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  1. Thanks Ford Thanks ford, i didnt see from andyorch, and im a bit stuck at the moment. should i write what you wrote above in my statement Yes i did CCA request, i didnt receive anything apart from the bundle given to me by the dj Please if there is anyone around to help,
  2. .......pleaase im sorry if i go on a little..........its because im confused . are you saying i dont have a case if the judge chooses to take it from def notice .
  3. Good afternoon, im just looking through the claimant sol statement, there are different headings please could you kindly help me through with this
  4. ok, i'll start on that now.....and post it for more advice. if thats ok......sorry im just a little nervous
  5. ok thanks, does this have to be in response to the claimant sol statement as you know my initial statement was written in the absence of theirs. And also im a bit worried about the judge hint on limitation
  6. No, i filed late to the court, i took my evidence to court on the 26th of Jan and the hearing was 1st of feb. and i posted it to the claimant sol first class on the same day 26th. but claimant sol claimed they did not received it. And i did not receive the claimant sol evidence at all, reason why the case was adjourned
  7. Hmmmmm, good morning all I received a letter from court which read as.... Upon it appearing to the court that the defendant (whose evidence was filed late) had not secured a copy of the statement of xxxxxx filled in support of the application. it is ordered thaat 1. Defendant have permission to file at court and serve on the claimant's solicitors amended evidence in opposition to the application by 4pm on 15 Feb 2016 2.The claimant has permission to file and serve evidence in reply by 29 Feb 2016 3.Hearing adjourned to first open date after 35 days. Time estima
  8. further direction was read out by the judge as he was writing and confirm after writing his note. .....that i need to submit my new statement both to the court and claimant sol within 14 days and the case will be adjourn 14 days after that. while he was writing his note he asked me if im going to send a new statement and i replied i dont think so sir. he now said i think you will need to considering the statement of the claimant you just received. And the clerk also said i'll receive a letter as well but it hasnt arrived yet
  9. Hiya, they both did. ........when we were going to initially proceed...the claimant started by saying your honour or something like that "may i bring your attention to ....Limitation. then the judge mention it after about 10 mins after adjourning the case and giving me a copy of the claimant statement while i was packing up to leave he mentioned it
  10. :oops:sorry ......it was dated 19 December 2006 and the termination notice was dated 21 June 2007. Noted .....these were actually sent to previous adddress
  11. Hiya, yes i thought so, but the last alleged payment was 8th of march 2005, according to paragraph 21
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