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  1. I’m trying to help a relative pay off their credit card debt. They have 4 credit cards with about £12k in total on them which they took out to bail out their financially irresponsible child.They can only afford the interest payments on this amount at 29%. As it stands they aren’t ever going to pay off this debt. I have heard that there might be two possible solutions 1) default on the repayments so that the credit card accounts are placed into a state that doesn’t accrue any more interest but the amounts can still be paid off 2) default on the payments for several months and await for the banks to offer a significant discount if the debts if one large payment is paid. please advise if the options above are viable or you know of any other possibilities. thanks in advance
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice. However, the SLC want evidence of my income such as payslips or contracts which I simply do not have, are they likely to kick up a fuss if I cannot provide this? Thanks
  3. Hi All, The SLC have been sending letters to my parents house. They have stated that they are aware I have no record of income through the tax system (HMRC?) and that they wish for me to confirm my address with them and say I may be liable to a charge if I do not reply. I took out a student loan around in 2000 after graduating I never earned enough to pay back the loan and I am quite sure the SLC lost track of me after moving addresses several times. I then took out another loan in 2010 after graduating I was unable to gain employment and a fter sitting around for several months unemployed and getting depressed I decided to go travelling and I am doing a variety of odd jobs in bars etc to fund my travels as a I go, I am only making ends meet but am certainly happier than being unemployed in the UK. I guess its inevitable that I will return to the UK at some point in the future but I have no immediate plans to and suspect it could be as long as 5 years if at all. I would therefore like to ask how I should proceed and what my options are. If I simply ignore the letters what could the potential consequences be? Would they simply note me down as a 'lost contact case'? My main concern is that if I do return to the UK could the SLC affect my credit rating and ability to get a mortgage through a CCJ? Can they do this if I am not in the country? Would it be a better to be honest just to say I have gone travelling/working holiday and do not plan to return? Thanks for your help
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