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Found 10 results

  1. I am planning to settle all my debts with various creditors, but want to be sure that I go about it the right way, to ensure that my credit file shows the most accurate (if not the best) picture of my situation. Is there anything I need to obtain from various creditors apart from a letter confirming that the account has been settled? How long does it take before my credit file reflects these changes? Thanks, M P.S. Need advice on more thing, please: I have a CCJ entered against my name for school fees that weren't paid from many years ago. The CCJ was entered in 2013or 14 in
  2. I'm new to this and not experienced with dealing with the courts and the big lawyers, in fact it is quite scary.. Below is an outline of what has happened to date but now I really need some help to guide me best way through this mess. Background: I had a credit card debt with barclays of £9k and this has gone up to £11k with court fees, Legal and with interest charged from 04/2014 making a total of £11k (All figures have been rounded up.) I missed payment in 2014 which shows up in 2014 on my credit file as a default and not made any payments since, I had the card for 35 y
  3. I had a £3,000 overdraft facility on my RBS current account which I used to the full (!) but was unable to maintain repayments on following illness and ending up on long term sickness benefit (ESA). In January 2012 I reached an agreement with RBS to freeze the interest on the account and to pay £1/month by SO. This has been reviewed and renewed each year, most recently in April 2015 for a further 12 months. I've maintained payments throughout that period and maintained good relations with the bank. Last month I returned to full time employment. I'm willing to re-pay RBS's overdraft but wa
  4. So myself and my wife have been on a DMP with Stepchange since 2009. Before I go onto the specific topic id like to say how helpful they have been over the years and completely free unlike euro debt who I stupidly went with to begin with. Anyway back on topic, we are in the fortunate situation that we have some money coming our way soon which we want to use to pay the debt off but we also are aware the creditors might accept a lower percentage to settle the debt. In total we owe around 10 different creditors between us, all credit cards and student overdrafts. We lived beyond our mea
  5. Hi, I had an account a number of years ago with Halifax. It was a 'cash card' account with Visa Electron. Originally this was my main account but then I got a standard current account also from Halifax. I moved to France for a year and when i was away the Electron account went overdrawn by approx £80. there was no interest or charges associated with this and I left it with the intention of returning the account to 0 and closing it. By time I moved back to the UK and went into the Branch to close the account I was informed that it had been closed. The assistant in the branch told m
  6. Hi, I have done some research and have previously reclaimed charges and PPI i just wanted to confirm with others the process should follow. I wanted to avoid admitting tyne debt as 2 are just 12 months from being statute barred, so can i address letters "without predjudice"??? so as to not restart the period for the debts becoming statute barred? And any tips anyone may have for settling debts at a reduced rate. So my process i am think i should follow: 1 write to CRA(experian, equiFax) to find any company claiming debt 2 write to companies asking for true original o
  7. I was caught on the London Tube using a Freedom Pass in the name of my Mum and cautioned. I have an interview under caution lined up and prior to this, speaking to the Travel Investigations Unit dealing with my case that there may be a chance to settle this out of court as they recognize the damage a criminal conviction could do to my future. I am willing to take responsibility for this but if possible ofcourse avoid a criminal conviction. I know I should have thought of this before I began using it but at the time my lack of means to pay for transport was enough for
  8. I have contacted Lee, the Vodafone Web Rep about a default of 68 GBP registered against me in April 2013, 2 months after I paid my bills in full. I called Vodafone in July 2012 to cancel my account while in Switzerland (after moving). Months later Vodafone called my parents and I found out the account was not closed. In the meanwhile, I have not used the phone. After some confusion about why I owe money, I just gave Vodafone the money they wanted (68 GBP). I did not want my credit score screwed up by this. 2 months after paying them what they wanted, Vodafone
  9. A year ago someone reversed into me as I was waiting to pull out onto a main road from a car park and turn left. Traffic on the main road was stationary and the car reversed so that it could get into a parking bay, they did not check their mirrors, I started to reverse out of the way but was hit before i could completely get out of the way. The other driver claims they were stationary and I just pulled out into them. I maintain that the photos show that the position of the vehicles after the bump, back up my version based on the points of impact. It was only the front left corner of my car tha
  10. My husband has been engaged in an ET case with a former employer for several years. The hearing has been rescheduled many times and now ACAS has contacted us saying that the employer is interested in settling. What is the best way to negotiate a fair settlement and is it best to document the amount we are seeking using the original schedule of loss? Can we include the costs we incurred for traveling to the original hearing which was rescheduled the morning of by ET? This has been an incredibly trying situation and we want to make sure we get what we are owed, but don't want to come across
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