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  1. Hello I might share a water supply pipe that enters my house, with a neighbour. I live in Wales. I say might as there is no branch pipe to their house in my cellar, so the branch off would have to be under my dining room. their house unlike most in the street, has no external stopvalve in the pavement, and there is no water supply pipe in their cellar [ a tenant of the house and i investigated] my deeds do not show that we have a shared water supply pipe. i have asked the landlord and the water company to determine if they have their own supply pipe, and if they do not to make arrangement. the landlord has not replied. i first alerted them to the shared-pipe possibility in late spring 2015. i intend to replace my water pipes, and for it to feed only my house [if we are indeed on a shared pipe]. the water company is trying to avoid giving the neighbour a new supply, and is giving me laughable guff that the neighbours water supply is my responsibility lololol [ive never heard such nonsense] --- my question/s: 1. i have read that, if the shared supply is not mentioned on my deeds, that i have no legal duty to supply the neighbour with water thru my pipes. i need to quote the statute, or regulation number. what is this please? 2. when i replace my pipe and feed only my house. can the water company get a court order to force me to reattach the old water supply pipe? 3. more generally, how should i proceed thanks Jon
  2. Hi Folks I am trying to help sort out my father’s finances. He defaulted on a boiler loan, and the loan was sold on to another company who want £3000. Im suggesting he appeal either to fin ombudsman [though I have read here that they are not much use] or court eg. The decision to sell on the loan, the repayment levels. He took out a loan for a new boiler in 2008, and has defaulted. The loan term was 120 months/10yrs. Apr 20.8%. ‘Current monthly rate 1.468%’ My father paid on time by direct debit until he defaulted in late 2013, early2014. He defaulted as he as didn’t keep an eye on his finances. The total my dad paid, was from 2008 to 2014: £4031.97 (excluding any interest charges). I need help with a few things. 1: At the start of the loan how much did he actually have to pay including interest. Going thru the original papers see photo: boiler loan 2ed. It looks like £3819.29 for the boiler and installation. And £4620.91 interest. So a total of £8440.2 is correct? In photo Img_0007ed, The amount owed in march 2014 was £3084.79, and the Shortfall of capital was £2576.08. so an approx total £5660.87. So what is the correct amount? 2: The repayment level makes no sense, see photos: imged to img007ed. Each month he paid £68.21 a month, however in the same month approx £50 of interest was added back to the loan amount. Meaning only £15 to £20 a month was paying off the loan. Which would amount to approx a maximum of £240 a yr, or £2400 for the ten year loan period. Which does not even pay back the boiler price of £3819.29. Were the monthly repayment level and other interest calculations, additions, details correct? thanks Jon boiler loan 2ed: [ATTACH=CONFIG]60502[/ATTACH] Img_0007ed: [ATTACH=CONFIG]60503[/ATTACH]
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