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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Everyone, Need help on my NCB. I involved in an accident with pedestrian which eventually proved using CCTV and by Police that I am not in fault. Now anyone claims for the money to insurance till 3 years from this insurance company. Because of that reason, my previous car insurance company reinstate all my 3 years NCB, and I have to pay extra for my car insurance renewal. This three years time frame will be ending soon. Is there any way I can claim back all my lost no claim bonus from my all previous car insurance company? Thank you,
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm currently having the following fun and games, any advice: I took out my Policy with my insurer in December 2014 and sent them the appropriate NCD proof. All fine until July 2016 when I move house and, then, approaching renewal time in December 2015 a week before reveal I hadn't received anything from them. I call them and then realise I had forgot to tell them of my change of address. This is an important bit, what I was told 'you cannot renew a Policy to a different address to that of your renewal,. I tell them fine I'll start a New Policy online which I duly do adding 1 year to my NCD. Receive Policy and all is well until May 2016 I then get back to find my front reversed into in a car park with a towbar do a fair bit of damage. So I call my insurer to start the claims process only to be told my policy had been cancelled back in March 2016 because I hadn,t sent proof of my NCD to them. I point out that, no, I hadn't because my previous insurance was with them so why would I need to do so? I also questioned why I hadn't received a request for NCD proof nor advice that my Policy had been cancelled. Now because the policy was cancelled there is nothing the Insurer can do. Fuming, I email their customer service and customer complaints teams demanding to know why they would need a copy of the NCD proof when I was insured with them last year, why cancel my policy for this reason and finally, and for me, most importantly I've been driving round uninsured for nearly two months. Today they call me back in response to my e-mail basically to tell me that because I changed to a new policy I should have sent my NCD proof even though it's with the same insurer. They claimed to have sent letters, emails and texts advising that unless I send them the proof they will cancel my Policy. I pointed out I never received last years NCD because after it went to my old address I was told to cancel that policy and start a new. Does the above ring true with you guys? The damage occurred in a car park near where I had an interview and, ironically, I was offered the job but have now lost it because my car is non-roadworthy.
  3. Hi all, I need some advice regarding the world of car insurance & "no claims bonus" My Girlfriend was with Direct Line and should have about 6 years No Claims Bonus. Unfortunately due to a bit of financial difficulty, her Direct Debit failed with them & Direct Line cancelled the policy. This was 6mths ago, in that time frame the car was SORN her circumstances have changed and finances have come back on track, and she's has been told by Direct Line that due to the failed DD, Cancelled Policy and the 6mths lapse of insurance, they will only confirm 1 years NCB. My Questions are: Can they do this? If NO what can we (probably I as I enjoy a good fight -- Oh Advantage how I miss you) do to get confirmation of the 6yrs NCB. By having the 6 yr confirmed makes a £300 difference in price. Thanks for reading. Ads.
  4. Hi All, I am going in for the PPI fight, I will track my progress and hopefully successful outcomes here. I have had loads of loans and Credit Cards over the years, in fact so many that I can't remember them all, I have written a list and will try put them in some order for SARs and then hopefully get some advice from you guys as to which to go after 1st. I am doubtful how many will come up as being mis sold though as I recall saying no to protection insurance on most occasions, but you never know. My List: Mortgages Natwest Norwich & Peterborough UCB Intelligent Finance Loans Barclays Natwest (2 or 3) Prudential (EGG x2) Secured Loan - GE Money Credit Cards Natwest Barclaycard EGG HFC Banking - Marbles Store Card GE Capital (Debenhams) Time Retail Finance (Dixons/Curries) probably some more I forgot in the fog of time. Most of these will have been mid 1990s onwards so early ones may not be relevant. Questions: Are any categories listed above unlikely to be persuable? Which is the easiest company to deal with? Which would you recommend going for first? Would you SAR all and wait for the information first? If I don't know Account Numbers etc will I just send name/address to parent company address? Thanks in advance for any advice, NCB
  5. Hello. I have unusual problem with my previous insurer. Back in June 2013 i renewed my insurance with MoreThan. And then after few months I declared SORN on my car and cancelled direct debit on car insurance. Since then I was not driving. today I called them about getting my NCB proof since I want to get back on the road. What they told me after I explained what happened is that since I haven't told them about SORN on my car is they resetting my NCB from 8 years to 0. Can they do that? I never claimed and even without that extra year I cancelled, my previous NCB is still less than 24 months (June 2013). Can I get them to provide me with NCB certificate dated before I started that new policy? How do I stand from the legal point of view. Thanks a lot for all the answers Edit: I forgot to mention that I do not owe them any money. I specifically asked about that and they confirmed.
  6. I need help as I am not sure what is the best plan of action in this case. I have 2 years NCB expired on 06-02-2011. Last year in May 2012 I took out a car insurance policy with Be Wiser Insurance for 12 months and paid higher premium. As you are all know that 99.99% insurance companies accept a NCB valid within 2 years. when I looked around for car insurance lats year I was not aware of that until I spoke to Be Wiser. I told them that having 2 years 2 NCB will help me to low the Premium. They asked when does the policy expires and if i have it handy, which I did not. I told the truth and said dont have the paperwork but will post it to them and also not sure if it was within 2 years or not. They agreed to not use 2 years NCB but agreed that I will get 3 years NCB at the end of policy. After taking out policy I found the 2 years NCB and posted them hoping all is in good hand. I also had a phone call confirming of that. Now the 1 years finished and they are only giving me 1 year which in my opinion is not fair. After emailing them they have sent me a reply, which is below so could someone please help me with this and advise me what to do to get my 3 years NCB?? Many thanks Thank you for your recent email. As advised at the inception of the policy we were advised that you did not have any No Claims Bonus free to use on this policy, we based this policy on 2 years driving history earned on a second policy with Yes Insurance. As you have earned 1 years No Claims Bonus whilst insured with ourselves the No Claims Bonus documentation you have received is correct. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.
  7. I recently took out a new insurance policy after finding a cheaper deal with a new company and as I was going through the process over the phone it came up that a claim had been made on my policy back in March 2010 on a different car. I was the main driver at the time but the claim for £150 was made by one of the named drivers on the policy. I was naive regarding the No Claims Bonus and assumed that as I wasn't driving when the claim happened, I didn't need to put it on my own policy. I also honestly thought that an NCB was valid for as long as you had been driving without a claim, regardless of whether you were the main driver or not. For that reason, I put down 5 years on last year's policy, which came through on my renewal notice as 6 (how long I've been driving). When I set up the old policy last year, the claim wasn't brought up by the old insurance company so I didn't even think about it or realise I had to to include it under my name. Now the new company need to see my proof of NCB (the renewal notice) but the info on it doesn't match my new correct policy, which has 2 years NCB and the claim included. Basically, what will happen when I send in the proof of NCB? I cannot stress enough how much the error was an honest mistake.
  8. My mothers currently having problems with her old insurance company. While she was with them, she accidently missed an instalment (first time in the 10 years she had used them.) They terminated the policy, and so my mother went to go renew it. I was sure she was paying over the odds anyway so convinced her to shop around and she went with another company. The new insurers want proof of her full no claims (never had a claim in 32yrs driving.) We got in touch with her old insurance company to obtain proof of her no claims, but the company declined saying that her NCB defaulted to zero because of a missed instalment. Surely this can't be right? Any advice on how we should take this further?
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