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  1. Hi - after some of your valueable advice. Got a letter from Barclays Bank saying they had reviewed their accounts and that some of the charges they had place on my account were unfair and that there was a refund of £434 due to me BUT this had been paid into the overdraft on my account. I closed my Barclays account in 2016 and there was a DRO taken out which covered the overdraft on this account which was still owed. So is that correct that the refund should go towards this, since the O/D was written off with a DRO in 2016 so did not owe them anything. Also they did not specify that charges were directly related to the O/D they were charges placed onto my current account. Sharon
  2. Hi got an email re my thread for someone asking for DAF contact details. I can't find the thread so just putting them on here. They do not have a contact number only and address which is on the letter I received from them: Direct Auto Financial Services POBox 1135 Bradford BD1 9PU Hope that helps. I am waiting to hear back from FOS.
  3. Thanks. Will contac them tomorrow and tell them don't accept their +/-£200 pounds and try and get some more from them. Sharon
  4. Hi - sorry a bit confused I thought if I rejected DAF refund that I needed to fill in a FOS complaint form. There is a link to FOS on the how to claim link on one of your previous posts.
  5. Hi - was not going to claim for both. Want to reject the DAF and do a PPI claim via FOS as might be able to get more. First time I have claimed PPI, I just got a letter from them with a form to complete and post back, telling me I would hear back from them within 8 weeks. Do I need to let DAF know I am reject and doing a claim through FOS, again only because of what the salesman told us which is not right and he could see we had no idea on what we were supposed to do so took advantage of us, h the money came out of his pocket especially as he got the commission!!! Sharon
  6. Thanks again for brilliant advice and article. Just a couple of queries, I only have a copy of the loan agreement not any statements, because of time factor can I do a claim to the FOS with out statements and can I use the figures they they have already done in their breakdown ie £2069.74 Sharon
  7. Hi everyone - haven't been on this forum for ages which is probably a good thing as it means I have no problems that need solving, but need to use all your brilliant advice again. Got a letter from Direct Auto Finance saying I could claim for PPI, they sent a form and also asked for copy of my agreement (which I did have, think was from 2012) filled it all in as we were conned, I remember the sales guy saying we had to take out PPI otherwise we could not get the car without it even though it was over the amount we could afford and kindly left the room for us to "talk about it". Had no option so signed on the dotted line. The total amount of PPI on our finance agreement was £1018.97. Got the letter with breakdown from them today and they have agreed a final settlement of £219.75. What I would like to know is does this amount sound fair or should I appeal. The only reason I don't want them to get away with it as looking back the salesman had no right to say we could not get the car without it. My brother has bought me a ticket to go to New Zealand over Easter to see my nephew so would be brilliant to have some extra money to spoil him. I have attached a copy of the breakdown. PPI.pdf
  8. Thank you again - can breath a sign of relief and not have to worry everytime the doorbell goes or post arrives.
  9. Sorry AGAIN - what about the fees and the paperwork, where they correct just putting the notice which I attached above through the door or should there be more.
  10. Sorry told you my brain was not working. Regarding her being on the register but working for another company does that make any difference regarding me having to deal with her.
  11. Hi - thank you so much for advice. Its a big relief that I don't have to be dealing with everyone at the moment. Yes please for wording as my brain is not working well at the moment.
  12. Yes he passed away on 9th March in the evening, received the letter in the afternoon before he died, advised Confero when I got back and saw the letter that we were caring for him and he had terminal cancer, he then passed away 10.40 that evening, I advised Confero the next day that he had passed away. They still told me to contact Ms McNally as a matter or urgency. Andy - thanks for your kind words - has been a struggle but it was horrible towards the end and just grateful that he is at peace now. Just out of courisity is there a regulation/guidance for when creditors can contact you under such circumstances. Just digressing a little bit I was contacted by Funding Corporation whilst he was in hospital, told them I was at hospital with my father who had terminal cancer and was also told I need to contact them and not ignore the issue despite me asking them to write to me. The reason is they allowed me to pay two payments at £80 less than my usual some months ago and then put my payment of october at the end of my agreement but are now contacting me saying the 2 x £80 are now arrears and need to be sorted despite them being fully aware that I could not pay due to financial problems. Just got a message today to phone them which will probably be for the same thing and I do not want to deal with their arrogance so soon after my dad passing away. just wanted to know if I could tell them to back off, I was going to apply for a time order to have my payments reduced but with all the stuff I had to deal with re my dad did not have the time. Sharon
  13. Hi - they told me contact the enforcement agent as a matter of urgency! They have included in the DRO but just worried as liability order was done a while ago. I have included the £235 charge in the DRO, but not sure if they can charge me again? Should we pay it or just the arrears. Exact words after hearing my father had passed away are: I am sorry to hear about your loss and offer our condolence to you and your family. However I would urge you to contact Miss McNally as a matter of urgency.
  14. Hi - need some of your valued advice again. Liability order was taken out for non-payment of council tax for 2005 and 2007 (long story and very very bad time in my life), council sent it to Confero for collection. Received a letter in Feb 2015 advising they would be collecting, which I presume had the breakdown of what was owed. Contacted them to say I was negotiating with council and they emailed back to say account was on hold. Confero bailiff turned up on 26/05/15 but I was still in contact with the council at that time showed them email where I was still in contact with council they emailed me back to apologise and to say my case was still on hold and that their fees would be withdrawn. On 12/08/15 was contacted by Confero via email to say that council had said they should go ahead and collect, but did not give an amount. I sent several emails asking what was still owed but did not receive a figure. Agreed an arrangement of £100/month starting from 20/08/15. I had originally asked to pay £30/month as that was all I could afford but they refused. I made a couple of payments of £100 then my husband got made redundant so we lost a lot of income, advised Confero but they would not reduce or put on hold the payment plan. Sent them a copy of my hubby's redudancy letter (company went into administration so were not able to give employees any redundancy packages). I then made a couple more payments but only £50 as again that was all I could afford. In January 2016 we hit a brick wall regarding our finances and contacted Step Change who are in the process of sorting everything out for us, my husband is getting a DRO and I am doing token payments. Contacted Confero advising them of our situation and our severe financial situation which is due to no fault of our own but due to loss of one income. Told them about Step Change taking us on and then on 09/03/16 got a hand delivered removal notice (copy attached). I was not at home so was just put through the letter box as was looking after my father who had terminal cancer and who also died on the evening of 09/03/16. I also advised Confero of me having to look after him as it was he wanted to die at home (before 9th) and then after 9th March to let them know he had died. I look on the bailiff register and could not find a XXXX registered but had a look today and see there is one there but working for a company called Swift Credit Services but nothing under Confero. As there was nothing registered prior today I contacted Confero via email to get her details as did not want to deal with her despite her name being on the letter as she was not registered but they just kept telling me to contact her. my query is if they originally came in Feb 2015 they would've charged a fee then, I have repeated asked for amount owed and have never been given a figure. can they charge me for the visit on 09/03/16 and also would any of my circumstances be regarded as vulnerable as its too early after my father passing away to be dealing with enforcement officers. Finally what paperwork should they have given me regarding the above as all of it seems to have been done via email. Sorry forgot to say the amount outstanding of is made up of £243.78 debt and £235.00 enforcement fee. 1 remove.pdf
  15. Just a thought - could I invoice BC for the fees paid to submitt the N244? I also don't understand do I have no pay bc the alleged debt, fees and interest as per their witness statement?
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