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Found 13 results

  1. I have been checking my credit files mainly Noodle and Clearscore but have found out that I have a financial connection on my account to someone I have never heard of on my Clearscore account. I sent in a dispute and realised that this is connected to Equifax. They did not answer my dispute when I informed them that I do not know the individual which is highlighted as connected to me and asked how he is on my account when he does not appear anywhere else. My response to this was a pdf of my credit file showing his name as a financial connection which I was already aware of. Is there anyway I can get this removed as I have never heard of the person on my credit file?
  2. Hi, I have joined here after reading an exceptional amount of valuable information regarding Blemain Finance (or Blemain Group) now operating as Together. About myself: I am a law graduate and helping a friend with his mortgage taken from Blemain. About the friend: From what I can see he has taken a total of 5 "charges" over his property from Blemain over the course of 2013 to the present. It started with £15,000 and now he owes 4 times this amount. That is not to say he did not exercise his own will, but so much about their operation is incredibly DODGY (for want of a better word/phrase), that it has made me upset to see a family friend potentially abused. He suffers from brain damage and this house is his only asset which I can foresee him losing if something is not done about the way Blemain/Together are operating... At some point he spoke to Phone-A-Loan who are an associated company of Blemain. It is unclear to me what their role was, but I hope to establish this position as quickly as possible. Enterprise Finance Limited always appear to have acted as the broker. They seem to take a fee each time he redeems his mortgage then opens a new account with Blemain (as stated this is his 5th loan/charge/mortgage. My question at this point is has anyone else dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited? If so did they provide options of lenders (ie alternatives to Bleamin) or did they simply tell you to go to Blemain for the loan? From my limited research I can not discover any connection between Enterprise and Blemain but I suspect there must be some link (even if it is beneficial ownership which would be fairly difficult to establish or prove). From the initial loan of £15,000, the charges which have accumulated as he has re-mortgaged amount to £15,000 and he has been extended a further £30,000 in credit. He, nor I, have yet requested the SAR, will do soon I am interested to see if there have been any hidden/undeclared charges to his account. In all this practice seems deeply unfair and I have a feeling it may well be considered more than "unfair" in the eyes of the law, At this stage I do not want to throw around accusations without evidence. I would really like to hear from others, and particularly those who might have dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited as the brokers. Thank you,
  3. Hello, I have had some excellent advice from this website, however every time I attempt to log in I get a message from Firefox "This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised" is this a problem with Firefox, or has the website an issue? Thank you.
  4. I have never tried this before so I have no idea if it will work. I live in a sheltered housing complex with a communal lounge. In this lounge is a PC and a Fibre Optic internet with router. That is part one. The flats within this complex are being fitted with smart meters incorporated within a new fuse box and instead of being wireless, they are all being hard wired to this router via a box in the loft that connects 18 cables in and one to the router. My thinking is to utilise the Broadband connection within my home using: Two of these: http://tinyurl.com/hxl6wad (or similar)One to be placed nearwhere the cable enters my flat then use a long ethernet cable to the cupboard where I have my existing router but instead of using the router, use the second ethernet switching box My questions are Would this work? Would all the connections lead to a significant drop in signal? I did think of connecting the two routers together but it looks very confusing adjusting the settings of the router in my cupboard
  5. I am getting cut off all the time and have to keep on re-connecting when I am on the internet. It is only doing it with The Cloud, and there are 2 places where I encounter the problem (both Caffe Nero). That being said, in Pret Manger, (also The Cloud), it works fine! A message comes up when I try to connect saying the connection is limited, but someone in Caffe Nero seems to think it's my laptop, he said it was working fine on both his laptop and his phone! any help appreciated
  6. Can anyone help me please? I have been having problems with my internet and phone connection for over a good few months. It's been fixed now and I was told by the person I was dealing with at Plusnet that I would get the next 3 months free because I had been messed about. I have been told many things by Plusnet and I have come to realize that they should be taken with a pinch of salt. Our main contract ran out on the 26th of May and after that we were on a rolling contract. Because of all the lies I had been told I stopped our direct debit as that was our only option and was going to restart it after the 3 months free that I had been told. They tried to collect my payment from the bank and because I had stopped the payment they stopped me getting the full internet and if I searched for anything it would direct me to Plusnet page .What I would like to know is am I in my rights to do what I have done. They are also saying there is no mention of the 3 months free that they promised me. Any help and information is much appreciated. Thanks pin62
  7. ive had a letter today about my wifes loan account which has 7,291.54 remaining outstanding I have requested the CCA and also wrote to Lloyds tsb and requested the SAR. these are still in process at the moment. cabot have received my letter about cca but ive had no reply but they did reply to the other 2 credit cards which I requested the cca for which they said they would hope to have the info within 40 days. t for the loan today I received this odd letter Dear Mrs S****** Contacting Cabot please call 0800 328 0708 (minicom: 01732 524630)urgently, and speak to one of our helpful customer advisors about your account. our aim is to help customers get their accounts cleared so do contact us soon. yours sincerely Chris lambert that's exactly as its been written on the letter it just seems really odd theres no reason why they want to speak to me or anything any ideas peeps?
  8. All my devices drop connection one of my laptops is a lot worse than others. I did sys restore (refresh) but no effect , i've ran scans to clean up any nasties - but still same prob. The prob was there from day 1 - and i thought it was just an initial prob that would go away. It is under warranty and tech support lazily say i should do a format -yeah thanks mate just trash my system - very helpful:-x. didn't tell them it was there from Day 1 as they will use excuse "you should have told us earlier blah blah , now you made prob worse blah blah " So is it an ISP prob(VMedia) or the laptop? it is the only device i have running win8 Anything else i should /can do ? What i don't like is that tech support seems to be only doing the very basic ABC123 - and nothing else -it is obvious they do not want to come out to field repair
  9. Hi All, Looking for some advise please. I have looked on this forum but not quite found what I've been after. I have been a member at Harpers Fitness for over two years and been a regular attendee. Due to an injury in June this year, I have not gone as much (some months not at all) and the facilities there do not suit the exercises I am now limited to do (due to the injury). I checked with the staff at the gym on the cancellation period and was told it was one month, I then took a written notice of cancellation into the gym on 4th November. I have just received a "Notice of outstanding payment" informing me I owe the gym for the month of December. I have contacted the collections department who have informed me that the cancellation period is one month, from the last day of the month you hand your notice in. So this actually means my notice didn't start until 30th November. In terms of gym usage, like I said above, I was injured at the end of June (and consequently on crutches). I didn't attend again until end of September whereby I went just a couple of times before deeming the place unsuitable for my needs - they cancelled the only classes I was able to do. I have not been back to the gym since this time. Also, not that this is entirely relevant, but when I was injured, I did hobble in on my crutches and asked about putting my account on hold, I was told that I'd have to take in a docs cert and pay a £5 per month holding fee - they could see my injury but still needed the docs cert so I didn't bother. Is this unreasonable? I have effectively given them just under 2 months notice. I did sign a contract but that was when I joined two years ago and I haven't got a copy of it (also, my membership went from 12 months to rolling month), I was also misinformed by the member of staff. Anyone had similar experiences? Ideally, I'd like them to waiver the December amount.
  10. Hi. I will try cut long story short, had a lot trouble with them to get my device.Ordered online on 03/03/13 (yes in march) I got it in the end, received today, with Vodafone simcard. My sim card is unactivated. So tried with Vodafone customer services, they can`t find it on the system. Was told to get in touch with CW to activate the sim. Ok done all that, CW told me that they unable to do it on the phone because I failed credit check with Vodafone (would they still send the phone out, is it compensation for long wait?). Now they sending me to Carphone Warehouse store to do it there. Where am`I standing? can I keep the phone as a gift after all that inconvenience caused during last 6-7 weeks? please help me
  11. Hi guys, I have a friends netbook because she couldn't connect to the internet (not even with the ethernet cable). I tried it on mine and it is the same. It detects networks and successfully connects to the router (wirelessly), but it still will not connect to the internet. I have checked the ethernet and wirless drivers (device mngr) but can't see any problems. A scan with Malware Bytes has come up clear so I am a bit baffled now. Also, when I try and troubleshoot the problem it says 'Detecting problems', and then says 'An unexpected error has occured. The troubleshooting wizard can't continue'. After clicking 'View error details' I get the following:- Package ID: Network Diagnostics Path: C:\Windows\diagnostics\system\networking Error code: 0x80070002 Source: Engine User: xxxxxxxxx(deleted personal details) Context Restricted If I go onto the network connections (through control panel) you can see that it is connected to the router, but there is an X between the router and the internet. Any ideas?
  12. We were completely mis-sold the Orange Home Phone with Broadband package on the basis that we'd receive a much higher speed (16-17mb) if we transferred phone billing from BT to Orange. Big mistake. the reality was we lost our connection completely after transfer was screwed up and when it came back it was half the speed it used to be. Numerous tech support (30-45 minute) phone calls to level 1&2 techs + ADR + Orange Helper emails + head office letters have so far produced only vague assurances that speeds will improve some time in the future when they transfer us to the WBC network (that already exists) in our area. The network is apparently oversubscribed. This begs the question: why sell a package you can't actually provide? Really interested to find out if anyone else has experienced similar?
  13. Orange give pretty much the worst average broadband speeds in the UK but please sign even if you're with another provider because this is an industry-wide con and we need to pressure all telecoms companies so that consumers are fully aware of EXACTLY what they are paying for. Enough of this 'up to xx mb' rubbish! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/947/594/325/
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