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Found 4 results

  1. We have recently received the Deferment Form (D10) for my husband, who has old-style student loans from 1994, 1995 and 1996. His loans (according to the letter) are still administered by Honours Student Loans. We are puzzled, as this is the first time we have received the 'new' version of the form. He is self employed and does not receive support from any other sources, so we can happily answer NO to question 3.1. Do you receive support from other sources. I'm puzzled by question 3.2 Is a student finance loan your only source of income? Firstly, I'm not even sure we need to answer it if we answered NO to Q3.1, but nowhere does it say this! More importantly, what on earth do they mean by this question? How could loans taken out over 20 years ago be your only means of support? Should we be answering this or just assuming it is aimed at people who have answered YES to Q3.1 (even though it doesn't make sense!). Sorry if I am being completely dense here!
  2. My wife keeps advising me to claim against any PPI I may have paid to companies in the past, I mentioned I could not find any details so have not really bothered, but earlier this week I found in some old paperwork I was about to bin a conditional sale agreement for a car we purchased from YCC around the year 2000. On this it states under additional insurances the following 10. £1213.40 Payment Protection Insurance Cash Premium 11. £650.00 Mechanical breakdown Insurance Cash Premium 12. £250.00 Gap Insurance Cash Premium 13. £2113.40 Total insurance premium (10+11+12) 14. £600 Less: Down Payment provided by Customer 15. £1513.40 Shortfall required by way of credit 16. £632.32 Add: Interest 17. £2145.60 Balance Payable (15+16) 18. £2745.60 Total Amount Payable (14+17) 19. 19.9 %APR 20. 48 Number of monthly Insurance Installments 21. £44.70 Amount of each Insurance Installment (17/20) the first payable one month after the date of this agreement. Are we only able to claim for the part that was taken on credit or should we be able to claim for the full amount as we had paid £600 as lump sum towards it. Also I was the main hirer and my wife countersigned. I have seen other posts on the forum regarding this company, but can someone confirm if I am still able to claim, must it be the main hirer only that can do this and do we send all the information to Direct Auto Financial Services P.O. Box 1135 Bradford BD1 9PU And if we do the Full Access Request, who do we make the postal order payable to thanks
  3. Following receipt of my first Erudio DAF I took the view of many on these forums that the form was intrusive, an attempt to gain additional consents and unnecessary to apply for a deferment. In December I therefore sent proof of income and a signed declaration based on the old SLC form. As was expected I received a reply refusing my application as the form "wasn't signed" A complaint was then raised which was rejected and is now escalated to the ombudsman. I have today come home to a letter from Erudio, confirming my loans have been defered. No reference to a signed form, no reference to the FSO. I've not got a DD in force and they are still claiming that "...not having a DD in force...will constitute a breach of your agreement", but obviously not enough of a breach to allow them to refuse a deferment... For those of you who are still debating whether to cave and sign a form, even a heavily redacted version stand firm. Don't give in to their bullying tactics, only give the information they are required to receive by law. These loans are post-98 loans.
  4. Hope someone can help, i have searched previous forums regarding Direct Auto Finance. Lots of really useful information, but just after a little bit of advice. I have received defendant’s defence from Irwin Mitchell, stating what iguess is normal response, that i cannot prove what the agent said and boxeswere ticked re PPi, gap and breakdown cover etc. I explained i was told i couldn't have the car without the insurances. The insurances with Interest were more than the cars value!!!! I have not received anything from the court yet but i have been informed thedefence is in the post, i was hoping some advice on what the next step is. many thanks in advance.
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