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  1. Thanks everyone, you are very reassuring. I will update if anything else comes
  2. Ok, thank you. I have just reread the letter again and I can see that they have made no mention of what they can do if I don't pay or get in contact, so feel a bit calmer now! I shall ignore them. What can I say to them if they phone?
  3. First of all, thankyou for being here. Your advice to others about RLP really supported me during the past year. About a year ago I was accused of shoplifting in Tesco while using the shop and scan for my household shopping. I didn't intend to steal but I accept that things were in my trolley that I hadn't scanned or paid for, and my only excuse is that I was having extreme anxiety and depression problems at the time, and my mind used to wander, esp while shopping. I was detained in the back for 2 hours while they waited for the police, eventually they were told the police were not i
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