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  1. Ah yes, why is that unusual too you. Never heard of facebook , twitter or even text messaging my friend!
  2. Hi Brigs I used a friends account to reply back to yourself as i could not find my password when i saw your previous post. Once i had found my password i then replied back to you again from my own account. I assure you there is no spoofing going on. Hope this answers your question. Thanks
  3. I have been a member for 2years and have not mislead or mean to spoof anybody. Thank you very much!
  4. My bad. was using a friends account because i could not remember my password. Apologies.
  5. Good afternoon Sir Thats good news. Will just have to wait and see now and take action accordingly if need be. Will update soon. I must add Brigadier, that you are a credit to this website and would like to thank you for your advice.
  6. Thanks for the replys. I have found invoices from recent account at the same address with virgin showing that they owed me money when i closed the account which was not that long ago. why did they provide services to me if i owed them money. i have the original invoices to show that they owed me money which totally contradicts what they are saying. i even have more paperwork to prove that this debt is without merit. I will make a complaint to virgin but i have to wait for the outcome of experians investigation first. If virgin still persist that they will not remove this from my credit file after exhausting the complaints process then can a court or the ICO order virgin to remove this entry from my file? i have proof that this money is not owed and the entry on the credit file has been added incorrectly. Thanks
  7. Hi all Was checking my Experian credit file to find out that virgin media has added an entry onto my account saying that i owe them money from 1999 yet the entry was put onto my credit file last month. I was fuming. Always kept my credit file spotless. Spoke to Experian who said straight away that something does not look right. They asked me to contact virgin and then call them back, which i did. Virgin told me that the account was closed in the year 2000. I then asked that, if i owed them this money why they had not contacted myself (still at same address 14 years later). Their response was that they had sent out a letter in 2000. I then asked why did they not send another letter asking for the monies owed. thier response was they ONLY SEND ONE LETTER ASKING FOR PAYMENT WITH NO REMINDERS SENT OUT. I could not stop laughing at this point. I then asked for copy invoices for which they replied they had none, only a statement could be provided.(What a joke). Virgin have asked me to write to them requesting the info held but a statement does not mean anything. Entry on my file is saying this amount owed has now started from 12/2012 with no payment history logged for the last 14 years. I spoke to Experian and explained the conversation that i had with virgin. They knew full well that this entry should not have been placed onto my credit file. They said they would investigate and contact virgin and i would know the outcome in 14 days. Question is do i have any recourse against virgin for any damages because I was going to purchase a new sofa and wanted to check my report before I purchased. Good job I did otherwise I would not have noticed. Secondly my score has gone down because of this entry. If they refuse to remove this from my file should i file a court action against them or am i rushing into things. All suggestions much appreciated. Will contact the ICO in due course after Experian investigation.
  8. Have found the SAR template. Will send this off with the fo's template and wait for their response. Thanks T
  9. Cant find the SAR template. So basically once this SAR has been sent to everyone, wil il have to wait for there rePlys before proceeding with any further action. Should i not also send the financial ombudsman template letter with it or is this sent after details have been recieved from the SAR request. T
  10. We've had a look and this is what we have- halifax loan agreement number currently being paid to halifax( we have recieved a letter from halifax about underpayments on the account and it clearly states there is insurance on the amount owed but nothing else) halifax credit card number and amount owing - is there loan insurance on a overdraft (also with halifax - can we claim on this)? egg card but no details found - will contact debt recov comp. tomorrow to see if they have original aggreement number citibank card but no details found - will contact debt recov comp. tomorrow to see if they have original aggreement number What is a SAR and how do i go about it. T
  11. Thanks for the replys. Will try and get it done ourselves then. A bit of help would be much appreciated. Mums going to look for all account numbers and statements to see what shes got. its been some time since these were taken out. Once we've got what paperwork we have what is the next step in them process. i've seen on the goverments website there is a form you can download and then send off to the companies involved. Is this where i start or is there something else i should do? T
  12. Morning to everyone Like to say yet again what a great site and the help it offers to everybody. We should have more websites like this championing the cause for the consumer. My mum had a few policys about 6 - 8 years ago where ppi had been added without her knowledge - halifax loan and credit card egg card citibank card She became severlly ill and nearly lost the use of her legs. at the time when she tried to claim they all basically showed her 2 fingers. She wrote to the ombudsman and even went to her local mp and nothing was done against these companies. Shortly after goverment changed the rules on ppi but mum was very ill and it was forgotten about. She is still paying debt companies for these accounts when they should have been covered by the ppi. I now want to get her claims started against these companys and haven't got a clue where to start - DO I DO IT MY SELF BUT WOULD NEED SOME HELP PREFERABLY FROM SOMEONE ON THIS SITE. (STEP BY STEP PLEASE) DO I GO TO A CLAIMS HANDLING COMPANY. I'm truly lost. All help would be greatly appreciated. Tony.
  13. Hi Rang up tax credits to stop them because of a move abroad and was told that they can only be stopped at the end of the tax year which is 5th april. Does anybody know if this is correct. Regards
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