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  1. Hello all, I would be very grateful for some advice please regarding my current employer as things don’t seem right to me. I have handed my notice in to my current employers who I have been with since 2013. They are a small family company, I am their only employee. Since handing in my notice (I gave two months’ notice) they have been behaving weird and I am finding hard to trust them. We have had a busy month and I have had to work at lot of overtime. Including all the Easter bank holidays and the weekends. I don’t have an agreed overtime rate. I don’t get payment advice slips so it makes working out my pay difficult. However, I received a letter from them saying that the work I did extra will be paid with holidays instead of payment. They are also forcing me to take the holidays during my notice period . They have told me to take six days off and given 13 days’ notice. My question is are they allowed to swap out my pay for a holiday without payment. To be honest I was expecting days in leu of the bank holidays worked plus payment. Many regards.
  2. After checking my credit report for the first time I have come across a default i knew nothing about. Is it possible to request information about this as I have no idea what its for. Account type Telecommunications Supplier Account number **************4557 0 Account start date 18/04/2012 Opening balance £ 38 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 27/11/2012 Default balance £ 38 £38 seems like an amount that shouldn't affect my mortgage application but it does apparently. I can pay it of course but not if i don't know whats its for! Whats the best way to get this removed from my report? Merry Christmas and my regards.
  3. Thanks for your clarification. Would you advise paying off the debt or shall I use it towards my deposit in the future?
  4. So in 2018 i will have a clean Credit Report? If i pay it off or not?
  5. The Default Dates are £2375 Mkdp Llp - 25/11/2011 £1320 Lowell - 12/12/2011 £96 Arrow Global LTD - 17/07/2011 £38 Lowell - 27/11/2012 I can not believe I have Defaults for £96 & £37 shows what ignoring your finances does
  6. Hello anyone, I would like some advice on how best to improve my current credit report situation. When I was a teenager I got into a bit of debt with my bank after loosing my job etc. Many years on now I am 27 and looking at buying a property, so i need a mortgage etc. (Regretting my ignorance now) What is the best/cheapest/efficient/fastest way to sort my self out please? I have checked my report and I have a total of 4 Defaults 2005 Lowell - £1320 2008 Mkdp Llp - £2375 2009 Arrow Global LTD - £96 2012 Lowell - £38 To be honest I have ignored all correspondence in regards to all and any financial related letters and all of these debts are still outstanding & I dont even know what they are for anymore. What Action should i take? Regards Consortium
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