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  1. Say if the debtor was in a foreign country, would the debt be collected under new repayment terms through the local tax system and currency of the country they reside (rather than paying additional money transfer fees) and if the local authority had jurisdiction to enforce the debt without getting the UK court involved.
  2. I wonder how these debts will be transferred overseas - does this mean the jurisdiction of that country will apply?
  3. Government will prosecute those who fail to repay their student loans on time, warns Jo Johnson The Government has warned it will prosecute graduates from across the UK and overseas who fail to pay their student loans back on time as part of a new strategy. In a statement from Minister for Universities Jo Johnson to the House of Commons, the politician said the new plans were needed to ensure the repayment system remains “fair, robust, and efficient” as the higher education system sees more people gain entry than ever before, due to a cap-lift on numbers. New plans come into place as the higher education system looks set to take on more students than ever before http://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/government-will-prosecute-those-who-fail-to-repay-their-student-loans-on-time-warns-jo-johnson-a6869221.html Sign this petition to ask the UK Government not to make student debt a criminal offense https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/121888 Its all over the news papers/websites, not law yet but in legislation stage - partner countries (EU and AU) supply tax details and then UK prosecutes... don't ask me how The US have been sending in armed (police) thugs to get debtors to sign repayment plans
  4. Just Released Do the "www dot" - gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/499432/BIS-16-8-student-loan-repayment-for-sustainable-higher-education-strategy-February-2016.pdf if I cant post this i think an admin should upload for further information to group
  5. Did you take the SB letter route - what wording did you use and act did you refer to? - have you had any response to your correspondence?
  6. I have recently received a student loans letter from SLC demanding payments - or I will incur a further fee, this is from a new style (post 98) that was due to start payments from 2002. Some simple maths shows that this is now a statue barred loan and I would like to send them a letter stating the fact. Which Act do I use for the paragraph stated below: "As this debt is statute barred, you cannot take court action unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from me within this period. This is stated in s5 Limitation Act 1980, and any court claim will be defended on this basis" I have read on many threads that the limitation period is 12 years, which has now elapsed - so how would I reword the letter template to cover the correct type of Student Loan. Also to elaborate, I no longer live in the UK so not part of the tax system Any assistance is greatly appreciated Chop
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