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  1. Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was involved in a very serious car accident that left me requiring over a years worth of physical rehabilitation through the army, unfortunately i ended up being medically discharged in late October 2018 due to not meeting the physical requirements to remain in my career. Since then i have struggled to find work that meets my needs and i received a letter from Marstons demanding £600 for a speeding fine around the time of my accident. I was away at different rehabilitation centers for long periods of time and must have mi
  2. New law introduced to protect vulnerable people in care READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-law-introduced-to-protect-vulnerable-people-in-care
  3. New law introduced to protect vulnerable people in care READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-law-introduced-to-protect-vulnerable-people-in-care
  4. New law introduced to protect vulnerable people in care READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-law-introduced-to-protect-vulnerable-people-in-care
  5. New proposals to help vulnerable people benefit from cheaper energy READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-proposals-to-help-vulnerable-people-benefit-from-cheaper-energy
  6. Hi, I’m hoping for some advice for my uncle. He is 71, has had schizophrenia all his life, used to live with his parents till they passed away 15 years ago and now lives alone. My mum (his sister) and my dad visit him weekly to check on him, take him some food and do a little clean for him. He receives DLA (lowest rate) and pension credit and has rent paid on a small run down flat. He is usually very private about his finances last time they visited he was very anxious and told them he received a letter from the DWP to ask for bank statements to prove his amount in savin
  7. This is another recent decision from the Local Government Ombudsman. This particular case addresses the common subject of single parents and whether or not they may be considered 'vulnerable' for the purposes of bailiff enforcement. There have been a couple of Ombudsman's decisions regarding 'vulnerability' and as in this particular case, the LGO confirm that it is for the debtor to provide evidence as to how their 'vulnerability' affects their ability to pay or deal with the debt. LGO Decision: North Hertfordshire District Council Miss X complains the Council has use
  8. My friend is currently in hospital with depression and anorexia. She almost died. Her ex-boyfriend has done a runner from the flat they shared years ago. She has not lived at the property for over 3 years is not on the electoral register. Long story short. It seems her ex is facing a decree (ccj) for the arrears on the 12th January and because she is also named she will presumably get the same. She does not need this on top of the other trouble she is dealing with. This decree will be effectively done without her knowledge as the judge has no address for her.
  9. To put it bluntly Councils have been saying to people faced with homelessness that you will have the same issues as the street homeless have now so are not more vulnerable. Also because you have these issues before you become homeless there will be no risk soi we do not have to help you. Judge says [naughty word]! http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog/2015/05/vulnerability-a-fresh-start/
  10. Hackers could have accessed everything from encrypted corporate email to online banking apps using vulnerabilities recently found to affect Qualcomm chips in up to 900m Android smartphones and tablets. Checkpoint, an Israeli cyber security company that found four flaws in the chips, said cyber criminals could encourage users to download a malicious app and escalate its privileges so it can see everything on the device Qualcomm is the leading maker of chips for advanced smartphones. Checkpoint said devices using Qualcomm chipsets include the Google Nexus 5X, 6 and 6P, HT
  11. Since the introduction of the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013, it has been very interesting to observe the number of forum posts (here and on all other websites) where debtors (and indeed regular forum posters) consider that in cases where a debtor is identified as being ''vulnerable', that the local authority (or creditor) should be obliged to recall the account from an enforcement agent.....and remove all bailiff fees. In the majority of cases, the fees under discussion will be £310, consisting of a Compliance Fee of £75 (applied when sending the Notice of Enforcement) and an
  12. The Credit Today Awards 2016 was held two days ago and the Best Vulnerable Customer Strategy Award was given to Marston Group. The Credit Today Awards is the largest awards ceremony in the industry. Marston Group received the award for a range of vulnerability initiatives established throughout its business, in support of customers that are potentially in need.
  13. A few days ago I was sent a text by a resident nearby relating to a PCN issued and not challenged and that there were 2 EA's in the home. They were looking to take control of goods to pay for the debt which was made more difficult to deal with due to the severe disability of the named debtor. The background is as follows... The debtor has a Motability car and is the registered name on the V5. But, the registered keeper is unable to drive due to their condition and Motability have allowed a family member to be the named driver. This is normal practise to have a contract to allow
  14. Today the Judiciary released their long awaited Consultation on McKenzie Friends. Most importantly, the consultation proposes a ban on fee-charging McKenzie friends in order to protect ‘vulnerable litigants’ from unregulated, uninsured and unqualified individuals. The article from the Law Gazette website outlines the Consultation in detail (and the online comments make interesting reading !!!). http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/practice/judiciary-proposes-ban-on-fee-charging-mckenzie-friends/5053851.article
  15. Earlier today I completed the last STICKY on the very important subject of vulnerability. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?456344-Bailiff-enforcement-All-about-Vulnerability(1-Viewing)-nbsp If any regular posters have any comments that they would like to raise about the thread they would be most welcome. A copy of the thread can be read in the following post.
  16. What are vulnerable persons/groups? This is indeed a very good question. By the way even the DWP has its own contradictions' on this subject as you will see later on... So sorry for the long read but you can cut it short by reading the section in DMG 35060 -35135. This has been the topic of several heated debates recently, with this in mind a regular poster was going to start a thread about this but yet I have not yet seen this. So with this in mind I will start one to get the ball rolling. As we all are very much aware there are many types of what is classed as a vulnerable p
  17. Hi, My uncle is about to retire from a skilled manual job. He's been in this job for 50 years but his intended retirement date in October has had to be brought forward due to ill health. My uncle had a stroke and a heart attack just over a month ago. He's worked all his life has never spent anything other than basics. He hasn't done any repairs on his house (he doesn't even have heating) other than the bare essentials (when my mother moved in for a few months about 7 years ago and made him do it to stop the place falling down). So he's very ill, living in an unheated damp hous
  18. My relative is vulnerable and has mental health Moorcroft have put a hand delivered letter through the letter box on behalf of a catalogue. It states that a field operative called to discuss the account is there a templateicon letter I can send to tell Moorcroft or any other debt collectoricon not to make personal visits to my relative
  19. Thousands of cars are at risk of electronic hacking, according to computer scientists whose research was suppressed for two years by a court injunction for fear it would help thieves steal vehicles to order. It highlights a weakness in the Megamos Crypto system, a piece of technology used by big manufacturers such as Audi, Fiat, Honda, Volvo and Volkswagen. It is supposed to prevent a car engine being started without the presence of a keyfob containing the correct radio frequency identification chip. However, researchers at Birmingham University and Radbound Unive
  20. can someone please help me. Rossendales want to collect on unpaid parking fines, totally about 600. I am more than willing to pay them but it needs to be affordable amount for me, there are several issues I have: 1)I am willing to pay them but the demands they have set are beyond my budget and unreasonable. I have made payments on them but not to the amount they want. 2)I have tried to negioate but they have replied in an email (I will not talk them via phone) that they will not reply to any more messages from me 3) I have mental health issues and have
  21. I haven't had time to read this yet, but think it's of relevance to this forum and nolegion's sterling work. http://www.cqc.org.uk/content/using-hidden-cameras-monitor-care HB
  22. Relative debt of which I have tried to help with. Original debt £5012 when Cabot took over in 2004 with what I think is a flimsy Assignment, debt now at at £11,216. Cabot were paid each and every month at £25 up until last year when a SARS request was sent to them (not to be confused with a cca request which has never been requested of them) . They responded to the SARS, they were then sent a further letter asking if all that was contained in the SARS was all that they had and nothing more. They responded saying yes it was....Which then clearly demonstrated that Cabot are quite go
  23. Hello I have an outstanding high court debt. A bailiff was sent to my address by High Court Enforcement in Wales. I answered the door and explained to him I was registered both blind and deaf and that there was nobody else in the house and please could he go away as I couldnt help him. The response I got was "You answered the door therefore you are not vulnerable". I told him I wouldnt let him in. He said "Thats your right, but if I find a window or door open anytime I can get in". Apart from that being a threat to a disabled person, I thought that they could only come through a door no
  24. Hiya all, My wife has a debt with the Sheriffs Office in which we are currently liaising with them - total debt is £6200 She suffers from severe anxiety following a violent attack for which she is receiving currently police referred counselling and we have a police reference for. We have provided details of both of these to the Sheriffs Office but have just got an email back to say that despite this we cannot have the 28 days we have asked for to pay this in full and that enforcement will commence immediately Is there anything we can do? If people turn up it is going to lea
  25. Hi and thankyou for this information i have a few questions if you don't mind assisting me. 1: Can Collectica use a distress warrant to collect their fees if the amount of the original court fine has been paid? 2: I read for the collectica bailiff to use forced entry he must suspect the named person on the warrant to be in the premises, if the bailiff knew for certain that person left the property in front of them and then tried to force entry by way of forcing the door open against the tenant after said tenant had shown their tenancy agreement with only said tenant name on it did that co
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