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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Quick bit of advice. Earlier this year I was awarded 3 year ESA in support group due to Fibromyalgia and Functional Neurological disorder along with severe depression. I have been on every antidepressant my dr with prescribe and i'm being seen by mental health services, im also on Butrans patches for pain. Anyway been paid fine every since the award until 13th August when the payments just stopped, no letter, no phone calls nothing just no money. I have phoned the hotline a few times and they always say I can't see any reason on my system for not paying, i'll email another depa
  2. BILLED DEFERRED FINANCE CHARGES What the heck is this? I have been checking my credit card to make sure everything is as it should be and found two of these entries. One is for £0.38 and the other is £1.76. it says merchant and gives a code, but the code means nothing to me, as I cannot identify the merchant. I buy from overseas at times and there is a transaction fee for this, so am at a loss to cross reference this. I am loathed to phone them tomorrow on the 0300 number supplied on the statement.
  3. The new bailiff enforcement regulations came into effect on 6th April 2014 and a short while later an individual made a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Justice seeking clarification on the legal basis for court fines to be covered by the new regulations. On 1st July 2014 I posted a copy of MOJ’s response on the forum and that thread received a lot of views. Unfortunately, there continues to be significant misunderstanding about bailiff fees for Magistrate Court fine and yesterday yet another video was uploaded onto YouTube regarding a debtor who filmed a visit from a M
  4. Please could we have an explanation why this thread was closed. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?434085-How-to-beat-All-IPC-windscreen-parking-tickets/page3
  5. Hi All, My dad has today received his SAR response from Barclays of which I am going through for him. Your help will be greatly appreciated in answering my queries. 1. On the Prequal PPI under BID policies my dad has one for First Plus, does my dad complain to Barclays about this? 2. On the retail account details it lists Barclay loans plus the First plus loan mentioned above and 2 monument visas. My dad had 6 loans with Barclays some with PPI. The Barclay loans show a "Y" or "N" under the account PPI Flag section, but the monument visas and first plus lo
  6. Hope someone can help with this. I have been going back over some old Capital One statements from around 2000-2004 and found some charges etc. which seem to be rather unexplained. They appear as "Finance Charges", and later as "Special Purchase Interest". It is unclear what these relate to and I am tempted to think they may relate to some sort of semi-disguised PPI payment. Am I being paranoid, or has anyone seen anything similar?
  7. Hi, I am facing eviction soon from my private landlord due to rent arrears.....I understand that if he persues me under S21 then the local council will have an obligation to re-house me but I need clarification of the term "intentionally homeless" if the landlord evicts me under a S8.....I am reading conflicting stories on the net of: 1."If I am evicted via a S8 (due to rent arrears) and I leave before the bailiffs remove me (that's classed as me making myself intentionally homeless and the local council are not legally obliged to re-house me)" 2."If I am evicted via a S8 (due
  8. I just followed a link supplied by Bandit127 for `Noddle` free credit file info for life. I tried to register but was not accepted. Then my wife suggested I register in her name. The site accepted my wife`s application and so we checked what was on file. It showed three accounts. Two were up to date and correct. But, it showed one in default for £200. It had been registered by Lowell in 2009. My wife explained that the account is in relation to mail order and has always been in dispute. Letters were exchanged, telephone conversations had etc. Threatening letters re
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