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  1. Hi - yes they have said that in an email, for the claim my vet put in for her first consultant and xray to find out what was wrong with her as did not think it was a slipped disk again as she has been as right as rain. However when I phoned to see about getting a prepayment letter as she need to be seen by specialist, they told me the same thing over the phone but I asked if that was the case why was no exclusion notice put on the policy since 2018. She spoke to manager and they said that if we can prove that its in a different area then they will cover it. My vet says he thi
  2. Hi - There was no warning issued after her treatment in 2018 to say she would only be covered for 365 for treated related to her slipped disk., There is a section in the policies which make reference to 365 days. I have attached the most current page. Its Section 1 - Exclusion 7 on the right hand column. BUT nothing that says relating to her back injury. Policy - clause.pdf
  3. Hi - yes thats what would normally happen with the policy HOWEVER prior to poilcy renewal I would get an exclusion notice which they did not issue until 24/04/20. This letter should've been issued prior to my renewal in October 2019 and an exclusion placed on my policy which did not happen. Having other dogs insured with them they have done that with the others after treating conditions such as heart disease, spine issues (on another dog) and conditions treated by previous vet (I have 8 dogs registered at the moment). I received the letter about an hour after speaking to them and sa
  4. Hi thanks for reply. Their arguement though is that my policy only covers 365 day from date of treatment, and this is over 365 days HOWEVER I am attaching a copy of their standard exclusion notice which I understand to say its not set in stone and is negotiable. I would not normally have an issue but with her being so poorly and struggling and having no income at the moment I need to do something as my poor little dog is struggling. Thanks again for advice really appreciate it. Carli.pdf
  5. Hi dates reposted: My policy is for treatment 365 days from start of injury, when my policies are renewed an exclusion notice is put on the policy to say what specific injury is not covered. Aug 2018 - dog developed spine injury (slipped disk), was treated by vet and specialist. Claim was paid by insurance company. Oct 2018 - policy renewed but no exclusion mentioned. Oct 2019 - policy renewed but no exclusion mentioned April 2020 - dog has developed another spinal injury which is more severe than previous one in Aug 2018. Contacted insurance
  6. Hi - hope you can help as usually get amazing advice but not on this subject. One of my pets is insured with E&L (I have had 9 dogs registered with them), she had a slipped disk last year in August 2018 which was treated by a referral to a specialist. All paid except for a shortfall of £250 (in addition to excess which I paid). 1) Her policy is for 365 days but when I renewed her policy in October 2018 they did not put an exclusion on for back/spine injury (there were exclusion for other conditions). So it was renewed 2 months after treatment. Because she did not have an exclus
  7. Hi thank you so much for reply. Yes we are still paying the same rent. So just to confirm if they decide to increase the rent then our deposit would be put into deposit scheme. We are also having an issue with mice at the moment they have somehow made it into our loft. There is a piece of open land behind us (belongs to the landlord), we have had them inside (the pantry of all places) but managed to put traps down. How they got into the loft I have no idea. Have advised the landlord and they have told us that we need to get a company to come in and get rid of them, however if they ar
  8. Hi - we signed the lease for our rent house on 02 April 2007 just before the new law came where deposits had to be paid in to government tenancy deposit schemes. I did query this with the estate agent and they advised this has not been done due to use signing the lease before the law came into effect, although we did only move into the house a week later. We paid rent to the estate agent for the first year to the estate agent but when our lease was up for renewal landlord ditched the estate agent and we paid them directly. We did not sign another lease. My queries are: Does my lan
  9. Hi - after some of your valueable advice. Got a letter from Barclays Bank saying they had reviewed their accounts and that some of the charges they had place on my account were unfair and that there was a refund of £434 due to me BUT this had been paid into the overdraft on my account. I closed my Barclays account in 2016 and there was a DRO taken out which covered the overdraft on this account which was still owed. So is that correct that the refund should go towards this, since the O/D was written off with a DRO in 2016 so did not owe them anything. Also they did not
  10. Hi got an email re my thread for someone asking for DAF contact details. I can't find the thread so just putting them on here. They do not have a contact number only and address which is on the letter I received from them: Direct Auto Financial Services POBox 1135 Bradford BD1 9PU Hope that helps. I am waiting to hear back from FOS.
  11. Thanks. Will contac them tomorrow and tell them don't accept their +/-£200 pounds and try and get some more from them. Sharon
  12. Hi - sorry a bit confused I thought if I rejected DAF refund that I needed to fill in a FOS complaint form. There is a link to FOS on the how to claim link on one of your previous posts.
  13. Hi - was not going to claim for both. Want to reject the DAF and do a PPI claim via FOS as might be able to get more. First time I have claimed PPI, I just got a letter from them with a form to complete and post back, telling me I would hear back from them within 8 weeks. Do I need to let DAF know I am reject and doing a claim through FOS, again only because of what the salesman told us which is not right and he could see we had no idea on what we were supposed to do so took advantage of us, h the money came out of his pocket especially as he got the commission!
  14. Thanks again for brilliant advice and article. Just a couple of queries, I only have a copy of the loan agreement not any statements, because of time factor can I do a claim to the FOS with out statements and can I use the figures they they have already done in their breakdown ie £2069.74 Sharon
  15. Hi everyone - haven't been on this forum for ages which is probably a good thing as it means I have no problems that need solving, but need to use all your brilliant advice again. Got a letter from Direct Auto Finance saying I could claim for PPI, they sent a form and also asked for copy of my agreement (which I did have, think was from 2012) filled it all in as we were conned, I remember the sales guy saying we had to take out PPI otherwise we could not get the car without it even though it was over the amount we could afford and kindly left the room for us to "talk about
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