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  1. Hi all, I am after some thought and hopefully some pointers on my late payment charges with Studio. After getting myself in a pickle I am on reduced payments for a few things and most have frozen interest and waive any fees. Due to a zero hours contract I often have to pay my priority bills first. My payment to Studio is £5 a month and no interest is being added. As of today the Debt stand at £120. However i have noted that if I am late with a payment I get charged £12 which means that the debt doesn't go down and another 2 months is added to the payment plan. Say for
  2. I am really confused now. Bit of a background I used to have a barclaycard. Struggled with debt and ended up in IVA. This was completed a few years back and I started to rebuild credit. Eventually got a new card. I wrote the current letter based on this new card. The reply I got today says they think charges are fair as per previous response but the copy of the letter refers to the other card I had in 2012 not this one. They have included an ombudsman leaflet so what do I do next? Write to them I intend to take action or just go to ombudsman?
  3. the ink ran out on the printer so I have not had chance to continue with my claim. I can't seem to find the template letter. could I use the one I sent to the bank or is there some legal reference for credit cards that needs to be in it?
  4. Still had fun and games as the download was php formatted, in the end I downloaded open office as used to have this on the old laptop and it worked straight away. I have put in all the late payment and over limit charges. Total for charges was £108 and with a compound interest of 24.9% it is a total of £117.52 [can't remember where I got this % figure from but am assuming it is the right one]. The charges come from April 2015 onwards at £12 each. The limit on my card is £150. other bank account is sorted. I don't have any overdraft on the bank account just £8 fees for
  5. Thank you for your replies so far and for being non judgemental of my situation. I have used step change to build a budget based on the minimum hours I have been working with so I can move forward but anything 'extra' to throw at the arrears/debts would be a god send to my health. to be honest I am not up with all the laws and processes to do with bank charges but know that to go through a company who charge is daft. I can't get the spreadsheet link to work at the moment, on the ipad I can see it but not enter text and can't even open it on the laptop. I am going to get a coff
  6. Hi all, Bit of a background of me, came out of iva but in the mean time got a good job on a zero hours contract which in hindsight is bad for someone learning to budget. hours feel drastically in June and despite company saying work will pick up never has. I am now in a continual cycle of charges. I have written to Nationwide but am stuck over Barclays both bank and cc. bank charge £8 sometimes when a couple pounds over and sometimes more than once a week. bcard charge me for late payment and then again for going over. I have had to borrow to
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