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  1. i sent a lot of signed for letters, and it was always ok, so it is quite uncommon for me. do u think it was delivered eventually? may be i shoul send another copy of the same letter.. what would u do in this case?
  2. well, how do we know for sure? it never happened to me before, and Track & Trace never failed this way..
  3. Very strange, but the letter is still not there.. Last time my signed for letter was delivered the very next day, and now it is still not delivered.
  4. Thank you very much. I like it the way it is now. I really appreciate this! Tomorrow I will post it recorded delivery. I'll keep you updated of any changes.
  5. Yes, I think there's no point waiting any more. I've just composed the message. But I'm not sure about the address of the Chief Executive of my Council(newham). Should I write to the same address as before, but instead of Anti-Social Team just use the name of the Chief Executive? I wouldn't like it to get into the wrong hands.. It would be ridiculous, if the letter will be opened by the fellas against whom I complain. Here's the text I've just prepared: Dear Chief Executive of Newham Council, Ms/Mr YYYY This is my 2nd stage of your complaints process. On the 5th of February I filed a formal complaint with your Anti-Social Behaviour and Nuisance Team. Please find a copy of the letter enclosed. More than 20 days passed, but I still haven't got any response from them. They received it the next day. Please find the copy of the receipt enclosed. They just ignored it. Please take all appropriate steps to sort out the situation. Sincerely yours Mr XXX
  6. their official site says they must reply within 20 days period. so i think i'm gonna let them a bit more time before moving on.
  7. Just for your information: I sent them that letter recorded delivery on the 5th of February, but I still have no response from them... Looks like they are not going to answer at all.. What should I do if they chose to just ignore me..?
  8. Well, the leak was finally fixed. TW fixed it, as it was the outside one. They did it on the 18th of January. according to the smart meter it still looks like the consumption is a little too high for 2 persons. It never falls less than 150-200 litres a day, even when no one takes a shower. That is very strange. TW said that they need to be sure there's no leak inside, and after that they will calculate my leak allowance. For now they put my account on hold. Today a manager from the agency i'm renting from came to check the leak inside. the meter reading didn't change withing 2 hours, as no one used any water facilities inside the house. I wonder is it possible that there is a very small hole or a crack somewhere in the pipe inside the house, which does not leak until someone turns the taps on or start using a shower?? Is it possible, that i lose extra amount of water only when I turn something on in the house, and i don't lose any water when nothing is turned on?
  9. As I have the Ref.number, I think they have the full text of my initial complaint, that's why the outline is really brief. That's how it looks: As you know I reported you regular and continuous shouting of my neighbours every night after 11 o'clock.
  10. Thank you very much. They didn't reply to my email sent on 24.01.2018. Thus I will post them your version of the letter by special delivery.
  11. That's not a problem at all. I've just sent this email to them: Ref: YYY/XX/YYYY/XXXXX Dear Anti-Social Behaviour & Nuisance Team, Please provide me with your policy for: a) Noise b) Anti-Social Behaviour Regards, Mr XXX
  12. That was a misprint, but i can't find the edit option for that post. Looks like we can't edit our old posts here.
  13. Ok, i see. Check my previous post pls. Does the wording make more sense now?
  14. Thanx Dear Sir, Please provide me with your policy for: a) Noise b) Social Behaviour Regards, Mr XXX
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