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  1. Thank you @honeybee13. The letter did include a section like: You have received this notice because the company intends to take you to court in relation to this debt. This Letter tells you what to do next, including how to avoid court action. Loads of red and bold words though
  2. Now I have received 'demand for payment' with increased penalty £160 by post. They demand me to clear the debt in 14 days. Any advice please?
  3. The comments are required by POPLA appealing process after PE has provided their evidence attached on #29. #30 was my draft reply to POPLA. Please provide your comments on the operator evidence. You have 7 days from the operator evidence submission date - 01/10/2019. You will not have opportunity to edit or add further detail once you have submitted your comments.
  4. Please could anyone advise the following comments on the evidence provided by PE?
  5. Here is the evidence provide by PE. I have 3 days left to comments on them. Please can anyone help? Thanks Rules and Conditions - PE2.pdf
  6. Hello All, Today I received an email from POPLA asking me to provide comments on the operator evidence. The operator evidence is attached below. What comments should I provide? Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you very much! Obviously PE did not mention 10 minutes grace period at all. The alleged parking period was only 6 minutes 21 seconds. what about? Any comment would be really appreciate.
  7. Thanks @ericsbrother. The email was sent from address 'NOREPLY@myparkingcharge.co.uk'. I guess nobody will be checking emails for it? Block the address anyway. Not sure gmail would bounce it back though.
  8. Big thanks to @dx100uk and @Mrs O'Frog. So I just ignore all emails / letters from then until LBC is received. I think I am able to do that easily
  9. I am bit worried as I had appealed (silly as I have not sought advice here before doing that) and acknowledged I am the driver. Does this affect the case? Please advice.
  10. I have just received the following refusal letter from Vehicle Control Services Limited (Southend Airport). What should I do to handle this one? Please advise, thank you! ------------- Dear XXXXX Re: Parking Charge Notice Number VCSXXXXXX (Vehicle: XXXXXX) Site: Southend Airport Issue date: 13/08/2019 We refer to your appeal in respect of the above Charge Notice (CN) received on 19/08/2019. Having considered the points you have raised and reviewed our records, we are unable to accept your appeal. Our main reason(s) for this decision are as follows: The signs at the entrance to the Airport and on the access roads and designated bus stops within the Airport clearly state "No Stopping", giving clear notice that the land is private property and that a Charge of £100 will be levied if vehicles do stop. The above detailed vehicle stopped in a designated bus stop where stopping is prohibited and the driver became liable to pay that Charge. In your appeal you have confirmed to us that on the date in question, you stopped your vehicle on the access road, which is an area where stopping is not permitted. We note your comment that you stopped to ask directions from an Enforcement Officer; however as stated, the signs near to the location you stopped clearly stated "No Stopping" and warned that if you did so, you were liable for the Charge displayed. There are 87 high profile signs advising drivers not to stop and warning that if a driver does stop, a charge of £100 is payable. The signs exceed recognised industry standards, with some as large as 2m by 1.1m (6ft 6in by 3ft 7in) which clearly state "No Stopping" alongside the nationally recognised Highway Code symbol for a Clearway (No Stopping). Furthermore, the signage on the approach road is reflective and positioned to face oncoming vehicles and the text size used is relative to the average approach speed of a vehicle in relation to the speed limit in force at that location. We have fully reviewed this case and we are satisfied that the Charge Notice was correctly issued. We are unable to accept the mitigating circumstances raised in your representations, your appeal is therefore rejected and the Charge will stand; photographic evidence which supports this can be viewed at www.myparkingcharge.co.uk. What you should do next - Either: 1. Pay the Charge Notice (CN): In order to settle the Charge, the payment of £60 to reach us by 25/09/2019 or £100 to reach us by 09/10/2019 must be made. Failure to pay this charge within the stated times, may result in Debt Recovery Action being taken and further costs up to an additional £60 being incurred. Payments can be made online at www.myparkingcharge.co.uk by following the links for "Pay Now", or over the phone by calling 0845 226 9138 by using a valid Credit or Debit Card. OR: 2. Appeal to the Independent Appeals Services (IAS): If you believe this decision is incorrect, you are entitled to appeal to the IAS. In order to appeal, the IAS will need the following information (which is also contained in the subject header of this correspondence). Notice Serial No: VCSXXXXX Vehicle Registration Mark: XXXXX Appeals must be submitted to the IAS within 21 days of the date of this correspondence. Please visit www.theias.org for full details on how to submit an appeal online. It is important you note that if you do make an appeal to the IAS, the reduced charge offered above will no longer apply. You should also be aware that if a payment is made prior to an appeal being made to, or adjudicated by, the IAS AND this is accepted as Full and Final settlement against the CN, the appeal will automatically be dismissed and the matter will be deemed closed. Should you appeal to the IAS and it is unsuccessful, the full amount outstanding (£100) will become payable within 14 days of the date the IAS decision is notified to you. Failure to pay this sum in the 14 day period will result in debt recovery costs of £60.00 being added to the outstanding balance. It is important we also highlight that no further appeals will be accepted at this office; any such appeal must be made to the IAS. Please also note that further costs may be incurred should it be necessary for us to subsequently recover any outstanding charge using further debt recovery and/or court action. Yours sincerely, Appeals Administration Team CENTRAL PROCESSING OFFICE
  11. Lol. Thank you @ericsbrother. Will keep the forum updated with my progress.
  12. Thank you @ericsbrother Should I put my point 1 into a separate (primal) ground to appeal and the rest as 'extra information'? Thanks as always!
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