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  1. I did say no when I sent the form in and will email SCM services back saying a big fat NO. Should I tell them I am saying no because it is statute barred/ I can't make the date anyway as will be working - I do bank staff cover so can't take time off. Just curious is it normal pratice for to set up a mediation if I have said no.
  2. Hi - yes they have sent me DN and agreement. My apologies as had sent previously so thought you already had a copy. No payments made after May 2015 and although in the letter they say I paid £1 they have not provided proof. agreement.pdf DN.pdf
  3. Alleged debt has also been removed from my credit file. Let me know if you need more documents. All docs.pdf
  4. Yes mediation service. Only info is my agreement and payment schedule of payment showing last payment in may 2015. I think i sent a copy in last lot of paperwork. They are claiming i made a payment of £1 in 2017 which they hve not supplied proof of so claim it is not statute barred.
  5. Just received an email giving a medication appointment on 24/03/22. Do I need to talk to them?
  6. All done. Will I get a copy of their defence as I have not received one yet. Sent email to courts and then email to the address on overdales letter.
  7. Sorting that now. I will have to email response to court. With solicitors asking me to respond to their letters is that normal practice as I would assume if its heading for court there would be no correspondence between them and me.
  8. Hi - finally got reply from the court asking for the N180 to be completed. Still not able to log into MCOL. I am attaching all the documents received so far including letters from solicitors and a bank statement show the last transaction in May 2015 and no £1 transactions which they have not sent proof of either. The alleged debt has now been removed from my credit file as well. Got a letter today from the solicitors asking me to reply to their letter dated 17/01/22. FYI they have said in the letter copy attached but of course nothing was attached. Do I reply to the solicitors and should I complete the N180. Account is definitely statute barred. All docs.pdf
  9. Ok will try and sort MCOL. Do you think the court will pick up about the approved credit application is 2012 but they are stating it was approved in 2017 which is rubbish or would it be something I need to point out to the court.
  10. Have never been able to use MCOL from the start. Had to email my defence. I did contact them and they emailed back to say there were issues with MCOL. I thought if not on credit file then overdales/court cannot take action. Should I write to Overdale asking for proof of the £1 payment as no other payments for £1 on the statement and tell them they are talking rubbish or just wait for the N180 and also that I do not accept their offer of reduced payment. In the letter it says: The last payment of £1,00 was received on 21 March 2017 and was insufficient to clear the outstanding balance. Please see attached your itemised credit card statement from February 2012 to November 2017 and your credit card application which was approved on 9 August 2017. This will be presented as evidence it the matter progresses to hearing. The actual copy of credit card application's which they have sent me has a final decision dated 13/02/2012 the date of 09/08/2017 is a date in the right hand corner which I presume was when it was printed. If the card was only approved in 2017 as they have stated why are there transaction dated 2012???
  11. Hi - sorry its 2017 for the £1 payment, but hve not sent any proof. I don't remember doing a CCA either but don't see how this could be considered as payment toward the alleged amount owed to them or why they have said it was not sufficient to clear my account???? I cannot access MCOL it tells me my password/username is not recognised. Have not received a N180 yet. If I receive it after 29th Jan when the alleged debt is no longer on my credit file should I still return it.
  12. Just got a letter from the solicitors saying they had read my defence about statute of limitations and say there was a payment made of £1 in 2017 which therefore means the statute of limitations starts from that date and they are prepared to accept a reduced payment. However they sent a copy of the statement and there is no payment of £1 in 2015 (I posted a copy in my previous post). Should I just ignore them and wait for the directions questionnaire from the courts.
  13. The date of the default notice on my credit report is 29/01/2016 so will that be removed on that date. My last payment by credit card on their statement is May 2015. So is the default notice 6 years from default or from last payment.
  14. Only received an email it says we need to let them know by 25/11/2021 if the case has or likely to be settled.
  15. Received a letter from Overdales with a Directions Questionaire they have sent to the courts saying "the claimant respectfully requests that in order to avoid disproportionate costs and for all parties convenience that final hearing of the matter to conducted by way of a telephone hearing which the claimant will endeavour to arrange." They have also ticked that they are happy with mediation. Do I need to send anything with my questionnaire when the court sends it to me.
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