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  1. I see. The personal loan is still with Barclays at the moment. The LINK debt is for a Barclaycard but on that note I could proceed with a section 78 CCA for that one couldn't I? In relation to the loan which is still with Barclays, should I not pursue a complaint in relation to the whole personal/business fiasco? I've got quite a bit of work to do on this mess so I don't want to waste any efforts if I don't need to. Thanks
  2. They begin with 5 so I think they're Mastercards that they don't offer anymore. They only begin with 4929 as they only use Visa nowadays but these are dated. I'll crack on with an SAR tonight and look at a section 77/78 CCA once I have the relevant information in terms of account details. Thanks
  3. It's a personal loan because they would not give my dad a business loan and made this suggestion to take out a personal loan in mums name. Barclays suggested lying and say that the loan is being used to renovate the house despite their knowledge that it would be used for a business and not for personal purposes. Do you think we should log a complaint about this or would this be a waste of time? As far as I know personal loans cannot be used for businesses and considering they gave this advice they're out of line imo. Do you think this could be considered misselling? Thanks
  4. The one displaying 'LINK' is a DCA originally with BC. The rest are displaying 'Barclays' so I can only assume they are still with BC/Barclays. Thanks
  5. Thanks for viewing the other thread. All debts are being paid through PP at this moment in time. I'm looking into writing up an SAR tonight. I'll take a look at a section 77 CCA in a moment. Thanks
  6. I was thinking this would be the best way. With some potentially being Barclays credit cards this would be considered Barclaycard. I don't suppose you know whether I have to send two SARs, one for Barclays and one for Barclaycard? Under the summary from PayPlan they simply state 'Barclays' and there is no mention of 'Barclaycard' but the references strongly suggest they are credit cards. Thanks
  7. I don't think she has a leg to stand on legally because the loan is in her name only. The loan is down to around the £4,500 mark but I'm unsure on the agreed term. It's not something that can be resolved between them because when brought into discussion it's avoided. Because of various problems he's not able to contact her as he has been warned by the police. This has left me in the middle to pick up the pieces (yay). Thanks
  8. Hi again This is my second thread in regards to an ongoing problem Unfortunately my mum has been left with debts that she has no idea about from her marriage which has broken down These debts are with PayPlan at the moment who are paying all creditors each month with a lower monthly repayment and 0% interest. This plan was set up between her and my dad when they were together as she could not manage her repayments She has now asked PayPlan to send her a summary of such debts which are in her name. On the summary it states that 4 debts are to Barclays and 1 to LINK
  9. Hi. Just after some thoughts. My dad went to a Barclays branch in 2008 to take out a business loan The branch staff member stated that he could not take out a business loan to start up his business As an alternative, the staff member suggested just taking out a personal loan in my mums name as my dads credit file was terrible - despite him knowing it was for business purposes. They went ahead with this advice. My mum and dad have since split up and she's left with this loan amongst other debts he's left her with. Obviously with it being a loan it's in her name onl
  10. They had this in mind all along - they made these accounts with the updated fees already in the motions. The current charges were just introductory to get everyone on board and to switch to a good deal. Things that are too good to be true are just that. I think everyone seen this coming.
  11. I highly doubt it's that simple. At the end of the day they are still a business and offering that sort of money to anyone who is in financial hardship is simply ridiculous.
  12. Just out of interest, what banks would do a switch with a customer who is 1,000(s) overdrawn?
  13. But that's upon confirmation from the wrongful beneficiary, if not they will struggle to action anything. If the payment has been paid straight from the Barclays account into another bank and the recipient doesn't say otherwise, there isn't much they can do to move forward from there. This is unless Barclays are at error, i.e it was over telephone banking and the PB put the wrong sort code and account number.
  14. But ultimately they don't have the ability to debit accounts of other banks. How was the payment made, do you know?
  15. Barclays have gotten rid of all their packaged bank accounts (i.e premier life, first additions) and instead introduced packs in which you can choose the benefits you want to use. An example of these are: Tech Pack Travel Pack Home Pack Read more if you Google "Barclays packs", and click on "My packs". So they are currently migrating the packaged accounts over and correspondents are being sent out notifying that the packaged account would be switched over to a regular account with different packs. They also say that if you object to this, you can call them and cancel.
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