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  1. Hi, My Mum sold her car but didn't send the green slip to the DVLA for 3-4 weeks. In the meantime the guy that bought the car racked up two parking fines. The fines were sent to my Mum as the car was registered to her still. He paid one fine but is stalling on paying the second one. It has now with bailiffs. How should we proceed? There is photographic evidence that he was the driver. Do we have any chance of making him pay the fine? Over £220 now. Any help would be very gratefully recieved.
  2. Thank you so much for your replies. I have tried to send you further information but maybe you haven't received it so I'll send it again. The builder is DPS Ltd (http://www.dpsco.co.uk) and at first he said "debris" had fallen through my conservatory roof but when I said I wanted to claim through his insurance company he then said it was the scaffolding that had moved and dislodged the chimney pot which caused the second breakage. The second breakage was definitely caused by the scaffolding moving as there was also part of my chimney pot in my garden. The scaffolding company is called Altura Scaffolding London Company ([email protected]). I know the builder is insured with The Moorhouse Group Insurance in Caerphilly.
  3. Hi, My neighbour employed builders to do some work on his house. He had scaffolding erected on his property which was also used to store building materials. During a storm the scaffolding gave way and came crashing through my conservatory roof breaking 2 bits of glass. I was away on holiday at the time and when it rained it caused damage to my antique table and chairs. He is saying it's all the builders fault and he's not culpable. He's been given a fair estimate of the cost of repair which he is refusing to pay. What should my next step be to recover the cost of the damage? I want to go to small claims court but I'm unsure if he's right about it not being his fault
  4. A company, without my permission and without giving notice, took £150 from my account. They have conceded it was an admin error and have agreed to pay the money back. However, the DD took me over my overdraft limit incurring £50 worth of charges. Any ideas on how to claim this back from the company would be greatly appreciated.
  5. forget the ombudsman redsheep. I was in the exactly the same position, fos spent months looking at my case only to tell me there was nothing they could do.
  6. Hi god, you need to have agood look through this site and research as much as possible before going any further. once you feel comfortable with the process, you can start firing off letters, but I can't stress enough the need to be aware of the do's and don'ts. keep updating your case, ie rough amounts,timescales,etc people on here are more than willing to help. this money is yours, don't be fobbed off by the bank, look listen and learn, omnipotent by name, omnipotent by nature.
  7. very typical I'm afraid Tom. if you are familiar with the process, get your prelim in, if not, have a good read up on this site and go for the throat. as you only have circa £200 it will only cost you £30 or so to issue a claim in court.
  8. jcaps

    Found this...

    my interest is going up a £1 a day, who cares how long it takes!
  9. The UK's biggest banks have lost a test case about overdraft charges. A judge has decided that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) can apply consumer contract regulations to decide if bank overdraft charges are fair or not. But Mr Justice Andrew Smith said the judgement did not necessarily mean the charges are unfair. Further hearings are expected which may delay the cases of thousands of claimants trying to reclaim their charges arguing they are too high. Cases currently on hold in the county courts will stay on hold until 22 May, by which date the banks must decide whether they are going to appeal against the ruling. READ THE FINDINGS Bank charges judgement [536KB] Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader Download the reader here Doug Taylor, personal finance campaigns manager at Which?, said: "The banks should do the right thing now and concede defeat, agree with the OFT what constitutes a fair unauthorised overdraft fee and refund their customers as soon as possible." But the judge also decided against the OFT, saying that the banks' terms and conditions were plain and intelligible. This judgement continues the process which could eventually allow the OFT to decide what a fair charge would be for unauthorised overdrafts.
  10. lucky you for getting them to come and do it, i paid the £125 over the phone, booked a visit, took a day off work, and the buggers didnt even turn up/call me!!!! this morning they said a problem with the line meant no connection was even possible anyway.
  11. today is the day i can take court action. does anybody have any advice on courts that are still hearing claims in london? i've done the mcol a couple of times so am condfident with that.
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