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Found 5 results

  1. Im in England now but all this debt was created in Scotland, 7 defaults are from 2010/2011, originally the debt was £20k. I have been on 2 payment plans a DPP and a token payment plan through Step Change. After a long period of unemployment i had to sell my house to relocate for work. Im now in a position to clear my debt. I owe 7 different amounts which add up to £15,600. I want to know if its possible to negotiate a reduced settlement figure for each debt. I wanted to do this myself as Step Change seem to have wrong info regarding the amounts i owe, also one guy suggests they might be able to negotiate a reduced amount, another tells me its very unlikely. So i thought i would maybe handle this bit myself. Any tips on how to deal with this ? Has anyone else been successful in negotiating?
  2. Record £15.6 million underpayment identified for workers on the minimum wage READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/record-156-million-underpayment-identified-for-workers-on-the-minimum-wage
  3. my friend was using an out of school club for her son. She booked in a date but then cancelled it using her work email, when her mother offered to help with the care instead. The session was for £15. She then moved both house and her job 2 months later. A whole year later she found that she had a CCJ on her credit rating for the £15. As she had moved home (with no mail redirection) and changed jobs, she did not receive any demands for payment etc. she paid the £100 or so to have it set aside based on that she never received any demand for payment. She went to court to have it set aside, and they upheld the decision based on the fact she couldn't find the email cancelling the service. It really shouldnt be illegal to damage someones credit rating like this for £15. Is there anything that she can do? She now wants to apply for a mortgage but this is probably going to affect her ability
  4. Hi All, this is my first post here so please bear with me. I am here for some advise and guidance as well as reassurance from anyone with any experiences they can can share. I live in Norfolk... and have been looking to buy a nice new car for myself for some time. the car will be used for work purposes (traveling around the country as a rep) as well as needed for two dogs and a small child. I found a Mercedes ML 320 sport online at a garage in Croydon, London. I spoke several times with the garage who assured me the car is an absolute gem. i obtained a loan from Tesco and travelled down the croydon to view the car and hopefully pay for it to drive away if all checked ok. the car is very nice, full service history, a few aftermarket bits and bobs from Brabus and an engine re tune... its one of a kind. I paid for the car on my debit card (£15,500) and drove it away. on 11/10/14. on the 20th of the same month i noticed the car was sitting uneven and there is a residue oil substance all over the driveway... i took the car to our local garage (not mercedes, only a friends local garage) who advised me that the rear drivers side shock had gone but he seems to think that may not contribute to the leveling issue as its all round air suspension. they advised me that under the sale of goods act i should get the garage to fix the faults. The garage which i bought it from told me to take it up with the warranty company, the warranty company said its not covered! I made a real pain of myself to the garage in Croydon who eventually agreed to have the car back to repair it but will definitely NOT come and collect it so i would have to drop it off. I dropped the car off on the 8th November who advised they would call on the Monday (10th) with an update and will be ready in only a few days. They didn't call, text or email and wouldn't return any of my calls until Friday 21st! who i was then told that i could collect it on Tuesday 25th as it will definitely be ready and fixed then.......(i recorded this conversation so i have it as proof that's what he said). I traveled all the way down there again on the train costing me another £45 in fairs only to arrive at the garage where i am told it hasn't been fixed yet!! they have told me that they replaced the damaged shock but it is still sitting uneven. he even agreed its not a genuine shock so it wont match the others on the car. however there is still an issue with the car not sitting level and they don't know how to fix it or do anything more. At this point i asked for a full refund as I have been without a car for 2.5 weeks, paid for an item that isnt fit for purpose and it seems that they are both unable and unwilling to fully fix it. they firmly rejected my asking of a refund. My bank (HSBC) have said they 'may' be able to help if i fill in a load of forms in trying to get my money back.... but it may be a lengthy process. the garage have both my money and my car and i am no further forward. I have lost all faith in the garage and alarm bells are ringing all over the place to avoid them. I dont want them to bodge the job only for something else to go wrong. i just want a full refund plus travel expenses for all my messing around. can anyone shed some light on the best action if the garage is flatly refusing to help in and just keeps ignoring me? matthew
  5. A Telegraph reader challenged her mother's care home and it agreed to cut its fees by £289 per week. Here is how you can do the same 'I cut Mum's care home fees by £15,000 a year' A Telegraph reader challenged her mother's care home and it agreed to cut its fees by £289 per week. Here is how you can do the same. Susan Stressing questioned her mother's bills after seeing our earlier report If you challenge the costs of a care home you may just land yourself – or the family member who is paying – a substantial discount. That is what happened to Susan Stressing, who, having read a report in The Telegraph in January, decided to make inquiries about the care home bill she was paying for her mother, Kathleen Willett. Mrs Willett’s bill has now been reduced by £289 a week. That equates to a saving of more than £15,000 a year. The case emerges as the cost of care homes continues to rise steeply, and as criticism grows of the Government’s plans to reform care funding. Legislation to introduce a “lifetime care fees cap”, which would limit care costs paid by any individual to £72,000, is going through Parliament now. It is supposed to become effective next year. The cap excludes accommodation and other costs, and so could still see people paying well over the proposed £72,000 limit. The case also highlights a problem that The Telegraph has previously covered: the tendency of care home providers to pass on regular, sometimes dramatic, increases in costs, without necessarily detailing how the increases arise or explaining precisely what services are being provided. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/10757680/I-cut-Mums-care-home-fees-by-15000-a-year.html
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