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  1. Thanks a lot guys. One more question please: How should I argue this rubbish point from VCS WS? S38: It is argued that the Byelaws are therefore arbitrary. It is not mandatory that the Byelaws are utilised so long as the relationship is established between the two parties. Byelaws is attached for reference. Thanks a lot! Southend-on-Sea Municipal Airport Byelaws 1983.pdf
  2. The case is confirmed to be held in person at my local court on next Tuesday 06/10. It's my first time to be in court. I'm feeling a bit nervous tbh. Any tips would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Can anyone spot some rubbish argument in VCS WS? for example, No public right of way on Section 32 ?
  4. The email address may not be right one anyway. Am going to post my WS to them
  5. I emailed my WS to VCS through dataprotection@vehiclecontrol.co.uk. Should I post my WS instead? Thanks very much!
  6. Here is my mine sent to court yesterday. Some tips and comments to prepare for face to face in court. Thanks a lot. Defendant Witness Statement.pdf
  7. I finally received the docs from VCS today (the deadline date). Attached for advice. Doc1.pdf
  8. Have not received VCS WS yet What's going to happen if VCS fails to provide WS? Thanks.
  9. I remember I read it somewhere. Cannot find it in the court allocation letter now
  10. I read it mentioned to be 08/09/2020 somewhere. The court is holding on 06/10/2020.
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