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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I've attached a PDF with information about the ticket received, not much information on it as I've not received a NTK as yet, but before I waste everyone's time I wanted to ask if I should even be contesting the charge. In a nutshell, parked and bought my hour's ticket, car park was pretty much empty, my ticket was until 4.40pm, parking charge issued at 4.51pm and I got back to my car at 4.52pm, so bottom line is I was in the wrong, however I think being charged £60 rising to £100 is a bit much seeing as the car park was practically empty and I was
  2. Hi All, I urgently need assistance. Background - I'll try to be as brief as possible.. my husband entered into an IVA agreement over a year ago and listed all his creditors with some being debts from repossessed properties. An arrangement was agreed which he adhered to around March this year he received a letter from PARATUS that we were about to sell our home and they object to the IVA citing the fact that they were not included in the arrangement (which according to them they would have voted against anyway, as they can see there is equity in the property!). Alarm be
  3. Hi CAGGERS, please could someone give some advice for a friend (really!). He was travelling from Clapton to Liverpool Street. Used his contactless card to tap in, which worked (this was later verified with his bank; the amount was allocated/ringfenced). Tried to tap out at Liverpool Street, and his card wouldn't work. It isn't in pristine condition, is a bit scratched, but generally works, worked on the tap in, worked on a bus afterwards. He tried every single exit point in that array (?) of platforms 1-8, but none would register his card. The staff to
  4. Have been appointed the executor of an estate and am in the process of applying for probate. The will is fairly straight forward with just two named beneficiaries, so once all the assets have been identified, it shouldn't take too long to wrap up. However, one fly in the ointment turned up ranting and swearing to the point that the police were called. The two main points of contention were: The Black Sheep had not been notified of the funeral. Nothing was bequeathed to the B.S. (the will specifically stated that he was to receive nothing). His parting shot as he was escort
  5. I missed the notices about restricted parking on a cul-de-sac overnight and ended up being issued with 2 PCN's. The restrictions that applied are park for no more than one hour, no return within one hour between 8am and 6pm. The first one from the evening was issued with the wrong road (it said I was parked on the road just around the corner instead) and then in the morning I got given another at 8.49am (this time the correct road was given). Can I successfully appeal both of these? I never have parked on the road on the first PCN and surely I would be allowed to park until 9am in th
  6. I hope I'm posting this in the right place as we've moved on from an employment claim. A brief overview: I'm speaking as a relatively new committee member for an unincorporated charity. The charity ceased due to lack of funds and is now insolvent, all assets have been sold to pay the debts. The manager decided to bring two claims against us in the Employment Tribunal, 1 - Unfair Dismissal = This was judged to be 'unfounded'. 2 - Breach of Contract = For non payment of contractual sums which were due in 2010 (£2000) & 2011 (£1000) £3000 in total. My query relates
  7. I have just found out that my ex has been claiming to be a single parent, living with her grandmother since our son was born in Jan07!! She lived with me from Dec04 - Sept12 but claimed benefits; working tax etc as a single parent and even told them she did not know who the father was!! I find this unbelievable considering I am on the birth certificate, he has my surname and has lived with me since birth!! Now we have split up she is claiming that she has full legal custody of him and I really dont know where I stand??? At the moment I have him overnight 3 nights a wk and until 7pm afte
  8. Hi All, story is as follows. Long disputed debt with Orange for a mobile phone which I think one of my flatmates set up for her in my name (She used to work for Orange at the time) Debt has been disputed for a long time and was passed to Close Credit, I sent them a CCA letter asking for the orignal credit agreement and I received a reponse advising that it was not governed by the CCA1974 act so no documents provided. I then issued a SAR to Orange and copied in Close Credit Managment but never received a reply and this was in October 2011. I never heard anything from them at all
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