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Found 13 results

  1. My missus text me today at work to say that she's just realised that the neighbour's gutter along the back of the house is emptying onto our roof. I got home and sure enough it is. We think that they've just had it done over the past few days as we've heard drilling/noise coming from their side recently, but are not 100% sure. We are mid-terrace, as is our neighbour. We live slightly downhill, so their roof is a good 2 or 3 foot above ours. Looking at the back of the houses tonight i can see that the neighbour has no downpipe. All houses on our terraced row have downpipes apart from their's. Again, i *think* they had one up until the recent changes. Instead of a downpipe, their gutter now juts out by about half a foot at the end with no termination and so overhangs my roof and therefore the rain will drain directly from their gutter onto my roof and into my gutter. I haven't spoken to them yet, but wanted to check my options and if this is worth me making an issue of. Have i cause for concern for having the neighbour's back gutter emptying onto my roof? Should they have asked permission before doing this? What if this was not a recent thing but happened a while ago, but i have only just noticed it? (we're are a bit sure it was only recently done, but haven't really been out back of our house lately as not the weather!). I'm on friendly terms with my neighbour and so have no problems in having a neighbourly chat, but obviously would like to know what's right and wrong in this scenario.
  2. Hi all, I cancelled my vehicle insurance over the phone and was told that there was nothing more to pay, which surprised me as I thought there would be a cancellation fee, even though it was only 6 weeks until the policy ended. I then received a letter in PDF format via e-mail stating that I had cancelled my policy with a breakdown of how much I'd paid etc and then it stated that there was a NIL BALANCE. It was signed. I then received another letter in the same format telling me I had to pay a cancellation fee of over £150! I phoned them and they said that this was an error. 2 months later I received a letter from a "Solicitors" (DCA) saying that I owed this amount plus fees. I phoned them and explained, and then e-mailed them with the attached PDF stating I owed nothing. They then replied saying that because the letter stated at the bottom "this is subject to change" then the debt is enforceable but they would speak to the OC and get back to me. They have got back to me saying that the original letter was an error and that I do owe the amount stated. Here is a copy of my e-mails to them and the ones they have sent back. "Dear Ms XXXX * Further to your recent email, we have been in contact with the client and this is the response we have received:* * 'The letter attached to your original email was incorrect, this letter was followed by the attached letter advising of the outstanding balance'* * Please see attached document.* * You have an outstanding balance, therefore please contact us on 01707 XXXX to discuss payment methods, quoting your reference number:*XXXX Kind Regards, * Insurance Collections Bureau. " My reply to them. "Dear sirs, * I have spoken to my solicitor about this and showed him the attached. * He has advised me that, although the original creditor states it is an error, one cannot just send out a letter stating that there is no debt, and then simply decide that there is. The letter is signed and dated. * I therefore consider the matter closed and any further correspondence from you will incur a*charge of £12.50*for my time. However if you would like to discuss this further with my solicitor, Mr. Andrew XXXXXXXX, would you be happy to contact him directly in writing? * Regards, " Their reply: "Thank you for your recent email. With regards to this, I advise you or your solicitor to contact the client directly as we have advised you of their response, we will continue with our process until advised otherwise by the client.* Additionally, we do not have a contract with you, therefore you cannot charge us anything. Kind Regards," My question is, shall I ignore them for now? Or just send them an invoice straight away? I don't believe I owe them anything at all. Also I am considering sending them a section 40 notice (administration of justice act) but I will of course be sending that by recorded post.
  3. I've read a couple of posts about HMRC writing to people about underpayment on tax from employers, My wife has been working for Leeds City Council for 15 years she left one job and moved to another (2012) as working in a school so didn't take a break from the her employers. about a year later (2013) she received a letter to say there had been an underpayment of tax for £80. She contacted HMRC explained and they said they would look into this. We never heard anymore. Till 2014 when a 2 tax self assessment forms for 2012/2013 came through the post she wasn't sure what it was and neither did I so just ignored it thinking it was sent in error. Come 2015 3 seperate letters came through the post again it was the self assessment forms one for 2012 and one for 2013 with a reminder for 2014 will need to be paid as well. there was also a £600 fine for late payment in 2012/13. So we just ignored them as wife was working never been self employed. then towards the start of 2015 we got letters come through post to say there was a £900 fine for failure to send our forms back for 2012/13/14. So wife spent the best part for 1hr 30mins on the phone to get through to someone to say that she had called them years ago and it was being looked into. "he wanted the persons name we spoke to" wife was like really? it was 3 years ago and other than these letters coming through we stupidly though was a mistake turns out to be real. The guy on the phone said it looks like when wife called the person had past it onto someone and they had put her down as being self employed. So he said she would now need to register for self employment and then write a letter of appeal to which she did. This was over a year ago and the guy said at the time inbetween you doing this and them looking into it you might still get letters filtering through. So we got the odd letter of reminder and then it stopped. 8 months later OCT 2016 my wife recieved a letter from Fredrickson for the sum of £4397.21 All this for £80. So I called them up this was the first letter last week but they wouldn't deal with me all he would tell me was that they are an independant dept compny not part of HMRC's internal collection and that it doesn't matter at this stage if she didn't owe the money or not they have bought the debt off HMRC and we have to pay it now or they'll take our goods to pay it back and suggest wife calls with a payment. So wife tried to call HMRC yesterday and was on hold for 1hr 40 mins they answered the call then it went dead. Now recieved another letter today stating that their next step if we don't pay will be to take enforcement action. Any idea what we should do at this point as wife has always worked so never been self employed I'm not paying 4k out when she has payed her tax through her wages.
  4. I don't know if this is the correct place to post. I have a linked detached house and it isn't in the best of repair. We had very high winds last week and some of the concrete pointing fell out (the wood on the fascias has rotted) onto my neighbours drive, luckily her car wasn't there but she has said if her car had have been damaged she would sue me. Can she do that? I haven't the money for new fascia but have had a roofer round to make it safe. I just wanted to know for future reference. Also my fence was blown down nearly so it is leaning but not blown over. She has told me I need to get it fixed immediately as she cannot weed her garden . Again does anyone know where I stand legally. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  5. Hello folks - grateful to anyone who can help with this. My wife has worked in the same organisation for the last four years. She has had four separate one-year contracts during this time. Her contracted hours have varied slightly from contract to contract, but for the last two (one-year) contracts has had 19 per week. She was told a few weeks ago that, due to the fact she's been there for four years, she is being put onto a permanent contract. The permanent contract however offers three fewer hours per week than she currently works, even though they will expect her to work the same number of hours this year and claim the three hours as "overtime" (though this "overtime" is not paid at a higher rate.) Is there some disadvantage to her with this arrangement? Her holiday entitlement will presumably be determined by her contracted hours, rather than the contract plus "overtime" worked regularly. Is this right? I guess the employer misrepresenting her normal hours worked, perhaps in order to maintain some flexibility if they decide they don't want her to work the extra three hours after all? Can they do this - putting her onto a permanent contract with three fewer hours than she has had over the less couple of years? What options does she have, if this arrangement does actually work against her unfairly? Many thanks to anyone who can offer advice.
  6. First of all, thankyou for being here. Your advice to others about RLP really supported me during the past year. About a year ago I was accused of shoplifting in Tesco while using the shop and scan for my household shopping. I didn't intend to steal but I accept that things were in my trolley that I hadn't scanned or paid for, and my only excuse is that I was having extreme anxiety and depression problems at the time, and my mind used to wander, esp while shopping. I was detained in the back for 2 hours while they waited for the police, eventually they were told the police were not interested, and I was told to sign this RLP form which I refused to do. I was banned from the store for 6 months. We phoned Tesco the next day and were told that they were not pursuing the matter, I got some medication sorted out, and am now much much better. I now shop online and have never set foot near Tesco again. About a month later I received my first letter from RLP. I found this forum and followed the advice to ignore, so I did. I got about 4 letters then nothing this past 6 months or so. Have now received a letter from a debt collection agency "Capital Resolve" asking for £171.48. They seem to be legit from their website. They have named as their client "RLP on behalf of Tesco". What do I do? They want a response by 5th July.
  7. Well, generally I am a supporter of sky, BUT alongside the £1 increase in line rental (heck they all are) sky are removing the included calls effectively reducing the worth of the package in addition to raising its cost. Now as if the double whammy there wasn't bad enough they are 'automatically' moving people on to an additionally charged calls package - as that gives the nearest call package to the free included ones you had. How are they notifying folk of this - buried in the detail of what superficially looks like just another rubbish mail shot. and to add further insult to injury, the link in the letter to tell them to get some sage, onion and breadcrumbs and apply ... doesn't work. AND of course the phone line are all blocked up with folk telling them to pull their sphincter over their head and whistle dixie. Surely automatically moving folk onto a charged add-on package is illegal - its certainly immoral. Ah well, positive side is many can use the changes to walk away from your contract with them and take up someone elses. Darned disgraceful.
  8. I had some outstanding crisis loans to pay and they sent me a letter last year demanding payment, I think it was for the full amount but I can't remember now. If I hadn't just burned half a tree's worth of letters from them the other day I could dig it out now probably and check. I wrote back to them and asked them if I could pay it back weekly or monthly at a reduced rate, and they never replied, I just assumed they were giving me more time as you can write to them an appeal for more time as well. Today I get a demand from Akinika to the tune of £300 and there is probably some more, as the inept organisation that they are they can't just bundle everything you owe them up into one tidy sum. Can I safely assume then that I can just ignore this and it'll eventually go away and I'll probably never ever get a mortgage? Or should I deal with it. Have the DWP done something wrong, like contravene the data protection act?
  9. Hello all I have an outstanding loan with Santander that I defaulted on 4.5 years ago after suffering a huge wage cut during the recession. I am wondering why this loan has not been sold onto any DCA, all my other debts were years ago. I recieve a statement from Santander every 4-6 months and that's it. The fact that nothing is happening is making me nervous! Any ideas anyone? Should mention that I don't have any assets and the loan was originally with alliance and Leicester.
  10. A DCA paid money onto account to make me liable for a debt , I now have the proof that they did this , what can I do , as its showing I made a payment, and by doing so its implying I accepted that I owed the money.
  11. Hello I am on JSA at present, have been for over a year. My wife works the hours of 30 hrs per week. I have two children 15 and 17 years if age. both still in full time education. Over the past year our tax credit has seen a large drop in payments. I did think this was due to our son leaving school and starting collage and hmrc would readjust the amount back up as he now attends collage and is still in education. 1. is this correct?? The other question is i have been given a sick note by my doctor as regards me being unfit for work. If i claim ESA and stop my cliam for JSA would i get any sick pay? Also how would this affect the tax credits situation. Please any advice would be really helpfully. I can not reliy on the advice given by the job center any more. please help
  12. Afternoon all some help needed. I took a loan out in approximately 2000 I was injured at work and could not afford to pay my amount so after a while restons became involved and when I was back in work sent an attachment of earnings and I was paying about 100 a month direct from wages, I was then made redundant and did not hear anymore this was about 4 years ago. Today I recived a letter from HSBC saying they had sold my debt to lowells. How do I go from here I don't know what to do any help would be most helpful.
  13. Hi all Was checking my Experian credit file to find out that virgin media has added an entry onto my account saying that i owe them money from 1999 yet the entry was put onto my credit file last month. I was fuming. Always kept my credit file spotless. Spoke to Experian who said straight away that something does not look right. They asked me to contact virgin and then call them back, which i did. Virgin told me that the account was closed in the year 2000. I then asked that, if i owed them this money why they had not contacted myself (still at same address 14 years later). Their response was that they had sent out a letter in 2000. I then asked why did they not send another letter asking for the monies owed. thier response was they ONLY SEND ONE LETTER ASKING FOR PAYMENT WITH NO REMINDERS SENT OUT. I could not stop laughing at this point. I then asked for copy invoices for which they replied they had none, only a statement could be provided.(What a joke). Virgin have asked me to write to them requesting the info held but a statement does not mean anything. Entry on my file is saying this amount owed has now started from 12/2012 with no payment history logged for the last 14 years. I spoke to Experian and explained the conversation that i had with virgin. They knew full well that this entry should not have been placed onto my credit file. They said they would investigate and contact virgin and i would know the outcome in 14 days. Question is do i have any recourse against virgin for any damages because I was going to purchase a new sofa and wanted to check my report before I purchased. Good job I did otherwise I would not have noticed. Secondly my score has gone down because of this entry. If they refuse to remove this from my file should i file a court action against them or am i rushing into things. All suggestions much appreciated. Will contact the ICO in due course after Experian investigation.
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