which are covered by the Equallity Act. The question I am asking is that my employers have requested an informal meeting to discuss ending my employment through a compromise agreement and I was just wondering what kind of payment I can request.
  12. How long after signing a compromise agreement (husband has had a copy of it sent back three weeks ago) before the money is paid into his account?
  13. Hi All Can you give me some advice on dealing with a Compromise Agreement, Please. I got made redundant yesterday (unfair dismissal) and during the meeting was (verbally) offered 3 months salary if I signed a CA. I spoke to my solicitor today and he says it should be more like 12 months due to the severity of the claim and the fact I cant work for 6 months (for a client or competitor - which is virtually everyone). I'm currently unable to even apply for the 2 or 3 roles I'm legally allowed to apply for because of anxiety and depression (due to work related stress). But I can s
  14. Hi there, Taking my employers to a ET due to Disability Discrimination and Harassment - the line manager who did the majority of this has been made redundant and I don't think he's prepared to be used as a witness. My company asked for a delay in the Prohibitive Conduct Questionnaire until after all the documents of the case were shared(which the ET had scheduled about a week before the Questionnaire was due in) however, yippee, the ET Judge has agreed to me extending the date for the disclosure of documents so my Companies rep has said they are in 'a very difficult situation'. I don
  15. Hi all .. I hope someone can help with this as there is nothing on the net about this type of compomise agreement.. I have today received a compromise agreement from my employer .. The strange thing about it is that in section 1 (Background) it reads:- 1.1 .. This agreement has been entered into on a totally volumtary basis by the executive (me) who personally requested that he be allowed to leave the employ of the company. 1.2 .. This agreement records the terms and contions upon which the company and the executive have agreed to settle all outstanding claims that the executive ma
  16. Hi, I am new on here so please bare with me, to cut along story short. I have worked for my employer for 6 years as a sales rep.I have been very successful and have an umblemished work history with them. I had 6 months maternity leave during 2011 and returned at the end of the year. A new manager started in April 2012 and requested a meeting with me 3 weeks in to their employment following a very brief day double working with me, infact 2 hours with me. I was advised the meeting was regarding the sales figures i had been requesting for several months of sales achieved versus target
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