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  1. no i got a new number from bt mobile and just decided to use that one
  2. there is still the fact though that the day after my contract expired i could only make emergency calls and had a charge to actually call vodafone from my vodafone number so it was not really continuing as it it had ceased and was restarted at a later date ( which i do not know ) as i switched to bt mobile later that day
  3. so continue as normal after commitment ends , not double in price , which is what they have done to me
  4. i had a contract with vodafone which ended on 27th june this year , i called them on the 28th to get the unlock code for my phone and got a 40p out of contract call fee for this , at this time my phone showed emergency calls only . today i had an email from vodafone stating i was 41.00 in arreas on my new contract at 18.00 per month ( it was only 8.00 a month when it expired ) , i contacted vodafone today and they told me as i never asked to not renew the contract it was automatically rolled over at a new rate and i would have to pay it , the person i spoke to would not answer why i got a 40p fee for an out of contract call or why i could only get emergency calls on the 28th , i put a new sim in the phone on this day with bt so have not been able to see if i had any messages from vodafone , surely this is illegal pushing a new contract onto somebody after theres has ended without a signed agreement to it
  5. i have an issue with this company that i could do with some advice on , 4 months ago they sent me a letter stating they were adjusting the way payments were made so the outstanding bill would be paid faster and i would pay less interest , they immediately put my bill up by £20.00 a month and every month since my payments have come down but the interest has gone up on every statement , i am actually paying more interest now than i was before this so called interest saving adjustment , question is really are they legally allowed to do this without me agreeing to it , i was not behind with any payments so its not like i was in arrears with them
  6. its a fairly new debt about 18 months old that's all , and it barclaycard
  7. I have a credit card debt being collected by wescot , I stopped all contact with them for numerous reasons and now they are sending letters to my mother in-laws house stating they know I live there , I don't and never have , surely this against the law
  8. it was real plod in a police car
  9. well that did not go as planned , 2 policemen called this afternoon and stood on my doorstep pointing at the jeep , as there was not many cars in the street at the time they stated that anybody that parked this side of the road would actually be in the wrong as his vehicle is already there , a ten minute conversation that got me nowhere all the time being watched by the idiot over the road , so now i expect more hassle from him
  10. i have this morning called the police , it is being passed on to my local pcn and will be delt with within 24 hours , thay also told me to phone it in again in the morning if still there
  11. thanks , will call the police in the morning ,
  12. a fire engine would have no chance , ambulance might at a push if it went slowly
  13. i hope they do then , was tempted to report it myself to be honest
  14. thought this had quitened down but alas no , for the last week this idiot has been parking half on the road and half on the path opposite my drive , all other residents park on my side of the road so not only is he making it awkward to get of my drive but also causing other traffic to swerve in and out of the parked cars and large vans are having to reverse back down the road as they cant get through ,
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