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  1. im in the process of try to get Equifax to sort out this crap ,as some of these date back to 2003 , and should not be on my credit file ,its just when its sold the new dca put a marker on my file
  2. unlike most people I do keep all letters for a ten year period, and I do have all the original letters and postal order numbers pertaining to this alleged debt .it was a payment for a CCA1974 fee all the other 4 company's returned my fee but APEX CREDIT MANAGEMENT did not ,and I have now got the proof as it was in a SAR with a new DCA who I have contested this with ,and they have now withdrawn it from county court
  3. thanks for the info I will go with the unsolicited gift from them ,and I will challenge it ,thanks for the help people
  4. A Debt that I have never acknowledged has just come to light , I put in for a S A R and found that a payment had been made in 2012 thus making the debt live and accepted, I never made the payment but in the SAR its shows who did and it was a DCA, so a debt that would now effectively be statue bared has been given another lease of life by the payment , is this fraud ?
  5. A DCA paid money onto account to make me liable for a debt , I now have the proof that they did this , what can I do , as its showing I made a payment, and by doing so its implying I accepted that I owed the money.
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